The Past

The Keeper and The Guardian

Hongki stared confusedly to the scenery surrounding him. He never knew that this mansion exist here in this secluded area. Hongki have been living in this area for almost 17 years and he never saw this huge mansion in the last corner of road before the forest. The mansion was enormously huge and scary looking. The parasite of green was already filling into the walls adding more effect of darkness on it. Hongki was about to asked the existence of the mansion to Jonghun who was holding Hongki’s hand tenderly but Hongki shrugged it off. Hongki knew the existence of Jonghun is far more confusing than the mansion itself.


Jonghun is a vampire that blood to survive while Hongki is human that live eating normal food and live normal life. Jonghun was actively on nights while Hongki, we all can say that either way, Hongki is actively no matter day or night. But today, Hongki noticed the slight differences in his moves, in his way of speaking, in his way of thinking. Hongki knew something have turn differently but Hongki doesn’t know what have been difference. Is it because Jonghun have kissed Hongki multiple times that Hongki turn into somewhat nutcase?


Hongki doesn’t know. All in Hongki’s head now was why he felt like someone calling him and why he felt that something vicious is coming to his way. Hongki felt scared to the unknown fear and his hands sweat unknowingly. Realised the wet of Hongki’s hands, Jonghun took Hongki by the waist and whispered into Hongki’s ear. “I’ll protect you. Don’t afraid of ‘it’” Listening to Jonghun’s whisper, all Hongki can react was a nod. Hongki believes that Jonghun was here beside him for a reason. Hongki truly believes it. He believes in Jonghun.


After 15 minutes of walking side by side, Jonghun and Hongki reached the school and led themselves to the class. The class started exactly 8:30 in the morning. The homeroom teacher called students name one by one checking attendance. Hongki never noticed since when Jonghun have transferred to his class and since when Jonghun have seated next to him. But again Hongki didn’t have the gut to voice out his questions. So not like Hongki. “What’s wrong with me?” Hongki muttered alone. Hongki was about to answer his own question himself when the teacher called out his name aloud. Hongki looked in front directly to the gaze of his homeroom teacher and response, “I’m here”.


When Hongki was about to gaze away his eyes to the blackboard, suddenly a flashed of memories storm into Hongki’s mind making Hongki’s eyes shut automatically. Hongki was in vain, Hongki was screaming for them to stop. It hurts so much that Hongki barely able to utter other words than the pain itself. Hongki doesn’t even know what is the cause of his pain. He can’t see it. He can’t even touch it. But Hongki can feel that the pain was wrapping him bringing him to verge of death. Then suddenly, Hongki choked. A blood was pouring out from his mouth and nose. Hongki can’t take it anymore. It is much better if he was dead than have to endure the torture of the pain. Hongki’s mind went pitch black and Hongki passed out.




The boy with round spectacles stood there alone in the middle of the hallway with his hand full of thick books. His eyes never leave the room across him. He stared with his eyes wide open, not mentioning his heart skip a beat when a student walked out from the room, indicating the class was over. “It wasn’t him”. He murmured alone. He stood there again, waiting. Student by student pass him chitchatting and their gaze meet with him that still stood there waiting patiently for Hongki. “Where is he?” Jaejin muttered under his breath, but audible enough for the boy next to him to hear.


“Who are you waiting for?” A tall slender student asked Jaejin with his mega-watt smile. “Is it Hongki?” Jaejin’s eyes widened hearing the tall boy. He turned around to face with the tall boy and nodded in haste. “He did come today but he leave the school immediately because he passed out during class. But the new transfer student carried him back home because he said that he and Hongki were some ‘couple’.” The tall boy scratched his not-so-itchy head. “I think he said that” the tall boy ended. Jaejin’s mouth hang low and his eyes were almost about to popped out from the socket. “Err.... you’re okay?” The tall boy asked with concerned noticing how big was Jaejin’s response. “I didn’t know that there is some triangle love story here. But I think they looked good together. Especially when Jonghun carried Hongki in that bridal style” The tall boy added with his hand gesture.


“What?!” Jaejin half-screamed in which slightly echoing in the hallway. “You said Jonghun?” Jaejin asked with his face merely inches apart from the latter and his hand caught the tall boy’s hand demanding a quick answer. Surprised by sudden intimacy, the tall boy just nodded and unnoticed their gaze locked there and then. The taller boy stared through Jaejin’s round spectacles and to his surprised a pair of beautiful eyes staring back at him. Jaejin’s eyes were not even blinking once and his skin brushed softly to the latter’s skin. It was that moment the taller boy felt some sparks within the time. Founding himself in awkward moment, Jaejin let go his hands from the latter and muttered “Ah, I’m sorry” stepping few steps backward.


The tall boy awkwardly scratched his head and looked down on the floor like the floor was far interesting to look at. “Well, I’m better off now. I need to see Minwhan. Bye then” Hastily, the tall boy awkwardly walked passed Jaejin and noticing he was walking to a different direction, the tall boy turned around to where Jaejin still standing “I have to go there” The tall boy said and walked passed Jaejin again. Before the tall boy turned to a corner, the tall boy uttered something to Jaejin that makes Jaejin’s blushed in deep red.


“I think you have beautiful eyes I have ever seen and my name is Seunghyun. I hope you can remember it”




“Hongki, wake up now” A voice was heard and Hongki opened his eyes but only to be surrounded by darkness. Hongki was standing alone somewhere he doesn’t know. He waved his hand just to make sure he was not paralysed but he even barely saw his own hands, his own body. It was too dark. As fear overwhelmed him, Hongki looked around to make sure where he was standing or to be exact where can he exit from this darkness, but there was nothing as it was pitch black. “Where am I?” Hongki muttered.


“You’re back” A voice was heard again but it was nowhere to be seen. Hongki turned around multiple times to detect the source of the voice but failed. “Hongki, please, come back to my side”. The voice started again, pleading. “Everything is in our hands now” The voice added, an enthusiastic tone was clearly heard.


Finally, a faint light was visible in front of Hongki, illuminating Hongki’s surrounding. Hongki looked around. He was standing in field of green grass that swiftly dancing to the wind and a big shady tree was next to him. Hongki looked above him and the sky was wide full of nightly stars. Hongki was still mesmerised by the scenery in front of him, when a pair of arms softly wrapped around his tiny waist. Hongki felt a taller figure was back-hugging him as he feel the differences of height. “Is it you Jonghun?” Hongki asked hopefully. His skin brushed slightly to the latter.


Before Hongki able to turn around to meet the eyes of the figure, a hysterical scream rang at outmost volume into Hongki’s eardrum. “I am NOT HIM! HONGKI, IT’S ME! YOU PROMISED TO BE WITH ME WHEN THEY LEAVE US! YOU PROMISED!”


Hongki wake up from his sleep and his body was drenched in sweat. He looked around him to make sure that he was fully awake and he saw Jaejin sat next to him, in his own room. “When I get home?” Hongki said almost to himself.


“Hyung, you fainted in class today” Jaejin said softly as he was worried for his hyung’s condition.


“Did I?” Hongki asked weakly. Hongki himself wasn’t sure what have happened before. All he remembered that he was in class just now and all of a sudden he was in his room. Before Hongki was able to ask more from Jaejin, a hand reached Hongki’s. “Drink this” Jonghun uttered, offering a small crystal bottle with a pink liquid inside.  Seeing the bottle on Jonghun’s hand, Jaejin’s hand quickly reached for it and asked the use of the bottle. Jaejin was worried for his hyung as his hyung was now too attached to Jonghun who was definitely a dangerous vampire.


“That is for Hongki to drink” Minhwan said from a corner of Hongki’s room next to an open window. Hongki and Jaejin looked at each other with a question mark all over their faces. When he was here and how he get in, was all over the boys faces. “I’m a vampire too” Minhwan stated while smiling, knowing the boy’s question.


“WHAT?!” Both boys yelled in unison. Minhwan ignored the staring contest of two boys on him and took steps having a tour in Hongki’s room while picking up Hongki’s stuff toys from the desk. “This is cute. Can I have this?” Hongki’s mouth was about to uttered no but stopped when Jonghun shoved the bottle again.  “Hongki, drink”


“But...” Hongki was obviously scared of the content of the pink liquid.


“You don’t want to make Jonghun-hyung say it twice do you?” Minhwan said smirking and get a death glare from Jonghun. As Minhwan felt that he intrude a moment for Jonghun and Hongki, Minhwan grabbed Jaejin by the collar and dragged yelling Jaejin out from the room.


Slightly fear, Hongki drank the pink-liquid in one shot. The liquid was tasteless and Hongki felt nothing while drinking it. Feeling a bit of disappointed from what he had expected, Hongki grabbed Jonghun’s sleeve and asked with a pout “Now, what?”


Chuckling, Jonghun sat next to Hongki and kissed Hongki’s forehead and while at it he tenderly pat Hongki’s head. “Go to sleep and have a nice dream”. Hongki’s cheeks turned deep red and Hongki nodded following Jonghun’s words. Jonghun tug Hongki back under his blanket and after 5 minutes, Hongki drift into dreamland.


Hongki was standing on top of the hill field full of green grass. The wind blew Hongki’s hair tickling his pale face, caressed the soft skin of his body underneath the thin shirt he wore. It wasn’t the least cold or even that warm. It was in between of a summer and spring which Hongki found did soothe his mind for a while. Hongki looked around him trying to capture the scenery. Ahead, not far from where he stood, he saw a small house with a chimney full of smoke and a barn at the back of the house. Looking away, Hongki’s eyes caught 100 metres far from the small house he can see a village full of people doing everyday’s chores. While trying to observe more, Hongki felt a brief collide of skin with a person next to him, Jonghun. Hongki was sure Jonghun was not there from the first. “Where are we?” Hongki asked Jonghun and did not missed Jonghun’s featured softened to him.


“We are in the life of your past life, Hongki” Jonghun answered and while at it, he caressed Hongki’s soft cheek. “And that’s you” Jonghun point to a little girl wearing a long skirt sitting under a big shady tree playing with black cat.


Hongki turned to where Jonghun pointed and he tilted his head slightly to his right. “I’m a girl?” Hongki asked and Jonghun nodded with a chuckled. Before Hongki want to asked more, a boy suddenly walked to the girl beneath the tree and back-hugged the girl. “Wonbin!” the girl exclaimed and smile cheerfully to the boy called Wonbin.


“Wonbin? Who’s he?” Hongki asked to Jonghun who was suddenly become stiff looking at the scene in front of them.


“He’s your step brother”. Jonghun answered with flat tone. “He has the ability of seeing the future”. Jonghun started. “And he is in love with you”.


Jonghun explained to Hongki that Hongki was born with a power inside him. No one knew what it is since Hongki never show it to others. But different with Wonbin, he is known with power of seeing future. And since they were younger, Wonbin had always in love with Hongki. It had never changed even when his mother married Hongki’s father. But Wonbin was not the type to change once he make a choice so he sticks with one thing and only, no matter what, Hongki is for him and no one can change that.


Suddenly, the scene of the boy and the girl fades away and a different scene of another boy and the very same girl came. Hongki watched carefully as the teenage boy stood facing the teenage girl who Hongki thought really resembles him a lot and he saw the familiarity between the teenage boy with Jonghun, the same dark-haired, pointy nose and squinty eyes but with differences in height and age. “Is that you Jonghun?” Hongki asked and Jonghun nodded and smiled. “Are we in love?” Hongki asked again when he saw the teenage version of Jonghun kissed the girl’s lips.


“Yes, we are indeed so much in love.”Jonghun answered and grabbed Hongki’s hand brought it to his lips and kissed there and then. The scenery in front of them changed again. This time, the teenage version of Jonghun was running while holding the girl’s hand, running directly into the forest in the middle of the night.


“Why are we running?”Hongki asked.


“The villagers thought you as a threat. I need to save you.” Jonghun explained still his eyes did not even waver slightest bit to the scene in front of them. Hongki noticed how stiff Jonghun’s muscle is when Hongki tried to touch him when the scene in front of them evolved to somewhat in different place.


“Are we safe now?” Hongki asked after noticing the boy and girl in embraced in which the teenage version of Jonghun was crying.


“No, Hongki” Jonghun stated, his voice sounds a bit like holding a sobs from coming out. “You died, Hongki. You left me.” Jonghun added and almost a tear swell up in his eyes. “And I...”Jonghun suppressed himself from letting down a tear.


Hongki face Jonghun directly and cupped Jonghun’s face. “And you turned yourself into a vampire...because”Hongki ended it for Jonghun. Hongki remembered now. His past life was now unlocked and he remembered it, faintly yet he knew that Jonghun was normal before. A normal teenage boy who was deeply in love with a girl with wicked power inside her but he loves her dearly that it crushed the teenage boy’s heart when the girl died in his own arm, a part of sacrifice from the girl to the boy. And then the boy sacrificed himself into somewhat monstrous vampire so that he can be with the girl again.


“Because of you, yes” Jonghun agreed.



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I am really sorry to correct you but its Choi Minhwan not Minwhan
Chapter 6: Oh so exciting, update soon please ^.^
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Chapter 6: Finally You update. So long. please update soon. kkk !!!
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i really like this <3 i was squealing and just screaming while reading XDD
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@blackheart123 hongki is the keeper actually. Im just messing with Jaejin. Kekeke.
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