Yunho's father

Because I don't know how to love

“Yunho-hyung, this is what we called food. Not that burned lasagne you try to made before”

Hongki said while his hand reached for the dim sum next to his plate. Yunho was holding a recipe’s book Jaejoong gave to him few weeks ago. His hand flipped the pages over and over again. Yunho doesn’t even know what went wrong. Yunho thought of having a great dinner with Hongki and thought lasagne will be the easiest dish to make but it turn to be burned till black.

“But, I follow all Boojae’s recipe. It should be good. Boojae is a good chef”

“I agree that Jaejoong-hyung is a good chef. But not you, hyung”

Hongki spoke with his mouth still full of rice and Yunho let out a heavy sigh. When the dinner was ruin, Hongki who was in desperate hungry whined and act childishly with his foot stomping all over the kitchen and Yunho as a caring and loving brother who afraid of his brother turns skinny, brought Hongki to a fancy restaurant in the city. Hongki was happy having expensive food in front of him and eating like no end. Yunho was actually happy seeing his brother smiling and eating like this. Hongki’s happiness was after all what he aimed for from the first time he met Hongki. Hongki was irresistibly cute to resist. Yunho thought, smiling happily seeing Hongki eat clumsily.


 A taller boy with an expensive formal coat greeted Yunho happily. Yunho who was scooping Hongki some dim sum stopped and look at the taller boy who was now standing next to their table and hugging Yunho.

“Yonghwa! What you are doing here?”

“Uncle ask me to accompany him for a dinner”

“Oh. He’s here?”

Yunho said flatly. Yunho’s father is here. Somehow, Yunho doesn’t like his father came near him when he was with Hongki because Yunho knew well how awkward it can be someone as fragile and happy go lucky as Hongki met with his strict father who never likes someone else except from someone as serious as he is.


A man with a stern looking face came to join Yonghwa. The older man almost looks like Yunho in a single glance. But his face was a bit older and not to mention a lot stern and stiff than Yunho.


Yunho spoke up with flat tone. Yunho’s face turns as serious as ever. Hongki who is already stopped eating, went to stand up next to Yunho. Hongki never saw this side of Yunho acting so serious all of sudden and Hongki never met with Yunho’s father and this make Hongki felt scared of the unfamiliarity.

“Father, this is Hongki. My step brother”

Yunho grip Hongki’s hand as soft as he can be but maintaining his serious voice. Yunho’s father already noticed Hongki and he scanned Hongki. For a boy, Hongki does look small and Hongki looks smaller standing beside Yunho.

“Hi. How are you Mr. Jung?”

Hongki greeted with his shaky voice and bow down a bit to show some respect for the older.

“You really resembles lot like your mother, right, Hongki?”

Mr. Jung spoke after a while. His eyes look straight into Hongki’s eyes. He has that woman’s eyes too. Mr. Jung thought silently not even glance away from Hongki’s eyes.

“You knew my mother?”

“That pretty face of you and the dark brown eyes obviously from your mother, am I right, little Hongki?

Mr. Jung took a stepped forward and touches Hongki’s cheeks slightly with his cold hands. Hongki froze at the touch. Hongki gripped Yunho’s hand tighter searching for securities from his brother. At the moment, Hongki looks like a small child holding his older brother’s hand and wanting a protection.

“So, I have to go now. We have another meeting after this, Yonghwa”

Mr. Jung said suddenly, turning to Yonghwa and move towards the exit.

“Yes uncle. So, see you later Yunho-hyung. And Hongki, nice to meet you”

Yonghwa said to Yunho and Hongki and followed his uncle towards the exit. With that, they left the restaurant leaving Hongki dumbfounded and Yunho with a confused look plastered all over his face.


After having dinner that night, Hongki went to Yunho’s room. Yunho was on the phone with Jaejoong and Hongki had to wait till Yunho end his lovey-dovey call.

“Boojae, when will you come home from that teacher training? You know, I already miss you like crazy now!”

“Yunnie, I’ll be home as fast as I can. You know how much I miss you too, right? Please bear it for a while, can you Yunnie? I promise I will make up something ‘good’ for you”

Jaejoong stressed the good part in which make Yunho smile lustfully.

“Really? What will you do?”

Yunho said with his eyes almost full of lust.

“You know, what we will do”

“Care to explain to me the details?”

“I love too but it is not fair. I like the action more”

“Okay then. So, I’ll wait for the real action”

With few kisses on the phone, Yunho ended his conversation with Jaejoong. Hongki who was standing at the door walked to Yunho’s twin bed and sit with his knee at his chest. Hongki took a deep breath. This better work out. Hongki thought.

“Yunho-hyung, erm.. can I go to.. school.. with Jaejin? I mean walk with him every day. So, you don’t have to send and pick me up from school anymore.

“And why is that you want it that way, baby?”

Yunho facing Hongki and went to his bed to hug Hongki from behind. He always loves to hug Hongki when he had the opportunity. Hongki is now resting his back to Yunho’s chest, not even rejecting his brother’s hugging. Yunho knew if Hongki being affectionate like this, Hongki wants something from him.

“Because I felt bad for Jaejin, he goes to school alone and went home alone. He’s our neighbour. My dongsaeng, but I never walk with him. So can I?

“I’ll drive both of you to school and pick up both of you from school”

“No! You don’t have to. I’m sure Jaejin will not like it that way. He likes to walk to and from school. He will be shy if you drive us to school every day. You don’t know how much shyness that boy can be”

Hongki nodded with his own statement. It was a lie after all. Jaejin will much rather like to be in a car, especially in his brother’s sport car than have to walk by his own two feet.

“Alright, Then, but you are only allowed to go with them, not alone. I don’t want anything else happen to you again, UNDERSTAND?

Yunho said in serious tone. He indeed doesn’t want anything bad happen to Hongki again. He had to be more careful now.

“Yes! Thank you, hyung!

Hongki hugged Yunho and ran to his room, dancing his victory awkward dance. Hongki only wanted this so he can walked with Jaejin and Wonbin who he knew always walked together as Wonbin’s house are on the same way as theirs. So, Hongki’s plan is working again. Hongki jump into his bed and dance again.

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Chapter 11: i have just one word... wow :)
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Oooh was a wonderful story
I loved it very much
I will never forget
Thank you very much ^ ^
hehehee that was lovely <3 <3
hope to read more from you ^^
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I'm really satisfied with the ending...
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Wish I had a brother like him... LOL
Nice job...
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Oooh Please, no no no
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wa finally you re-up. Hope u update soon next chapter !!!
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Oh no please do not do
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The princess finally admitted his love for tha prince.
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