Chapter 3 - First Year

Going To Private School With The Crown Prince

You wrinkled your nose as Miss Park handed out second semester Health Education textbooks to everyone, explaining that the class would mainly be covering reproduction, STD's, and contraception. You heard a couple of people shift in their heart-shaped swivel chairs, uncomfortable though secretly eager at the prospect of openly learning and talking about topics that would be considered taboo if spoken about in everyday-conversation.

You, on the other hand, could care less. It was quite frankly a waste of time, and you couldn't wait for the end of the hour.

"The material you are about to learn in the next few months are very natural to the human cycle of life, so there's no need to be bashful. The things I will be talking about may be a little risqué," she paused, looking around the room to see a couple of people elbow each other cheekily, "but you need to learn to deal with it. So, let's start with ."

Someone choked on the water she was sipping on from her water bottle and spurted it all over the desk, the liquid hitting an unlucky victim sitting across from her who shrinked back on instinct. The girl's face turned an unflattering crimson shade as she apologized and quickly tried to wipe the wet table with her blouse-sleeve, though in her haste, accidentally knocked her uncapped bottle off the table, its contents spilling onto the tiled floor with a splash. A boy sitting close to her volunteered to help her wipe up the mess, to which she gratefully accepted, her face still blotchy with color as he went to the back of the room to grab a tissue box.

"When males and females become attracted to each other, a relationship between a pair starts to blossom as they spend more time with one another." The class focused its attention back at Miss Park as her fingers started slowly running across the edge of her smooth teacher's desk. "They start off with a simple hug."

Your mind conjured up an image of the first day of school last semester when you hugged Hyukjae close to you because you were afraid the spider was going to eat you. Or... attack you at least.

"Then, they kiss," Miss Park said softly, and as you watched her walk around the room, deliberate in an attempt to make everyone tense in their seats, she stopped behind Hyukjae, placing her hands gently on his shoulders.

"What do you think they do next?"

You inadvertently looked into his eyes.

His kiss.

The feeling of his warm, chapped lips that night still lingered on yours, and no matter how hard you tried to forget, you just couldn't.

The way his breath hit your face as his lips engulfed your own, the way you could feel his heart beat erractically in his chest against yours from the close proximity of your bodies, the way you saw his eyelids quiver and his eyelashes flutter in nervousness as he tried to keep his eyes closed during the kiss.

It was all still so vivid in your memory.

"They have passionate, wild ," Hyukjae stated as the class erupted in laughter, his eyes traveling from your eyes down to your lips.

You swiftly looked away, your eyes wide with embarassment.

"That's the spirit," Miss Park clapped her hands contently, glad she got a satisfactory answer from a student without having to dig it out of him.

Hyukjae the smooth enamel of the outside of his teeth. Ever since he had tasted your soft mouth, it was like he was put under a spell. But when you had pushed him away from you, telling him that you didn't want him to do that to you ever again, he felt his nose tingle with a sour sensation as his stomach churned with humiliation. He didn't really know what he was doing since it was a spur of the moment impulse, but he didn't expect you to ignore him for the whole first semester following that encounter. He tried approaching you, but you always came up with excuses to avoid talking to him. Gradually, you stopped talking to him altogether.

He got the hint and kept his distance, though the popular boy found a way to keep close to you. He would watch you from across the Biology classroom as you chatted and laughed with Kris while you two fed Mr. Nibbles carrot sticks. He would train his piercing gaze on you from afar as you ate with Yuri in the dining hall. He would admire you when you were taking in the beauty of the campus as you walked to your dorm each night after studying in the Grand Library.

You had noticed his odd, even scary, behviour, and had felt inexplicable shivers run up and down your spine from your head to your toes. Wherever you were, whatever you were doing, he was there too, looking at you, observing you.

Stalking you.

"When the excited within the male's that is emitted through ion swims a 41KM marathon to try to find the precious egg and fertilize it, it is ensuring that there will be a little muffin to bake in the oven," Miss Park said, enjoying the twisted looks on some peoples' faces as others looked away, not wanting to maintain eye contact with their teacher who seemed too happy about what she's teaching.

You tapped your foot, thinking that Mr. Kim had taught the material much better last month in Biology. 

'Don't have . If you do, you will get pregnant, and you will die.'

"Although we do not endorse ual actions from you kids right now, we do want you to know how to have safe if the occasion ever arises."

"Are we going to practice using condoms on bananas?" a boy named Hyun Joong asked bluntly.

"Wouldn't pencils be more suitable?" Miss Park asked wryly. A smattering of girly giggles floated in the bright, box-like room as the boys looked at each other in disbelief, their egos pummeled.

"Ooh that was a low blow, even if it's true Miss Park," Hyun Joong replied.

Another one of your classmates, Seungri, who was sitting beside Hyun Joong, calmly stated to the teacher that the Kama Sutra would be better suited for learning material rather than boring school-issued textbooks.

"I might consider it if you'd be willing to demonstrate for us."

Flustered, he cleared his throat and realized that daydreaming about flight attendants would be a much more productive use of his time than listening to the class animatedly discussing how he would exhibit Hindi lovemaking by himself.

"PARK KAHI! HOW DARE YOU BREAK UP WITH ME THROUGH A TEXT?!" a man's voice suddenly boomed outside the classroom, cutting a wedge into the class' mirthful atmosphere.

Your ears perked up, glad for a distraction from the immaturity of the class. People in the classroom started whispering fervently to each other behind the backs of their hands, knowing something huge was going down in a matter of seconds.

The man sounded angry.

Miss Park's eyes dilated in panic as she recognized the voice of her ex-boyfriend. The classroom door swung open as far as it could before the person walked inside, his steps loud and furious.

"Please Yoochun. Not here in front of my students," Miss Park, or Kahi, pleaded, her tone frightful.

"Who cares? They deserve to know how much of an you are! I was going to ask you to marry me last night, to spend the rest of your life with me! But no. You just had to assume I was cheating on you since I was being an for ignoring you when I was actually planning for an engagement party! So then you went running into Ji Hoon's arms, crying and complaining that I was treating you badly, then broke our promise by cheating on me with my best friend! He was going to be the best man for the wedding! , I had everything planned. It was perfect!" he ranted, screaming his lungs out in hurtful rage, the veins on his neck nearly exploding with strain.

"How did you...?"

"Know? Because he told me. He confessed and begged for my forgiveness. But what did you do? You crushed my heart and even had the nerve to break up with me over the ing phone! You just had to ruin the best night of our lives because of your assumptions. You always assume the worst in me. I don't know why I still love you so much dammit..." and with that, bitter tears started pooling in Yoochun's eyes as his voice faltered and weakened considerably. A few girls gripped onto each others' hands tightly, hoping Yoochun would forgive Miss Park, who at the moment was as stiff and ashen as a weathered, Roman statue.

"I-I'm sorry."

"I’ll give you one week to come crawling back to me," Yoochun muttered sullenly, wiping away his salty tears with his hand before they fell. "I've forgiven you countless times before, but I won't let it go so easily this time. You mark my words."

You gaped open-mouthed at the scene that was unraveling in front of you. Despite the slew of uncensored obscenities leaking out of Yoochun's mouth, he was still a saint compared to what you were thinking in your head right now. How could he so easily be willing to accept Miss Park's actions and welcome her back to being with him without letting her grovel at his feet in guilt and submission first? Without making her eat sticky dirt and dive off a drawbridge into a violent river of rough water with unseen huge, sharp rocks at the bottom?

Your heart had grown cold because of your parents, so you didn't really comprehend the capacity of love that Yoochun had for Miss Park.

The unconditional love that you didn't understand.




"What do you want?" Sehun, GD's loyal minion, asked you in a standoffish manner. Equally as feared by the student body as they were of GD, as you had come to observe, Sehun's trademark stony expression, the way his eyes were permanently glazed-over in disinterest to a commoner, threw you off a little as his leg that was propped on his other one started boucing up and down in impatience.

"I want to know what the hell is wrong with him."

GD, who was snoozing on his desk beside Sehun, lifted his head lazily and opened his eyes to judge you in your pathetic stance in front of him, your hands dangling awkwardly by your sides, your weight shifting from your right leg to your left, then back to right. He blinked languidly before he closed his eyes and rested his head on his folded arms on top of his desk again.

"Don't ever talk about GD like that," Sehun threatened unpleasantly, his leg-bouncing action diminishing along with the volume of his voice. Luhan, the other minion, nodded in agreement. He took out a Hello Kitty compact mirror from his backpack and started fixing strands of his hair that were out of place. Playing with random expressions on his porcelain face, he batted his huge, doe eyes and smiled at his reflection. You ignored the ditzy airhead and his vain obsession with his own beauty as you composedly leveled Sehun with a bold glare.

"This is between him and I."

It was the last period of the day, and GD had finally decided to show up to class for the second time so far this whole year. Given his poor attendance rate, you would've thought that he would be suspended, but Mr. Cho pretended as if nothing were out of the ordinary during the whole hour, and your classmates didn't even so much as dare to glance back toward where GD was sleeping.

You weren't much for deciphering mysteries, since crime-solving novels and shows always made your heart palpitate with impatience and your breathing pattern unwarrantably fluctutate, but so many questions were bubbling in your system that you needed to have resolved. It was rare enough for GD to come to class, but for him to stay behind after the final bell had rung was an opportunity you did not want to risk losing.

GD extracted one of his arms from his makeshift human pillow and did a hand signal, which supposedly both Sehun and Luhan understood to mean "leave us alone".

It was just the two of you left in the classroom.

You found yourself blurting out a jumbled, incoherent tirade about how you hated his cocky attitude in the school store, the special treatment he got from others, and the warning he so clearly gave you in the dining hall without an explanation or justification as to why. It wasn't how you planned your confrontation to be like, since you had imagined completely whupping his and having him crumble into a state of remorse and repentance before you, though now you wondered why you even had that fantasy.

This was GD you were talking to. The bad boy who even Mr. Cho has given up on.

"At least have the common decency to look at me while I'm talking," you said at last, losing every ounce of courage in you as he continued to disregard your presence.

GD let out a long sigh before he got up from his slouched form and looked at you dead on, his arms crossed at his chest as he leaned back into his chair.

"Why am I cocky you ask? Because that's my personality. Is it a crime to feel confident about myself?"

You automatically shook your head.

"Why do I receive special treatment you ask? Because people recognize my confidence and do not question my authority over them."

You pursed your lips, itching to say something in retaliation, though he had already continued on.

"And why did I warn you? Because you were the only one who had the balls to stick it to me, and I didn't like that."

"Who do you think you are you, God?"

"If that's what you want to call me."

Disgusted, you narrowed your eyes.

"You're a fool to think I will act how you want me to. I got into this school by my own efforts, and I appreciate everything that's given to me here, so just because you were born with a gold ladle in your mouth, it doesn't mean you can blow off your time doing the Devil knows what during school hours and tell me what to do when you are here because daddy dearest is richer than my alcoholic imbecile of a father. I thought you were being a bloody idiot that day in the store because this school's policies and dress codes were implemented before you existed, and shouldn't be subject to your whims because the 'trousers make me look fat'," you mimicked his voice mockingly. "I don't care who you are or how much inheritance money you have under your name. Once we step onto this campus, we're all the same, so get off your high horse and act like a real student who deserves to be here."

GD smirked as he started clapping.

"Bravo. That was a very moving speech. I bet you practiced that one a lot in the shower. Though what you're forgetting, scholarship student, is that you have a biased point of view of this school. I hate to break it to you, but this isn't your perceived haven of equality. All of the students are here because their loaded parents generously pad the school's bank account every year through private donations. Face it. We're just spoiled, wealthy brats who can get away with anything as long as our parents are willing to fork out the dough. Students like you are taken in to make our school look like it's full of smart geeks who will become the future rulers of the world."

You remained silent as your nails started digging into the soft tissues of your clammy palms, your head swarming with confusing, conflicting emotions.

"What's wrong? Cat got your tongue? Oh, and just a little bit of trivia for you; my father owns this school. So I think I have the right to do whatever I want. What do you have to say about that huh?"

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