Magical world of Hongki

The Keeper and The Guardian

“Hongki-hyung! Let's go back. The sky looks like is going to fall. Hyung!”


A 7 year old boy with big glasses and huge baggy shirt that almost drowning his fragile body start whining and tugging the older boy in front of him who was completely absorbeb by the contents in front of him. The older boy was holding a stick and was digging into the soil.


“Hongki-hyung! Umma will be very angry, you know. We already passed our dinner time!”


The older boy turned his head to face the younger boy. His face clearly was annoyed by the younger boy’s never ending whining.


“If I know you will start whining like this, I should never bring you from the first place”


“But, you the one who pull my hand and brought me here.”


The younger boy mumbles under his breath. He knew if he said that aloud it will only result in bad headache. He knew his Hongki-hyung will slapped his head for sure. The power of his hyung and he hated it when his hyung can do anything to him while, him can only surrender his fragile body to be punished by the older boy who was clearly a year older than him.


“Jaejin, what time is now?”


Jaejin looked at his digital watch Hongki gave to him few months ago. He never liked that watch but again his hyung gave to him as his 7 year old birthday present and insisted for him to wear that everyday. Every single day. The power of his Hongki-hyung. He even wondered if he will have the same power his hyung possessed. Maybe he will in 10 years ahead and away from his Hongki-hyung.


“It’s already 10 o’clock, hyung. Umma will be so angry, she will never let me read the story books again. Let’s go home hyung!”


“We both knew, your umma will never ever let you stop from reading, Jaejin. For a 7 years old, you sure reads a lot.”




Hongki cut Jaejin’s word and get up from crouching position.


“We will leave this here and come back again tomorrow”


Hongki put down weird box into the hole under the big shady tree in which they have standing there for hours. They have been there multiple times since Hongki’s father passed away years ago. Hongki always went there when he was sad, angry, happy or even when he felt he wanted to go there. To Hongki this place was full of that supernatural thing. The big shady tree that always makes Jaejin felt creepy just by looking at it, somehow felt safe to Hongki.


Hongki was always been in love to this kind of thing. The supernatural thing. Lee Hong Ki have been living quite unique condition. Hongki believed in ghost attached to the world,unrested. Hongki believed in aliens somewhere outside invading earth, waiting. Hongki believed in fairies watching over him, waiting to give him his lucky pot. Hongki believed in werewolf hiding inside the bushes in front of his house waiting to bite him and give him superpower. Yes, Hongki is a believer. Hongki believed in many things. Many things that not even one makes sense to people around him. Hongki was living in another world. A world full of Hongki's imagination and believes.


Hongki knew no one dare to speak to him at school because Hongki will ever be conversation was “do you believe in ghost?”  “Are there alien at planet mars? I wish they come quick”

All of this makes everyone take a step away from Hongki who was actuallly never cared about it anyway. Normal people was never Hongki's interest. They are just too normal to see the magical world of Hongki.


Hongki's mother knew since his husband past away few years ago, Hongki had been acting weird. Hongki who was so fragile when he was a baby turned to a happy go lucky, loud and obnixious little boy by the age of 5. Hongki sudden change in personalities make his mother thinks if this had anything to do with his husband's death. She was worried to death. Hongki noticed his mother's worried face but only  Hongki can said was,


“Umma, appa told me to be strong. So that one day i can protect umma from that blacky guy who took appa away”


Hongki's mother was taken aback by his 5 years old son's words. But she knew. She doesn’t  want to ask more from Hongki. She just hugged Hongki there and then. She already knew from the moment he gave birth to Hongki. Hongki is special. He is a special boy that no one can see that with a normal eyes.




It was obviously cold tonight. The surrounding was dark. It always dark here in this big mansion. This mansion was so huge that it can almost fit a whole group of thousands army. The decoration inside the mansion was completely old-looking like the mansion itself have been there since the revolution era. Inside the mansion, a teenage boy was standing, outside a door.  His back lay to the brick wall. His ears caught every details inside the door in front of him. No one can go inside especially when The Elders was in meeting. The teenage boy was smiling.  


“I’m going to have everything. The power. The respect. The royal blood. I will have the world. And all I need was to find The Keeper first. He will give the world to me. Just me”


He muttered under his breath.


“Jonghun-hyung, you sounds pathetic”


Another teenage boy spoke. He took a step forwards to Jonghun, right in front him, between the closed door.


“And, yes, Minhwan, if I’m a pathethic, what makes you ? A narcissist?


Jonghun stare at the younger boy in front of him. The younger boy have always been a good companion to Jonghun. Maybe because they share the same bloodline and ancestors makes Minhwan like his younger brother. His evil and sarcastic younger brother.


“ Well, you can call me that, but I’m a cute narcissist. And don’t deny that”


Minhwan grinned and move both his hands in a cute way. He always like putting cute act when saying cute aloud.


“Seriously, just cut out that cute part. We both knew the real you. You tend to be all cute but in the end you will be the one who never have mercy towards your prey”


“ Looks who talking. You always seduced your prey but in the end, pathetically you will just kill them all”


“Because they taste so bad, I don’t want to have their scent linger around in this world.”


Jonghun speaks while walking towards the hall. Minhwan follow closely behind Jonghun.


“Talking about taste, I found new place. And I bet, they all taste so good. Wanna come?”


“I’m hungry myself. Lead the way”

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limkahyan #1
I am really sorry to correct you but its Choi Minhwan not Minwhan
Chapter 6: Oh so exciting, update soon please ^.^
orchid #3
Chapter 6: Finally You update. So long. please update soon. kkk !!!
simplyFTholic #4
i really like this <3 i was squealing and just screaming while reading XDD
the way you made your characters is just great :D please update soon~
ohh uhm, is this also seunghwan?
LeeHongki #5
Only I can not believe this is good ^ ^ true
I liked
I can not wait
an_lee #6
Wait, why did Jonghun do that??
Was it only in Hongki's dream??
Will they be hunted by the elders someday??
Ough God, this fic becomes more tempting to read.
Thx 4 updating.
Can't wait for the upcoming update. ^^
prinzalove2read #7
Mue he he, no worries authorssi. I accidently read your comments (I love to reread again and again even though there are no new chap exist, incl the comments when I miss a certain ff) I will love to write down again what I thought right now after I read your ff and still, I love that cold Idc Jonghun and cute Minhwan. I love this outworld Hongki and yes I love that poor pale omg Jaejin. Waiting for Seungyun role and just guessing whose the one he adore.. MH? JJ? JH? HK?? uh oh..I'm going crazy about this vampire thing and these five cute guys I guess. Help me..
Omg hongki was so cute after he heard that jonghun is a vampire ;)
gd thing that jaejin is okay
an_lee #9
Huehee.... Jonghun got it wrong, rite??
And I love how cute Hongki here after knowing Jonghun is a vampire.
Hahahaaa... a funny moment.
Poor Minhwan. Hope he's getting better.
He's Hongki new friend, anyway.
Thank you... ^^
libella #10
@blackheart123 hongki is the keeper actually. Im just messing with Jaejin. Kekeke.
@an_lee please keep on believing. Jongki will be up in next chap.
@kpopluver121 who knew cold hearted jonghun can made a mistake in finding his keeper. Kekeke.
@LeeHongki yes! Jonghun will protect hongki or will it be hongki protecting jonghun? Who knows? ^^
@prinzalove2read sorry i accidentally deleted your comment. *bow 90 dgree. Im using an ipad and my big thumbs make it a mistake everywhere. Sorry again. *bow bow. Oh and yeah, i m kinda get inspired of writing this after a few ff i read. It seems interesting having these boys as vampire. Dont you think so? Kekeke. Yes, hongki and his childish act. So cute right ^^