We are Shining SHINee!

A Terrible Misunderstanding

"Mmm...wha-what?" Onew stirred slightly from his sleep when he felt something cool touch his forehead. He blinked feverishly in attempt to open his eyes. He could make out the blurry image of a person sitting next to him. Soon his vision cleared and he realised that it was manager hyung. he stratled awake and immediately tried to sit up only to be hit by a wave of dizziness, and manager lightly layed him back down. "Lie down Jinki, your body is still weak and you're still having a fever." Onew meekly nodded and smiled at his hyung. "Where are the others?" "Oh they have a schedule todayand can only see you later at night." Onew pouted.

Manager wasn't normally the type to fall for cuteness but Onew had always been the exception (well I mean, Onew's his favourite right? XD) He laughed a little before handing Onew some food. However Onew shook his head slightly, indicating that he wasn't hungry. Even though manager could see that Onew was rapidly thinning he didn't want to force the boy to eat, so he sighed and sat back down on the chair next to Onew's hospital bed. "Jinki-ah, why didn't you tell me about your troubles and worries the past month? I can help you if you tell me." The smile on Onew's face immediately disappeared and he looked down with sadness and guilt in his eyes. Manager didn't need Onew to tell hi how he felt;  He could read Onew like a book, but he never expected Onew to start crying so suddenly just from one statement. He watched in surprise as tears fell from his eyes and he let out a silent sob. Manager patted his back softly. "Jinki, what's wrong? I'm sorry, it was just a question. Don't cry." Onew shook his head and buried his face even more into his arms. Aigoo this boy, he's more fragile than I know Manager thought. 

He rubbed Onew's back, silently comforting the crying boy curled up in a ball. Even though it was awkward for a manager to be this close to an idol, manager had always treated Onew like his own son, because he knew how love deprived and soft hearted Onew was. After 20 minutes, Onew finally clamed down and manager gently lifted his face and gave him a tissue to wipe his tears. Onew accepted it gratefully.

"Okay now can you tell me why?"  Onew paused for a moment before slowly speaking up. "Hyung I....I didn't want to burden you, cos I've already caused enough trouble for you. And you've been treating me so well all this time...i didn't want to take it for granted and use you to stop my pain..." Manager's eyes widened. What. Onew actually thought of him, so that he wouldn't need to bother himself with conflicts between a group. Omo just how insecure has this boy become?! 

"Jinki listen to me. You can tell me anything, I promise I'm never too busy to not listen to your troubles. I want to help you. And you should not bottle up everything inside, even though it may seem that you're keeping worries from the members it actually worries them even more that you're not opening up to them. You're not burdening them. You've cared so much for them and they're more than willing to care for you too. Just because you're leader doesn't mean you put everything on yourself. Everyone needs someone for them Jinki, and it's not showing that you're weak or anything. Next time you're having difficulties please say so understand?" 

Onew sniffed and with teary eyes nodded. "Neh. Thank you hyung..." And without warning he hugged manager. Manager was shocked at first but then soon he hugged the boy back, patting his head. Anyone who saw that scene would've thought they were father and son. (Well they are...sorta... right?) Finally Manger broke the hug and ruffled Onew's hair, telling him to rest. Onew nodded and drifted off into a light sleep.


A few days later, Onew was discharged from the hospital. He still felt a little warm but that should go away with plenty of rest. As for the hit on his forehead, it was lucky that the damage wasn't severe. He then continued with his schedules and now he was genuinely smiling his 10 000 megawatt smile. The members now love and care for him, also paying more attention to their leader if he seemed unwell etc. Manager was also glad SHINee had returned to their loving brotherly family, and the rumours were soon forgotten. Key of course, had made Onew eat, but most times gave up as Onew looked like he was about to throw up becuase of too much food. Despite that he was still looking healthy and together the 5 boys performed at their best in every concert, had fun in every variey show and of course comforted and looked out for one another. They were proud to say that they were Shining SHINee!!!


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[deactivated] #1
I love this fanfic so much.
[deactivated] #2
Chapter 8: Your story So DAEBAKK! I almost want to cry ^^ Write more story, Kay?
[deactivated] #3
Chapter 8: Your story So DAEBAKK! I almost want to cry ^^ Write more story, Kay?
warrior280 #4
Chapter 7: Wow this was a touching fan fiction I cried badly I loved it thx for writting a inspiring story :)
Chapter 8: annyeong, author~nim. first off daebak. this story is so touching yet awesome plot. anyway, I'm kinda new here and i was wondering if we could be friends.
Chapter 8: so touching ;-;
readerisme #7
Oh yeah,i forgot to tell you. This fanfic made me cry when i first read it.
i luved this so much! probably one of my absolute favourite SHINee stories! Thank you!!!! ;)
Joyvin #9
This is rlly an amazing story. :)
readerisme #10
I love your story :)