Angry Bird

Because I don't know how to love

“Jaejin! Wait!”

Hongki ran as fast as he can to keep up with Jaejin.

“Hyung! You allowed go to school now? Yunho-hyung is not angry at you anymore? How is your head? It’s not bleeding anymore, right?”

Jaejin who was surprised by sudden appearance of Hongki in his way to school asked question by question. He is still felt the guilty in his heart.

“At first, Yunho-hyung doesn’t allow me to even wear this school’s uniform, but then thanks to Jaejoong-hyung who came early this morning, he is kinda managed to persuade my brother to let me go.”

Hongki was talking and talking about his bad morning with Yunho. Yunho was hugging, or more likely, pulling Hongki from the front door of his house, not wanting to let Hongki set his step outside the front door.

 “No! I will not let you go baby! The outside world is dangerous! NO! I will NOT LET YOU DIE!”

Hongki recalled back what his brother has said before. While his brother almost ripped out Hongki’s uniform, Jaejoong was screaming or squealing like a girl, using all his strength to pulled Yunho back inside the house. It was almost a sight that neighbour called it like Hongki was running away from home. Or more likely, running from his crazy brother.  Hongki really hope that Jaejoong found a way to make his brother calm down now. Hongki’s mind start to thinks dirty thought. Ewww. The thought of it make his head ache.

Hongki was still talking when he saw a glance someone was looking at him from a distance. Hongki scanned the place but there was no one to be exact. During his way to school, Hongki have turned his head almost the tenth time now that his neck starts to become numb. When he felt a pairs of eyes watching over him, no one is there, again. Maybe his head was not completely healed. Maybe his traumatized head is playing some tricks to his sight. Maybe he is still having his headache.

Hongki went to his classroom. Jonghun was nowhere to be seen. He was late, again. Jonghun must be having his one of his club night last night. Hongki felt a bit of jealousy, but he ignored it. Not that he is falling for that Casanova, right? My head is playing the tricks again. Hongki thought.

Hongki sit and search for something he left under the table. His notes. Hongki’s hand reached the notes inside the drawer but his hands caught something that a rather a rectangular box? Hongki grab the unknown and pulled it out and found a bar of expensive chocolate with a toy attached to it. A red angry bird.


During lunch, Wonbin was nowhere to be seen. As Jaejin has said earlier, Wonbin was attending a boxing competition at other school in another district. Even though Wonbin is the school’s gangster, he still has his reputation as the greatest fighter in the district. Even the school acknowledged it. That was actually a solid reason why he still in the school despite the fact he likes to create troubles.

Hongki then, still bothered about the chocolate and the angry bird, so he asked Jonghun. Maybe Jonghun knew or he is the one who put it? He doesn’t need to be that nice, right? Wait. My head is playing that tricks again. Hongki said silently in his small head, accusing for his traumatized head.

“Jonghun, did you accidentally put something under my table? Like a chocolate maybe?”

“Chocolate? Why, princess? Did someone give you a chocolate?”

“Definitely not you”

 Hongki was in a middle of his deep thinking when he felt someone, again, watch him from afar. He definitely felt the presence even he can’t see it. Someone was stalking him. Don’t say Yunho have come to this school and stalk him? Yunho can’t be that dorky, can he? Hongki was about to make up his mind that it was his brother stalking him, but all of sudden Minwhan with his mouth full, said something.

“Hyung! Why did that guy stare at you like you some kind of food?”

Minwhan had his finger pointing at the direction behind Hongki. Hongki turned his head. His eyes found another pairs of eyes still staring at him. Caught off-guard, the other boy almost jumped from his seat. Hongki was about to stand up when suddenly the other boy dashed to Hongki’s seat and kneeled in front of him. His hand holding an angry bird, hiding his face.

“I’m sorry!”

The boy said squealing, like a mad dolphin.

“What are you sorry for?”

“I was the one who make you head’s bleed. I was the ghost who tried to capture your legs. I’M SORRY!”

The skinny boy squealed much louder than before. Still, kneeling on the cafe floor.

“So, you are that fake ghost who makes Hongki hurts? You!”

Jonghun was about to shoving a fist to the boy’s face which is hiding from that little angry bird, but Hongki stopped it and instead went to kneel in front of the boy. Matching the eye level.

“What is your name?”

“My name is Song Seung Hyun”

Hongki took the angry bird from hiding his face. The boy is good looking and rather tall and skinny.

“Oh. He is the school’s weirdo”

Minwhan said aloud after hearing the boy’s name. That boy is in his class. He is called the weirdo because he like to space out and sometimes does all sort of prank to everyone in the school. Minwhan was one of the victims for his pranks. Once, no, thrice.

Minwhan still remember the last pranks on him. He found a chicken under his tables and ate it but it turns out to be a clay replica. A damn clay replica of a fried chicken that almost smell and looks like a real chicken.  He hated that boy and has not talking with him since then. If only someone could put an end towards that boy mischievous act. But no one dared enough. He is the school’s director’s son after all.

Seunghyun explained why he was in the haunted house in the first place. He had been asking his father to reopen that house for him and as a prankster, Seunghyun could not help himself make everyone as his victim. He hired his butlers to be the fake ghosts and scared everyone out from the house. Except from Wonbin, of course. He was chasing him like mad dog. In the process hiding from Wonbin, Seunghyun found Hongki who was almost crying and so he grab Hongki’s leg to make him more scared but he didn’t know that it can turn to Hongki’s injury.

“I was so scared and I ran from there. I was watching you this whole time. I felt guilty all over me”

“It is okay, Seunghyun”

Hongki said softly, his right hand offer for the younger boy to stand up. His left hand is holding the angry bird.

“You really like angry birds?”

“They are cute, aren’t they?”

“Yup! I kinda like them myself. My brother did buy one for me.  I think we really can be a good friend, right?”

Seunghyun smiles brightly, almost showing his white teeth.

“Let’s be friends!”


As days went by, the group was now adding another member. Song Seung Hyun is the clown in the group. Who knew this mischievous boy can be the one who cracks everyone’s laughter. The boy was never out of idea and he always has witty head to make everything as a joke. The best part is Minwhan is starting to like the boy and doesn’t hate him anymore. But with a condition, not to play anymore pranks on them. Seughyun gladly agreed to the condition. He is now more than happy having real friends other than his butlers at home.

“Hongki-hyung, are you really a boy?”

Seunghyun asked one day during their breaks. He was looking directly to Hongki. Hongki’s hair grew long now. Long enough to hid his neck and almost touching his shoulders.

“Seriously, I almost mistaken you as a Jonghun’s girlfriend on your way here just now”

They all both laugh in unison. I might want to cut this long hair. They will keep mistaken me each day now. But, Yunho-hyung will never let me cut this hair. Hongki thought was stopped when Seunghyun said something that makes his eyes widen in shock.

“You are too cute to be a boy you know? You should check it again at the hospital. Maybe you yourself never aware that you are a girl”

Everyone start to laugh again. Only this time the always serious Jaejin which always holding a book,  can’t even hold his laugh and was rolling on the floor. It became quite dramatic now. Jonghun is with Jaejin almost rolling with him. Wonbin and Minwhan, try to hide the laughter but ended up with red faces because too much of holding back. Everyone knew Seunghyun’s mouth was like a ticking bomb.

Hongki took Minwhan chicken’s leg and shoved it into Seunghyun’s mouth.

“My chicken!”

Minwhan was still laughing when he saw Seunghyun’s face, his mouth messy with the chicken’s grease.


“I should shoved the tray inside your mouth but unfortunately, only Minwhan ‘s chicken available in front of me now”

Hongki said angrily and pout. In Seunghyun’s eyes, he saw Hongki was too cute to be ignored. Hongki was the first one who dared to do something like that to Seunghyun. Everyone never was dared enough to do anything to Seunghyun, despite he was always do pranks to everyone. Well, he is the school’s director’s son after all.

Hongki was pouting. Everyone was laughing. In a split second, a kiss landed on Hongki’s cheeks. Everyone watched as what will happen next between the two boys.

“I like you. You are fun. You are cute. I like you so much, Hongki-hyung!”

Seunghyun said with his smile never left his face. He were about to hug Hongki when Jonghun grab Hongki by the waist and covered Hongki behind him. Wonbin, on the other hand, took Hongki’s hand and covered Hongki as well behind his back.

“Jaejin-hyung, we should make Hongki go to hospital. Seriously, he need to check whether he’s a girl or a boy.”

“Yes, I think we should Minwhan, I also have the same doubts”




Sorry, this chap is quite short as i kinda stuck on what to make Seunghyun do next.

Anyway, thanks for your supportive comments. I was supposed to update this later but then your comment just made my day that I felt I have an obligation to write the next chap a.s.a.p.

I was bored in the class, so I went online on my ipad. I was not expecting lots of comments as you see, I’m still new to this fandom but after seeing your comments I was like screaming and squealing like a little girl that my classmate kinda giving me are-you-out-of-your-mind stare like.  But I think I was disturbing them by telling how precious the comments are to me that my friends kinda shut up my mouth by giving me a bottle of Vanilla coke (I love it so much that I stop thinking for a while to enjoy the taste).

So, anyway, the conclusion is, your comments really gave me some kind of penchant to writes more.

I LOVE YOU GUYS! Truly, from bottom of my heart. <3

Sneak peek for next chap :

“My son will be outstation for a week. You can make your move now.  Do everything you pleased, just make sure that Hongki boy disappeared from Yunho’s side”

With that, the director hanged up his call and smirk.

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