My Devil Mentor


Hey readers~! This is my first ever fanfiction. I wrote this out of boredom since it's summer vacation and I've got nothing to do. Hehehe! I don't know if this is good, but I had fun writing this. And sorry if you spot some grammatical errors as you read my story, I'm not perfect and I'm not really fond of spell checking. Apologies in advance.. :)

>>I do not own EXO-K and any other characters in the story. The plot is mine so any similarity with regards to other stories are purely coincidental. It's free to promote my story to other readers but please don't steal my work, okay? And Please!!!! Don't PLAGIARIZE. You can save my story, but don't print them... I've worked damn hard for this. That's all!^^ I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy witing this.


P.S. This is dedicated to my new love, EXO!! I could not believe how easily EXO snatched my heart. I even ignored them at first, but my very good cousin kept on sending me their teasers... and the rest is history... Now I love them so much. Unfortunately, my story focuses only on EXO-K, you and some OCs. I'm sorry.. :( I'm LAY-biased by the way, so I really love EXO-M. Who's with me? HAHA :))

P.P.S Pictures I used and I will use aren't mine. Credits must go to the rightful owners. Enjoy...

P.P.P.S The story is complete.. if you're seeing UPDATE's, it's either because I'm adding POSTERS/background... None of the storyline's being changed.. that's all! xiexie! =), inlovewithcheesecake :)


>>You: 18 year old student. Kinda Old-school. Very talented. Can be clueless at times

Sehun: Magnae of the popular new group, EXO-K. Cold but can be caring. Silent.

Baekhyun: Also a member of EXO-K. Very caring and sweet. Thoughtful. Smart

>>There are other characters, but I won't be introducing all off them here. Stay tuned :)


This is the first poster I've received. :) From forever0701

Thanks to Mir of K Creations for the main poster :)


It’s summer again, the best season of the year for students like you. No homeworks, projects and most importantly, no sight of your ex-boyfriend, Jonghyun. You were with him for 3 years already and you loved him so much it still hurts for you to see him with that miss popular senior girl, Hara. You remember him dumping you for that girl. After that, you refused to text him and you avoided anything that would remind you of him. All guys are jerks! You thought. But deep inside you still want him to be your friend. Not now since you still hurt, but you still wish that someday, that day will come when you will manage to be friends with him. But now, it’s summer and all you plan to do is to have time for yourself, unwind and have fun with the water. You thought that it'll just be your usual summer... but that's what you thought...


 “Room 418?” you mumbled to yourself. You’re in the fourth floor now but you can’t find where this room is until, “Oww…” Uh-oh, you bumped into someone. You turned your head up to see whom you bumped into and you saw some tall, milky-skinned guy, with dark brown hair, piercing eyes, pink-lips, and thought wow his soo… angelic, “Yah! Will you look at where you’re going? Aish!....... “Mianhaeyo! Mianhaeyo!” you bowed several times. “Aish, clumsy!” he continued. *What the? What’s with the attitude?!* you thought “Yah, I said I’m sorry and besides if you saw that I was about to bump into you then you could’ve just step aside and avoided me! Tsk!” but he ignored you and just continued walking to the opposite direction. “Aish! Jerk!” you mumbled. “I heard that.

i'm not updating anything in MDM's. I'm just deleting pictures that aren't available anymore, so bear with me. :)

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maiquie24 #1
Chapter 101: OMG! I finished it! Finding this story was a coincidence but reading it was a choice I would never regret!!! Aaahhhh! Nice story!!
LuDeerDere #2
Chapter 72: //started laughing when Sehun called Minhyun her Beastfriend even though the whole scene was supposed to be all angsty and dramatic OTL This fanfic is amazing~
Angelz0715 #3
Chapter 101: Omg so cute!!!!
_Crystal_ #4
Chapter 1: The mum wants to be Kim Won Bins sunbae XD
Valeria_909 #5
Chapter 58: *dieswheseessehunwithroses*
Valeria_909 #6
Chapter 35: *Gives group hug the author-nim*
HappySoul101 #7
Chapter 101: I love this fanfic
ames_mimi97 #8
This is the first fanfictions I ever read. I read it one year ago and all I can say is that I LOVE IT. It gave me so many feels omg. I love this fanfiction so much author-nim *_* thank you <3
Rasmee #9
Chapter 101: So what happened with Kai and jiyoung???
PieLife #10
Chapter 58: GAHH DEM FEELZ