Three Worlds Collide


Three girls.  Three Boys.  Three stories.  Becoming One.


Lee Hyemi

Age: 18

Hyemi is a Seoul city girl, who has everything.  Her parents are rich, and owns a huge company.  With her bad attitude, everyone at her school hates her.  She's a queenka and is the most meanest girl you could ever imagine.  Her parents had enough of her attitude, and decided to send her to Busan, where her uncle lives.  There, she learns to do things for herself.  Clean, cook, and survival.  She meets a country boy Yong Junhyung who teaches her there is more to life than money.  From there, she learns the meaning of respect, hard work and love.

Sung Hyesun

Age: 20

Hyesun is a blind girl, who lives in Seoul.   She is hospitalized in Seoul's top hospital.  Her parents are middle class.  Both her parents work two full time jobs to pay for her bill.   Though Hyesun appreciates her parents efforts, she is lonely and has no friends.  Till one day, a certain person visits her.  She doens't know what he looks like nor knows what kind of person they are.   His name is Yoon Doojoon.  Doojoon is a high class man, who's father is an eye doctor.  He visits his father's patients often, including Hyesun.  Though Hyesun is blind, Doojoon find's any way possible to heal her.  Even if it means to give his own eyes for her to see the world, through his perspective.

Jang Eunhee

Age: 20

A country pumpkin from Busan.  She goes to Seoul in order to find a new life.  There she meets Chae Drama, who is a model.  He models for many magazines and does many CF's.  He's rude, mean and self centered.  When he meets Eunhee, he thinks of her as another fan, or some dumb girl who's from the country.  But the more they meet, the more Drama learns to become a better person.  He learns you can't buy love, you have to earn it with respect and giving love to others as well.  Because of Eunhee, his life is turned around, but what he doesn't know is he changed Eunhee's life as well.


Six of these lives changed within each other.  Come with me, as you meet three ordinary girls.  High classed, middle classed and low classed.  What happens when you meet the opposite of you.  Going from someone with money and everything, to having to live in a country where hardwork and respect is mandatory.  Someone who has no sight of the world, but still lives within it, learning to become with the world around her, to meeting a wonderful person who she has no idea who or what he is.  Then, to an ordinary person from the country who comes to the city where she meets the most insensitive guy ever.  Through these characters, they have a connection with another.


Hyemi's Preview:


"I''ve had enough of your attitude! Your going to your uncle's house."

"MOM! Do something!"

"I'm sorry dear."


"So your the city girl."

"You must be Mr. can't leave me alone."


Hyesun's Preview:

"Who are you?"

"If only I could see the world within its own self.  Do you ever wonder what the eyes of the world see?"


"I wonder as well."

"I wish you could see me."


"I think I love you."


Eunhee's Preview:

"Seoul! Here I come!"


"You must be my fan! Well what's your name?"




"Do you even know the meaning of love?"

"Teach me."

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