The other hyung fall for Hongki too

Because I don't know how to love

Yunho watched Hongki from his driver’s seat. Hongki’s lap were full with variety colours of lunchbox. Hongki was grinning. Yunho rarely to see Hongki in this state. Hongki being like this either Hongki want something from him or wanting  to get something from him. Yet, he never saw this part of Hongki.

Hongki was too happy and Yunho knew exactly why. His first love. Hongki was never in love. He hated love because he never felt the special feeling because Yunho knew well. After Hongki’s parent divorced and his mother go separate way, his mother left him like he was unwanted child and that makes Hongki hated love more. It breaks his heart and clearly visible to Yunho.

After gave goodbye kisses on Hongki’s forehead like Yunho always does every morning in which ended with few pushes from Hongki, Hongki start walking towards the school and stand between the school’s gate.

Hongki already waited for 30 minutes now. Every student was passing Hongki either running or walking. The bell will ring any moment now and Wonbin was nowhere to be seen. Hongki start to feel a bit down, his face facing the ground. Just about the bell end its echoed throughout the school, Hongki saw Wonbin runs. Immediately, Hongki stand straight like a soldier giving a command and chase after Wonbin who was already running inside the school’s corridor.

“Wonbin, wait !”

Hongki yelled as loud as he can. Running with hands full with boxes was a hard task. Wonbin was almost reached it class and Hongki feel he need to speed up to catch Wonbin and to gave his home-made ‘love’ for him. But it turns ugly when suddenly Hongki tripped and fell flat on the cold floor. His home-made lunch was all over the place on the floor. Hongki watched as his hardwork and effort will never ever be taste by Wonbin. Hongki’s eyes start to watering.

Wonbin who was few feet away from Hongki heard the sound Hongki make when he fall and turned around and saw Hongki picking up a lot of rice and few of some dish on the floor. Wonbin walked towards Hongki and felt pity for him, so Wonbin make up his mind to help Hongki picking up the mess.

“What are these actually? A sushi?”

Wonbin asked while picking the mess on the floor. Hongki just stay silent with his hand picking up everything on the floor slowly. Hongki hate when Wonbin have to see him like this. Hongki hate even more his home-made lunch was now officially ruined.  Hongki again hate his life.

“Seriously, I thought you the one with lots of words to say”

Hongki start to sob. His eyes can’t hold the tears anymore. Hongki starts to cry. His tears was almost like flooding from his eyes. Hongki’s husky voice now was fill with audible sobs. Wonbin panicked.

“I’m sorry. I don’t mean anything I said, I just... Haish”

“This. All of these was supposed to be eaten by you. To be tasted by you. I made this all for you. I wake up 4 in the morning just to make this for you. I...”

Hongki was crying harder than before. He should hold his cries but it was unstoppable. Hongki felt his heart drenched.

“You made this for me? I.. No one ever made me something. Erm.. thank you. Even though it can’t be eaten anymore but I guess you always can make it again right?”

No one have made anything for Wonbin because Wonbin always have this cold feeling that he gave towards people around him. As like Wonbin itself was armed with bombs and guns and shoot everyone near him. And that is why Wonbin was known as the school’s gangster. After seeing Hongki cry just because he wanted to gave this to him, Wonbin feel like Hongki was sincerely in love with him. But Wonbin was never gay.

Wonbin hold Hongki’s chin and make Hongki face him. Hongki’s face now stained with tears and somehow Wonbin saw something. Hongki is beautiful. His eyes even with tears was full of honesty and pure. Hongki’s cheeks is red and his skin is milky. His lips is small yet so pink like he never been kissed before. No one can beat this beautiful in front of him. It just sad that Hongki is a boy and it will never change the fact that being gay is like a no-no for Wonbin. But maybe for this beautiful creature in front of him, he can.  Wonbin thought for a while and spoke.

“How about starting tomorrow you made me lunch and we eat together with the boys at the cafe.”

Hongki was surprised to hear that from Wonbin. Yesterday, Wonbin was so cold to him but now Wonbin was saying these things in front of him with a very sweet tone. Hongki stop crying immediately, he was too happy with the permission given by Wonbin.

“Really? I can? We will eat together?”

“Yes, I already give you permission to be my secret chef. So from today onwards, please cook for me something delicious. So, now, can you stop crying and I really need to go to my class or the teacher will gave me a very hard time”

Hongki nodded and grinning, his eyes were never away from Wonbin’s. Wonbin hold Hongki’s hands making Hongki to get up from the sitting position on the floor. And then bid goodbye to Hongki and went to his class, while Hongki was standing there smiling stupidly. Hongki felt so happy and went to his class on the other way of the corridor.

“I need to ask Jonghun what are Wonbin’s favourite”

Hongki said alone.


“Jonghun, please. You must know something. You said it yesterday, you knew Wonbin since kindergarten. He was your friend. Always have been. So, you must know something”

Hongki has been asking Jonghun since the start of the class. He was like more to bugging than asking. Jonghun felt really annoyed by this. If only Hongki stopped talking about Wonbin and talked about something else like Jonghun’s favourite for instance. Jonghun thought about it and felt weird for his own thoughts.

“Hongki, i really doesn’t know what are Wonbin’s favourite. He seems to be not liking anything at all.”

Even though, Jonghun knew Wonbin from small, he never knew the likes and dislikes of Wonbin because Jonghun thought it will be useless to know it anyway. No one ever can make impressions in Jonghun’s heart.

“You are lying”

“I am not, and why your eyes looks red? Did you cry just now? Did Wonbin do something to you?”

Jonghun asked, worrying for Hongki. Jonghun never knew when he starts to worry for Hongki but somehow it felt he needs to protect Hongki from this world.

“He didn’t do anything.”

 Hongki started to blush.  

“You know, I think, he s already falling for me. My brother was right, if we want to make someone to fall in love with us we have to do something special. So I’ll make his favourite dishes tomorrow.”

Hongki said with proud and his cheeks turned pink.

Oh, how about made me one too?”

Jonghun said without thinking. He was completely felt jealous with this special treatment given by Hongki to Wonbin.

You already have those fan girl of yours to make it for you”

“But I really want it special from you”

Jonghun knew every words passed through his lips now like a ticking bomb but all in Jonghun’s head was wanting Hongki to stop those all this fangirling towards Wonbin who was to Jonghun’s thought not even deserved to be treated like this by Hongki. Jonghun hate when someone else gets more attention than him.

“Jonghun, you are not gay”

Hongki stared at Jonghun for awhile. He’s definitely not gay Hongki thought silently.

“I think anyone can turn to be one for you”

“Seduce someone else Jonghun, don’t play your playboy thingy with me. I set my eyes for one and only”

Hongki warned Jonghun. And putting cute act with his lips. His lips is inviting for anyone to kiss him. Jonghun thought. I need to have a taste on that small plump lips.


Hongki was happy the whole first week in his new school. He wakes up at 5 am every morning just to prepare lunch for Wonbin. And delightly Wonbin ate all of it. Almost all of it. Minwhan and Jonghun always tried to steal the dish from Wonbin. Minwhan will always get his hand first on the dish when his eyes saw chicken inside the lunchbox, while Jonghun was always took bit by bit until it was left a little to eat for Wonbin. So as to stop that from happening again, Hongki make everyone their own lunch. And for Jaejin too even though Jaejin eat less than a normal human being should eat.

As today is weekends, Hongki felt quite bored. Yunho was out dating with Jaejoong early in the morning. Yunho wanted to bring Hongki along but Hongki refused. Hongki doesn’t like to interrupt his brother love affair. And plus, Hongki doesn’t want to make Jaejoong feel uncomfortable being lovey-dovey with Yunho while his brother there watching.

Hongki went out from the house and stretching his body in front of the house. Today was a good day.Hongki thought to himself.

“Morning hyung”

Hongki heard someone called his name from the neighbour’s lawn. Hongki turned his head and saw Jaejin was walking toward him in his casual clothes. Plain t-shirt and baggy jeans.

“Jaejin! You are my neighbour? How i never know that?”

Hongki never know who his neighbours was becauseHongki always stay in his room either sleeping or reading comic. Same goes to Jaejin but differently Jaejin always busying himself with books and studies. So they were never aware of it.

“I, myself just found that out a couple of days ago, when I saw u walked inside the house. Anyway, I’m going to hang out with Minwhan. He said he want to eat chicken. Hyung, you want to come?”

“Sure. I will die of boredom inside the house anyway”


Three of them were eating happily when suddenly a bunch of girls start giggling loudly that makes it uncomfortable for the boys. The boys turned their head in unison and saw the subject of the girls’s giggling was none other than their school’s playboy, Choi Jong Hun. He was walking towards the boys and ignoring the girls.

“What you guys doing here?”

“It is obviously weekends, hyung. We allowed to hang out”

Jaejin said with his sarcastic voice aloud.

“Yes, to eat chicken. Even though, Hongki-hyung chicken was far more tastier than this”

Minwhan spoke with his mouth still chewing the meat. The boys even wondered when will the day Minwhan stop eating chicken? And when will this boy get bored of chicken?

“Can you stop the girls from giggling and grinning at us?”

Hongki said and turned to face Jonghun who was already sat next to him. Hongki was really getting annoyed by the girls. All he wanted was care-free weekends with his new dongsaengs.

“What? Don’t say you are jealous, Hongki”

“I am not and never will”

Hongki said those words and punch Jonghun’s chest slightly. Jonghun catch Hongki’s hand by the wrist just before Hongki start to punch again. Hongki was having trouble to free himself from Jonghun who was clearly stronger than Hongki. Jonghun eyes wandered to Hongki’s face, smirking.

Jaejin saw Jonghun eyes was all over Hongki. He noticed it. His other hyung is turning gay. Enough with Wonbin acting cheesy and shy when Hongki made him the lunch, now his Jonghun-hyung is turning gay for this guy too. Seriously, Hongki-hyung’s cute face is dangerous to girls population. Jaejin make up his mind. Minwhan who was sitting beside Jaejin spoke aloud.

“Wonbin-hyung now likes Hongki-hyung, don’t say Jonghun-hyung already fall for this guy too”

Jaejin just nodded. Minwhan already saw that too. Hongki’s eyes widened, surprised by the younger boy’s words while Jonghun smirked.

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Chapter 11: i have just one word... wow :)
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Oooh was a wonderful story
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