Accidentally on Purpose


So one day, I decided that I need more Suho, so that resulted in this Suho-centric fic and he's a . ◕‿◕

TWO SHOT (Kyungmyun, Kaisoo, SuKai)






>Visual and Performing Arts Major



>Film Major



>Physics/Chemistry Major



>Dance Major



>Computer Engineering Major



>Applied Music Major



>Bioengineering Major



> Business Major



> Graphic Design Major



> Dance Major



> Voice and Opera Major



>Computer Engineering Major



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All Suho wants is a perfect relationship. Was that too much to ask for?



Apparently yes.

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114 streak #1
Chapter 2: lay is literally just the cutest eeeek
ExoYvonna #2
Chapter 2: In the end I'm sooo glad he ended up with Lay. The others never seemed right for him, like there was something missing. Emotional rollercoaster that had me either extremely pissed off the whole time or extremely nervous about the outcome of his actions. but the ending was beautiful.
IshaUnnie #3
Chapter 2: I was hating Suho at first, then I get all these achy heartbreaking feelings for him and then SuLay came creeping in... so many emotions at once... thank you. ♥♥
Chapter 2: Oh my gosh.. this story great! I hate kai... ><
Chapter 2: i totally saw kaisoo coming but when sehun cheated did kai know he had a boyfriend? because idk if he's meant to be the playboy but uh kyungsoo better not end up hurt after all that??? i'll just go with believing all the couples end up living happily ever after yes lol
rawranarchy #6
Chapter 2: The Sukaisoo broke my heart. I thought that he would honestly end up with either of them, but never that they would end up together. Mostly because Kai seemed to be into Suho and I didn't think Kyungsoo would accept the guy who was the reason his boyfriend cheated. All the hurt that Suho went through, although he was stupid at times too, was really sad.
I'm glad Lay never gave up on him.
xellamari #7
Chapter 2: I Don't even know what to say, but at the same time.. there is so much to say I guess I just don't know how to say it. Motherofgod, that was a good fic. There were so many pairings, and and, so much happened, and I'm mindblown, like literally, I couldn't even for one second look away from this fic, I had to read it all straight through.. snfijkdgdfgdf. ok lastly, question, WHY IS THE SCHOOL'S DATABASE SO EASY TO HACK? LOL. I was like crying when they both admitted to hacking it.
Chapter 2: First SuLay story I've ever read! Glad I gave this couple a chance~ hehe :3
Oh gosh. I was tearing up with all the kaisoo drama. Heartbroken Suho hurts meee :'(
And I find it cool that Luhan and him are close-ish towards the end :D
umm. Hm. Oh yeah! Thehun cheated on Lulu with Kai. What.
jazzehchan #10
KRISUS CHRIST ARE YOU SURE THIS WAS A WORD VOMIT. to be honest, i really dislike Sulay but i really love them. ____ I'M IN AN INCOHERENT MESS RIGHT NOW. but no seriously. i'm almost sure that everyone pair them up because they are the only ones left unpaired. but i find myself wanting to read Sulay moRE MOrE anD MORE. and this just made me ship them harder. this was so ____ing beautiful i can't even. i love how you characterized everyone. i'm just disappointed that everyone always forgets about Xiumin and Chen. sure they appear here and there but they are never one of the top pairings. XIUCHEN IS GREAT THOUGH UGGHHH. anyway this was full of perfection and i thank you very much for writing this. ;u; <3