Opposites Do Attract


Like in any story, there is a nerds, mister and miss's popular and the athletes.  Of course there is the girls who have the crush on the guys, but how about this.  We don't see much of this now do we???


Summary: Sisters, Hyesun (The eldest, and the athlete of the family), Eunhee (The middle, shy and smart) and Hyemi (The youngest, popular/queenka).  All of them are in different clicks yet are all popular.  They are sisters, but they have different fathers.  Their mother abandon them when all three of them were infants, leaving them with their grandparents.  After their grandparents passed away, they met up with her aunt who lets them live in an apartment, paying rent.

The guys: Yoon Doojoon (The smart nerdy kid), he has a major crush on Hyesun but is too shy to ask her out.  Yong Junhyung (The high athlete), he has a crush on the popular queenka Hyemi.  And last but not least, Chae Daniel a.k.a Drama (The Kingka), he has a crush on the smart, shy and delicate Eunhee.  What will happens when these total opposites relationships turn into love.  How will their social status and their reputation change?  What risks will they take for them to be together?



Sung Hyesun

Age: 17

The most popular athlete in Cube High School.  She's the captain of the Soccer team, and Swim team.  She played in many different leagues.  Her only chance she ever has to herself is being home with her sisters.  Outside of  the school, she's nobody, she works three jobs to pay for rent and make a living so her younger sisters can have a place with food and warmth.  There is not a day that goes by that she never stops thinking about her younger sister's lives.

Nam Eunhee

Age: 17

The most smartest girl in Cube High School.  She's the captain of the math team.  She is very pretty but hides her beauty with her glasses.  Though she isn't all that popular, she really doesn't care.  She gets bullied by queenka's and kingka's saying she's ugly but really she doesn't give a damn what others think.   Outside of school, she takes care of Hyemi, while Hyesun is out making the money.  She's like Hyemi's mother, cooks for her, helps her with her homework and cleans the house.

Lee Hyemi

Age: 16

The most popular girl in Cube High School.  She's every guy's ideal type.  She's beautiful, has a nice S line and every guy basically wants to get in her pants.  But, she is sweet queenka.  She loves talking to all her student body.  She isn't one sassy type queenka who bullies others.  She always has Eunhee's back when seeing her being bullied.  All the girls want to be her.  Outside of school, Hyemi tries her best to make herself useful around the house.  But her older sisters let her cruise and do what she likes.  She doesn't like the feeling of being the one who has to sit back and let her sisters do all the work.  But there isn't much she can do.


"Eonni deul! WHY DIDN'T YOU WAKE ME UP EARLIER!" Hyemi screams, running out of the bedroom, running straight to the bathroom.

"I did, but you said five more minutes." Eunhee said.

"Hurry up! We are going to be late for school!" Hyesun yelled.

"AHH!" Hyemi screamed.

Eunhee and Hyesun shook their head.  There she goes again, that girl so clumsy.  Thirty minutes later, Hyemi comes out wearing her uniform, her hair straightened, her face with light make up.

"Ready!" Hyemi smiled.

Eunhee laughed, putting her glasses on, her hair was in a pony tail.  Hyesun turned around, her hair was long, chest length, in a side french braid.

"Shall we go?" Hyesun asked.

They all walked to school together, but when they reached towards the gate, they separated. 

Nobody knows that the three most popular girls in their own click are sisters.

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