Saving Princess

Because I don't know how to love

Wonbin sat on the couch facing Yunho, while Jaejin sat beside him assuring him Yunho is calm enough to hear his side of story. Wonbin told everything that had taken place that night until today. Wonbin failed to chase after the van and him being the ‘hero’ for Hongki felt disappointed and went to his friend who he knew capable of helping with this sort of things.

But unfortunately his friend kinda doesn’t want to help so Wonbin had to used his fist to sort things out in which making him days to ‘finished’ it. He had to track down his friend who ran away from him and after his friend almost beat to death by him, only then his friend went to find the information about the van.  Later then, he found out that the van belongs to Jung’s Company.

Wonbin went to the company to dig information about Hongki but the company was big and being the one without connection inside the company making it hard to get any information available. And then Wonbin try to sneak in at night only to be captured by the guards there and sent to the police and get scolded by his mother. So after deep thinking, in this case after foolish action by himself, Wonbin found out that he can’t use forces on things like this so he decided to give Jonghun a ring as Jonghun were connected to rich and upper status as he also was one of them.

“So, you took 4 days and only by now you seek for help?”

“I thought I was the only one with 4th dimensional thing around here”

Seunghyun murmured, loud enough to have a flying pillow attacked his head. Wonbin glared at Seunghyun.

“Shut up, Bob! Well, I want to do it my way. I thought I’ll be able to save him because I thought it was only some filthy people wanting for money. I thought I can handle it alone. But I was wrong. Hongki is being kidnapped by someone with high power”

Wonbin said while scratching his back of the head, not because of itchiness but because of realizing how foolish he was for not using his brain.

“That’s why she’s left. She knew”

Yunho mumbles alone as he summed up the story. Yunho was 5 when he met Hongki’s mother. She was pretty lady with an angelic face. Hongki does looks after his mother. A pretty angelic face and a slender body that can make any guy fall for her and Yunho did falling for the lady immediately, even though Yunho loves his mother, he was always fond of Yun Ae Auntie. He always thought that he wanted to marry someone as pretty as Yun Ae Auntie, till one day, the 9 years old saw something that shocked the life out of him.

At young age, Yunho was a bright child, so he knew exactly what the adults are doing. Yunho saw his father kissing Yun Ae Auntie at the kitchen, while his mother and Hongki’s father at the back lawn’s garden enjoying their evening tea. Yunho who was stunned by the adults action now knew why his father always act cold to him and his mother. They were never in love with each other. They married just because of their family business.  Yunho saw everything bad coming to storm in his life when his parents declare to get divorced.

His grandparents were against it because they knew their business are at stake but his father stay on his decision just because he want to be with Yun Ae Auntie. His mother knew well that his father cheated on her but it depressed her more knowing that he cheated with his first love’s wife. Yes, she loves his friend Lee Soo Il, but after she had to married Yunho’s father, she ended the relationship. Yunho was young when he knew his family’s little secret. But, as the young master was disciplined to always stay calm, he learned to accept everything as fate that had written for them.

Since the divorced, Yunho have been living with his mother. Away from Seoul city for years and then come back to Seoul once again. Yunho believed that fate has written for his mother to be with Hongki’s father, when once they got back from their trip, she met Hongki’s father and one boy that was so cute at the age of 10, little baby Hongki. Yunho love little Hongki because he was so little despite he was 10, he was like any other 8 years old. He was so cute but he rebels too much and Yunho treat that’s Hongki’s way of showing his affection. Yunho learn that Yun Ae Auntie left Hongki and since then Hongki have been changed.

After few meeting with Hongki’s father, Yunho’s mother starts to have some feeling for his friend. They started dating while bringing the kids along. Yunho will watch over Hongki while they did what couples should do. First time Yunho met Hongki, he felt some feeling to protect the little Hongki. Yunho doesn’t want Hongki to be hurt like what he was when he was little. He just can’t let anyone hurts his little baby brother.

“Hyung, you’re okay?”

Jaejin asked after realising Yunho was staring out of the window while gripping his phone. Yunho who noticed he have spacing out with his thought, dialled a number on his phone.

“Yonghwa, it’s me. Can you do me a favour?”

Yunho knew his cousin were capable enough to do the task. Yonghwa had always expert on the technologies. He had been great with technologies since he was a child but then, he followed the order of their grandparents to work at the company.

“Yes hyung. What is it?”

“Can you search the number of same call made by my father during these 4 days? And can you trace the location for the number?”

Yonghwa who was expert in computer went to works his magic with the keyboard. After a while, Yonghwa managed to find the number requested by Yunho, along with it, he also able to traces down the location of the number. It was somewhere in the outskirts of the Seoul city. Along with the information, the boys made their move. After one hour journey, the boys found themselves standing to a deserted old factory. Feeling nervous of searching for Hongki, they went in seek every corner and room inside.

“Guys, come here quick!”

Jaejin and Wonbin yelled from a small dark room behind the deserted factory. They found a trace of Hongki’s sweater torn apart and few bottles of water lying at the used mattress.

“This is Hongki’s sweater. I bought this for him”

Yunho exclaimed. He knew when he saw Hongki’s cloth. Suddenly a text message came. Yunho click to see the message. It was sent by Yonghwa.

‘Hyung, go to the Jeolla-do port now. Hongki will aboard to Japan. They are going to sell him to the black market there. Better hurry. And one more thing, it was Uncle who asked me to send this message to you. Be careful, hyung.’

Yunho who read the message out loud ran to his car with the boys following him. Yunho drive fast and his heart was beating and praying Hongki will be safe. After 1 hour driving, the boys found themselves at the port. The chilly winters sweeps into their skin. The port was big and full with ship waiting for things to aboard. There are also several houses build nearby for the ship crew to hang out. Not wasting any time, the boys went separate ways to search.


A man in his early thirties ignites his lighter and light up his cigarette and start to smoked, while his other hand put in his pocket, warming.

“Aish! Why I always the one who have to guard? It’s cold out here. If only I can be warm with something. Hehe. Maybe warmed by that pretty boy. Maybe I should take a look at him without their knowing”

Wonbin who was walking around the port alone heard the man, took a big step to the man and took him by his collar shirt.

“Where is that pretty boy you are talking about?”

The man who was shocked by Wonbin sudden appearance stuttered.

“I will not tell you anything”


Wonbin smirked, milliseconds later a punch was aimed at the man’s stomach and he yell in pain. The man stumbled backward from the punch, tried to get up but the pain was obviously stopping him for doing so. Jonghun and Minwhan came seconds later just to found a man crawling to run but in their direction. The three boys interrogated the man in which doesn’t seems to work, so Wonbin light up the cigarette and tease the man by putting the cigarette into the man’s shirt. The man pleads for mercy and told them the pretty boy was locked inside the store at the back of the house nearby there. Wonbin still doesn’t want to let the man go so he punched him in the face so hard that the man just fainted. Then, the three boys hide the fainted man somewhere in the dark. After finishing the ‘task’, the three boys went to the direction that was just told. A house was full of light and laugh nearby.

“Wait, so, we just storm in?”

Minwhan said, staring back and forth to his hyungs, worriedly. Jonghun look Wonbin in his eyes. Wonbin was ready to barge in but Jonghun stopped him. They need to come up with a plan this time, but Wonbin was eager to save Hongki.

“I know you are worried about Hongki, Wonbin.”

Wonbin look at Jonghun, wasn’t sure what expression should he used to described his feelings now.

“You never been nicer to anyone, I knew you since kindergarten remember? You are always the one who never show affectionate towards other people. But then, Hongki was an exceptional. Am I right?”

“I...I’m not. I’m just”

“Don’t lie anymore”

Jonghun said with stern face. He knew him. Minwhan watched his hyungs conversed with each other while he guards the surrounding.

“Hurm, you know. I...  I just need to protect him somehow. He is the first person who looks up to me as a hero. I can’t deny the fact that I like him. He is sweet. Different than others”

Jonghun tapped Wonbin’s shoulder and nodded.

“Minwhan, you go tell the others. We need backed up plan”

Minwhan understand what Jonghun meant and ran to the other side of the port. While Wonbin and Jonghun quietly sneak in into the house. Wonbin and Jonghun managed to sneak in without being notice and now they were hiding at the back of the boxes assemble before a wall when one of the men came to the boxes to grab some beer and saw them. Shocked by the intrusion of the two boys, the man start to shout for their friend and while he was at it, Wonbin attacked the man with bottle of beer at his head leaving him cold blood on the floor.

Jonghun and Wonbin went out from their hide out and went to fight the other bad guy there. Wonbin was used to fight many guys so he doesn’t have any troubles beating up two or three people at a time. Jonghun also doesn’t have any trouble to beat the guys there as he was also a black belt holder. Both fight using all their strength until Wonbin directed Jonghun to look for Hongki, while he fights few of the men that still remained unbeaten.

Jonghun went at the back of the house and saw someone already there dragging Hongki out from the small compartment with Hongki’s hands tied. Jonghun ran towards the man and with a fist ready, he punched the man hard on his face and kicked at his stomach. The man lying on the cold floor fainted.

“Princess, open your eyes”

Upon hearing the words of princess, Hongki open his eyes only to see Jonghun holding his hand, untying him. Hongki’s heart beats fast. Jonghun have come to save him. He really came to save him. His praying was heard all these dark days.


Hongki tried to speak with his dry and crack lips due to cold weather, but Jonghun put him on silence and brought Hongki to his feet, standing.

“We have to get out from here”


Wonbin was on his way to where Jonghun went, when suddenly a man with a knife stabbed him at the stomach. Wonbin was wearing a black shirt, yet the blood start dripping from his shirt, a small tear of skin visible on his injured stomach. Wonbin was shaking from pain and tried to stand on his own feet and defend himself when the man with the knife tried to stab him again. Wonbin kicked the man using all strength that left and the man stumbles backward and crashed his head to the window at the side. Wonbin continue to walk to at the back of the house despite his serious bleeding, dripping from his body.

“I should endure this. I need to save Hongki. He needs me”

Wonbin said while holding his stomach.

“Wonbin, here! I found Hongki”

Jonghun yelled from afar, with his body supporting Hongki’s weakened body. Wonbin walks to them, limping.

“What’s wrong with you?”

Jonghun noticed Wonbin’s limping walk immediately.

“YAH! You are bleeding!”

“I’m fine”

Wonbin murmured, his face scrunched slightly for a while to hold the pain.

“Which part of you is fine?! Your babo-head?!

Jonghun half screamed. Wonbin was seriously injured but he still hold on to his pride. Stupid Wonbin. If only he can be open up more just like Hongki.

“Hongki, can you walk?”

Jonghun said while exchanging Hongki’s position with Wonbin. Hongki nodded as approval. Wonbin declined Jonghun’s hand at first, but he felt so numb in his body that he just follows Jonghun’s order. Wonbin was at the middle, support by Jonghun and Hongki. As they walked side by side, someone in the dark approached, with a gun pointing at them.

“Give me the boy and you will be saved”

The man said still not moving an inch in front of them.

“Ya! You should run away by now. We beat your men already”

Wonbin said even with his pain, Wonbin managed to stand alone, taking shaky steps toward the man.

“Don’t be so arrogant, kiddo. You know this bullet is much faster than you, right?”


A loud sound was heard. The man shot Wonbin at his left leg. Wonbin was bleeding more from his stomach and now, his left leg was bleeding too.


Jonghun and Hongki who was standing froze to their position, ran to Wonbin’s side. Wonbin was lying with his back on the cold cement of the port. Hongki cried and cried. Deep inside Hongki hope this was only a nightmare. He will wake up when the alarm rings or when Yunho hug and rain-kisses him. He hoped this was only a nightmare. But it was not. Wonbin was bleeding in front of him.

“Please, I’ll follow you. Don’t hurt them anymore. Please!”

“Good! Come here quick!”

The man still holding his gun pointing at them, while his other hand does the inviting gesture, indicating Hongki to followed him. Hongki get up from Wonbin’s side, hesitating at first.

“Hongki, NO!”

Jonghun swiftly stand up, grabbed Hongki at his arm while Wonbin who was having difficulty to breath hold Hongki at his ankle, stopping Hongki from making any steps.

“If you dare to inch... Hongki, I’ll...never...allowed make my lunch anymore...”

With that, Wonbin fainted. Jonghun who noticed lots of blood from Wonbin’s stomach and left leg tried to stop the bleeding by taking his shirt and tied it tightly around the bleeding area. Hongki on the other hand, was still crying. He doesn’t want anyone to die for him. Not anymore.

“I’m sorry, Wonbin. I’m sorry”

Hongki took small steps at first and walked to the man when Jonghun rush to Hongki but then the man who was shocked and expect Jonghun about to attack him, shot Jonghun at the shoulder’s blade.


Hongki cried out loud to the shooter. His body was supporting Jonghun from falling due to sudden shot. Unable to support Jonghun’s weight, Hongki’s meet the cold cement.

“Jonghun, please! Don’t leave me!”

Hongki cried loudly. Unaware, the man came to Hongki dragging Hongki by his arm.

“Get up now! Someone already wait for you”

“Don’t.... take...... him!”

Jonghun said struggling with blood on his mouth, hands on the man shoes grabbing weakly. The man aware of Jonghun still alive even with blood dripping from his shoulder’s blade and mouth, he kicked Jonghun head hard making Jonghun flew a few inch to the cold floor.

“NO! Don’t hurt him! PLEASE! I beg you! I’ll follow you. Just don’t hurt him!”

Hongki cried again more loudly this time.

“Good boy. Now, move!”

“’t. Don’t....”

“Jonghun, please stay alive. Please”

When the man was dragging Hongki away from Jonghun, a sight of hope came. Yunho, Jaejin, Seunghyun and Minwhan came with the police.



Hongki called for Yunho. He was happy to saw Yunho and his friends. Maybe there will be hope or maybe not. But Hongki was happy that he met them now, even if it’s for the last time.


“! Don’t come near or he will be dead”

The man said switching his gun position, pointing the gun at Hongki’s head. Hongki was crying. Hongki remember the last time he cried so hard like this was when his mother left him one day. And now he was about to be left again by his hero and his prince, Wonbin and Jonghun.

“Just kill me then”

Hongki said between sobs with his eyes closed. He decided this was the best choice. The man who was shocked by Hongki’s sudden act lowered down his gun slightly and upon that time a bullets went through his head. Hongki having the shocked of his life when he heard the shooting sounds third time. Hongki open his eyes and the sight in front of him scared him. The man was lying below Hongki, dead. Hongki’s mind suddenly focused on Jonghun and Wonbin. Hongki ran to Jonghun’s side, while Minwhan and Jaejin aiding Wonbin’s injuries.

“Jonghun, please! You promised me you’re going to protect me! YOU PROMISE ME!”

“Hongki....I...did promise you”

“So, you have to stay alive. Please. Stay alive for me. You going to be my prince and I’m always going to be your princess”

“ hate..... I called...... you that”

“I never hate you called me princess. I..... I love you”

“Prin...cess, I.... I... love you too....”


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