Counter-clockwise (NEW)


What if you were given the chance to turn back time?



Lee Seung Gi

Suzuki Rina

Park Dara

Wu Chun

Mario Maurer


Might be out-of-character so forgive me. I'm only a newbie fanfic writer.

I took down my entire previous story and improved it. But it goes on the same concept so it should still satisfy my previous readers.

I can only guarantee that this is a lot better than my previous work, so watch out

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Chapter 4: Please update. I'm begging, it's a wonderful story. Please writer-nim.
SummerChii #2
Chapter 4: As i know... Jasmine is rina's name meaning in english, is it? OuO

Waaa~ pls update soon! I love dis :3
[deactivated] #3
Wae? why did you created new one?
This is going great! Soz I didn't see earlier. Havnt been on aff for quite a while. But now this makes me wanna check every day. Wonder whatll happen to Rina next
I finally got a chance to read this! Loved chapter one, it was really good^^ LOL love the part where you said "may the force be with you" :D
Great storyline~
*continues to read*
starshadow #6
There! So far, I had done until Chapter 6! It's kinda hard to find those funny gifs though. They have to be relevant and hilarious. And as I add the chapters (they're done btw), I edit a few things on the way. I guess I haven't reached until Chapter 8 tonight, bcoz of the pictures.. Watch out tomorrow, please?
[deactivated] #7
So far so good~ Update soon~
Update soon
starshadow #9
I'm gonna update it in a while, and shorten my chapters. I'm gonna post until chapter 8, so watch out. Yeah, I love Inuyasha and Kagome.
Omg! You added a hint of I inuyasha too!
Awesome bro. But does the story end here on the second chapter?