Monday to Sunday


Monday to Sunday


"Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs, Fri, Sat - as soon as I open my eyes, I think of you."


"Now I'm all yours - I will only look at you for always."


"I keep missing you."



 Ilhoon is recalling his favorite memories of the last three years. They all happen on different days of the week, and they all have to do with you. He is grateful for the times you've had together, because if it weren't for these memories he wouldn't be able to make it through the day.

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Wow wow wow. This is sooo good. Auther i love z way u write. <3 pls write more short fics like this.:-) am already a fan..;-)
nice story ^^
Chapter 7: Aaaand now I'm tearing up. ;A; This was so beautiful. It reminded me of 'My Heart Beats Only for You' by DarkAngel (except it was a lot shorter and Ilhoon doesn't kill himself).
hello ~~~
i've read this fanfic several times already haha and it inspired me to write something similar like this. do you mind if i write a short fic that resembles this story? ><

but don't worry, i'll try to change the locations and stuff but i'll use sungjae and sohyun as his friends/classmates o n o and the title will probably be the same lol or maybe not otl
iwant2bangyongguk #5
Chapter 7: Majorly sobbing. I expected a sad ending based on the tags, but I didn't expect it to be like this +.+
Infinitely4k #6
Chapter 7: Wouah I cried so much but it was worth it! I love it so much thank you ^^
mickeymouse97 #7
Chapter 7: Such a beautiful story and I couldn't find it sooner!! I actually don't like sad endings but this is too amazing!! This the best short fanfic i've ever read and i hope you could write more Ilhoon stories :)
Chapter 7: because i saw everyone said they cried reading this so i want to read it too . TT_____TT This story is so beautiful . orz <3
Chapter 7: Author-nim!! Neon jinjja daebak! This story is amazing! I've read this many times, trust me! This is seriously just so sweet and touching.. I can't get the last chapter out of my mind!! This is making me insane! U're amazing, author-nim! Jinjja!! Continue writing, Author-nim! Hwaiting! ;)
Chapter 7: This is so beautiful. I cried :'(