Lee Hyemi is a poor girl who lost her parents in a terrible car accident.  Through living in an orphanage, she loses her older sister Hyesun, as she was adopted by a family.  Right after Hyesun leaves, their aunt and uncle finds Hyemi and promises her that they will find Hyesun and reunite as a family.  Years later, a letter was mailed to Hyemi from her dead parents.  In the letter was a wish from both of them.  "I wish for you to marry our friend's son."  Having a wish from her parents, she accepts.  But, meeting him.  She refused.  It's no other than Yong Junhyung, the bully at Hyemi's high school.



Yong Junhyung

Age: 18


Lee Hyemi

Age: 16


Nam Eunhee

Age: 16


Lee Hyesun (Sung)

Age: 18


No Foreword.

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