The Real Action Begins

ExoPlanet: The Beginning and The End

A/N: Warning! Ridiculously long chapter ahead! If your mind has been blown, if your ovaries have exploded, or if you have experienced any mental, physical, emotional disturbances as a result of fangirling or other major causes, please save this chapter for another day. I'll only update 2 days from now (unless requested otherwise) because this is actually 2 chapters long so take your time:D

Today was the day. The day the border between the North and South dissolved for two days. A day before the members of the Legends gave up their lives for ExoPlanet. In their own ways, the boys were doing their own preparations.

It was 5p.m...


He opened his eyes, seeing nothing but sand for miles and miles. He inhaled, sitting up straight on the chair.

"Aren't people ever freaked out by a random chair in the middle of nowhere?"

He exhaled and opened his eyes. The wind around him gained speed, making his hair and jacket flutter. He could hear a faint laughter at the back of his head.


He took another breath of air. The wind began spiraling upwards until it formed a steady tornado.

SeHun laughed and pulled the boy onto his lap. "It's quiet here. It makes me feel like time has frozen for me..."

His eyes closed again and he could almost see that dazzling smile behind his eyelids.

"... Do you think it will work since I brought you here too, hyung?"

He opened his eyes again and watched as countless more tornados formed around him.


"I sure hope so," LuHan whispered, twisting his body on SeHun's lap, his lips puckered and-- 



The laugh of two boys echoed in LuHan's humongous dressing room.

"I can't believe ChanYeol actually burned off your eyebrows!" LuHan guffawed. "No wonder you disappeared for a month!"

Kai smiled, watching as LuHan disappeared in the dressing room for the millionth time that evening. The older male had been trying on tuxedos for the countdown dinner that night held for the Officials of the different sides and their families.

"You know, hyung, when you said 'hanging out' this wasn't really what I had in mind," Kai told him, looking through LuHan's CD rack.

LuHan peaked at him from the opened door of his dressing room. "I'm sorry! I just needed someone's advice and you were my best bet!"

"Anything for you, hyung," Kai said sincerely but got no reply.

LuHan emerged again later wearing a navy blue tux and a dress shirt on the inside with its first two buttons off. "I actually like this one." LuHan pouted. "To bad it's really tight now..." He looked down pointedly at the pant legs that were waaaay above his ankles.... But Kai heard none of it.

"Hyung..." he began. "Did you miss me when I disappeared for a month because ChanYeol cooked my eyebrows?"

LuHan looked up, the pout still on his face. "Of course I did! You're one of my bestest friends, JongIn! It was almost painful to go through that month without you." Kai smiled absently while LuHan changed into another grey tux with a slightly darker grey vest on the inside. Kai was rather surprised and elated when LuHan said he was going to wear that tuxedo for the dinner.

"Grey." He smiled. "That's--"

"SeHun's favorite color," LuHan whispered with a sigh. Kai looked at LuHan.

Right, grey was his favorite color too. Figures. Kai just sighed and leaned back onto LuHan's bed.


Music blared in the dance studio where Tao was continuously trying out his martial arts routine for the countdown dinner that night. He was just one of the few chosen to perform. He paused the music and took a big gulp of water, thinking about what went wrong in his routine.

That backflip just wasn't right, he didn't kick high enough, his back wasn't straight.... Tao drilled the routine again and again. Everything had to be perfect for tonight's performance.

"Would it kill you to take a break? You're already a professional."

"I am taking a break," Tao answered irritably.

Kris smirked and stepped into the room. "You can sure hold a grudge on people. Come on! That was over a week ago."

"And even now, it's not funny," Tao answered coldly.

"That's what you say but I bet deep down inside you're laughing hysterically."

"Go away," Tao replied, turning the music back up and stepping to the center of the room.

Kris walked to the stereo and shut off the music. "Tao stop it. Keep this up and you'll wind up breaking something."

Tao rolled his eyes. "I've been at this for 11 years. Don't worry."

Kris' lips formed a tight line. "Sure." He walked out, closing the door behind him.

Tao redid his routine, executing his moves perfectly, every kick, every punch, every swipe... For some reason he felt more energized. 

Then the song reached its ; the backflip. Tao prepared himself, getting in position. Following the music's tempo he ran forward and--

Landed on his , not even finishing the backflip.

He cried out in frustration and made a move to stand but a searing pain on his waist stopped him.


“I told you not to strain yourself.”

“Kris!” Tao breathed out, relieved. “Quick! Go find a heal--”

“Nope~” Kris interrupted. “You’re ditching the concert tonight.”


“No,” he said in a strict tone. “You’re going to watch the fireworks with me tonight and that’s final.”


"Bye, KyungSoo-ah!" KyungSoo looked up to wave to one of the last few people in the library.

Since it was a significant day in ExoPlanet history, the library was only opened until six but KyungSoo decided to hold it open for a certain fairy on crack.

There were only two other people left in the library; MinSeok and ChanYeol. He looked at ChanYeol who was sitting next at his usual spot in the library hunched over a book, hastily taking down notes as well, clapping whenever he discovered something relevant.

Suddenly, ChanYeol stood up, his eyes widened. He clutched his notebook tightly in his hands, shoved his pen into his pocket and left the library with the library book he had taken from the last time he had burnt the store room.

"That's weird..." KyungSoo muttered and turned back to the book in his hands. ChanYeol would usually bid him goodbye.

"Did the door do something offensive?" KyungSoo jumped and dropped his book to see that MinSeok had come out of the store room. KyungSoo gave him a questioning look and MinSeok shrugged. "You were glaring at the door so I just assumed it... Anyway, since no one seems to be coming into the library for now, how about we just go out for a snack or something."

KyungSoo raised an eyebrow. "Let me guess. Kimchi?" MinSeok grinned. "No." MinSeok frowned.

"You're no fun."

"Boohoo," KyungSoo answered, sticking out his tongue. MinSeok rolled his eyes and left too.


"BACON!" ChanYeol shrieked.

BaekHyun yelled in surprise and let out a blinding yellow light unintentionally. "You have got to stop doing that!"

ChanYeol leaned back, slightly startled. "Doing what?" he asked, chewing on his lower lip.

"Popping out of nowhere!"

"... Do I have another talent?"

BaekHyun looked at him increduously then gave himself a facepalm. "What is it ChanYeol?" he asked, turning his main attention to his mother's plants and shedding full light on them. He often did that when the day was dull or when he was bored at night because he felt that it was his obligation as her son. I guess you could call him a mommy's boy.

"Bacon boy... I found out that the end of the world--"

"Oh dear," BaekHyun muttered.


"Not again," BaekHyun groaned. "ChanYeol, this is the millionth 'End-Of-The-World' theory you've told me this year--And it's only APRIL!"

"But this time it's real! This book says so!" ChanYeol claimed, holding up the beaten leather bound book he had borrowed the last time.

BaekHyun stared at it as ChanYeol placed it on his legs. "There's no title." He examined the book. "There's no author." He opened the book. "What language is this?!"

"It's called English!" ChanYeol explained excitedly. "It's very widely used in this planet called Earth!"

"And you can read this, how?"

"Being a bookworm has its perks."

BaekHyun just stared at the younger boy, his mouth slightly agape. He began leaning forward and ChanYeol sunk into his jacket, backing away slowly.

"Wh-what're you--"

"You're insane," BaekHyun answered. ChanYeol gaped as BaekHyun went back to showering his mother's plants with light.

ChanYeol began giving off heat--literally--and he suddenly slammed a burning hand onto BaekHyun's lawn, leaving behind a hand shaped mark of burnt grass. "FINE!" BaekHyun jumped as the younger boy suddenly shouted. "Since you don't believe me I'll find somebody else does! Yeesh what kind of person do I call a best friend..." He stood up and stormed out of BaekHyun's lawn, leaving behind a trail of fire-blazed footprints.

"Y-yah! ChanYeol!" BaekHyun stuttered and wanted to chase his friend but decided against it. "He'll get over it eventually... Right?"


"--My babe, baby babe, baby baby~ Gaosu wo daodi what is love?" Chen finished. He looked at Jino and Lay who were sitting at the corner of the room. "So how was it?"

"It was AWESOME!" Jino squealed, shoving another handful of chips into his mouth. "Hyung, you'd make an awesome singer! Right Lay hyung? Am I right am I right am I right?" he asked, nudging Lay eagerly.

Lay looked up, smiled and nodded. "I agree with Jino." Then he went back to his normal stoic self. "But Chen, what are we going to do if you sing so seriously in karaoke?"

"Deal with it," Chen stuck out his tongue, putting a chip into his mouth. "Your turn." He stuck the mic at Lay.

"Hyung! I wanna choose! Can I choose?" Jino requested, his hand up in the air. Without waiting for a reply, he snatched the control from Lay and chose "Nobody" by Wonder Girls.

Chen laughed, clapping as Lay glared at Jino. "Come on Lay! We all know that inner diva exists somewhere! LET HER OOOUUUT!" Chen yowled and Jino jeered along with him.

The song began and Jino picked up the second mic resting on the table to encourage Lay.

I want nobody nobody but you~ "Come on Lay hyung don't let me do this alone!" Jino yelled into the mic, holding Lay's arms and making him do the dance.

Chen just kept laughing at his two friends as Jino eventually convinced Lay to fully dance to the song. Soon enough, he was also dancing along with them.

When the song ended, the three of them continued giggling hysterically. "Wow Lay! You sure can dance!" Chen teased, mimicking the way he did the chorus.

"Not as well as you," Lay threw back. "That dance you did at the rapping part was just EPIC!" He mimicked Chen's dancing which was similar to that of a swimming style. However, the moment was cut short when Lay's phone began ringing. Jino and Chen began snickering at each other as they made fun of their mistakes and epic moments.

"Hello--" Jino and Chen kept quiet when Lay's face suddenly turned serious. "I'm on my way," he finished, putting down the phone. "Sorry guys, I have to go! I need to take Sulli to the countdown fireworks display." Without waiting for a reply, he left.

"Wait, hyung, wait for me!" Jino called, chasing after him.

Chen frowned, realizing he was the only one in the room. He sat down and began singing a few ballads on his own before looking at his watch.


"Maybe I should go hang out with XiuMin so we can buy Kimchi again--" A loud, thunderous boom shocked him and the lights went out shortly after. "Whoa... What was--" A beep signalling a text message interrupted him.

Wow, Chenchen! Who made you angry? I'll beat him up for you! Haha. Control yourself next time, Chennie, I almost died of a heart attack! - XiuMin

"But.... That wasn't me..." he muttered. His eyes darted around wildly when the lights went back on. Without wasting another second, he ran out of the karaoke building in search of someone to hang out with. He hated being alone.

XiuMin! Let’s go for the countdown fireworks show together! Meet me at XXX now! he texted.


"You okay, SeHun?" SuHo asked.

"No," SeHun replied with a grimace. "I think I'm going to be sick." He adjusted his bow tie.

SuHo and his friend had originally been assigned to serve the ExoPlanet Officials from both the North and the South to the countdown dinner. Sadly though, SuHo's friend had ditched the plan and went to attend the countdown fireworks display in the stadium right between the borderline of the North and South, known fittingly as the Border Stadium. So as a last minute resort, SuHo had looked for his cousin and forced him to take his friend's place.

On the plus side, SeHun wasn’t assigned to LuHan’s family. On the down side, he had been assigned to the Ying family, who were close friends of LuHan’s parents... and they requested for a change of seat.

It wouldn’t really take a genius to figure out where they transferred to.

Now that SuHo thought about it, his plan wasn't really thought through...

SeHun paled slightly as one of the Ying family members called him over. He paled every time any member called him over. SeHun hid his eyes under his overgrown fringe and made his way over to the table, avoiding LuHan’s intense gaze at all costs.

He quickly took note of the Ying member’s requests and ran into the kitchen to fulfill it as if the table was cursed.

SuHo sighed and shook his head after watching this. “After tonight, I seriously owe SeHun my life,” he muttered.


“12 minutes,” Kai sighed, sitting on the rooftop of Border Stadium. Watching as the people streamed in.


“11 minutes,” Tao whispered, leaning his head against the window in a building not too far from Border Stadium. Kris nodded, resting his head against the glass as well.


“10 more minutes,” SuHo told SeHun, patting his shoulder. “Just a few minutes more. Hang in there, buddy.”


“9 minutes.” Chen groaned, standing in the long line for at Border Stadium’s enterance. “Doubt we’re going to get in on time for the fireworks.”


“8 minutes now,” XiuMin corrected. “But we can always watch the fireworks outside right? And we can always sue the Stadium people for opening late.” The duo snickered.


“7 minutes,” Lay read from his watch. “Relax, Sulli we’ll get there in time.”


“6 minutes,” BaekHyun sighed, looking around the nearly empty town.


“Just 5 minutes,” LuHan murmured, his eyes straying to SeHun.


“4 minutes left.” KyungSoo answered ChanYeol. “Don’t you and BaekHyun normally do this together?”

“He’s mad a me,” ChanYeol muttered, lying down on the library’s rooftop. “Hey, is it going to rain?” he questioned, noticing black clouds gathering above the Border Stadium in the distance.


Thunder rumbled in the distance and XiuMin laughed. “Relax, Chen, we can still watch the fireworks from here!”

“But that wasn’t me!”



“Two more minutes, Jino.”

“No, hyung, what’s happening to the lights?” Lay followed Jino’s gaze and noticed that the Stadium lights were blinking on and off.

“They’re probably preparing for the fireworks.” He put his younger sister on his shoulders. “Get ready, Sulli!”


All the lights suddenly went off. In different parts of ExoPlanet, several conversations went off at once.

“, SeHun, stay here I’ll take care of the lights.”

“Oppa, I’m scared.”

“It’s okay, Sulli, it’s just for the fireworks.”

“Is there something wrong with the power?”

“Haha, Chen, did your bolts hit the power plant?”

“I told you it wasn’t me!”

“Wow, this is new.”

“No, it’s weird.”

“LuHan, don’t you dare run away!”

“Yes, appa.”

Only a single light was found in the entire Planet at that moment and it belonged to BaekHyun. “Whoa! What’s going--Holy sh--”


The grounds shook, the wind picked up speed, and the lights grew brighter and brighter and a sickening, spine chilling shriek filled the air. People began taking shelter, activating their powers for protection, wondering what was going on.




Okay, first of all I would like to say, I am sorry for the loooooooonnnnnggggggg chapter! Please don't let it scare you! I only wanted to fit everything into one chapter so.... How was it?:D Should I just stick to my 1500 word limit next time? I am so sorry if I fried your brains with this chapter because I fried mine writing it and it hurts. My brain is completely gone now so if you see any mistakes just let me know:D

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