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“Do you have everything, Jaejoong? Oh, what about…” Ms. Kim says as goes off on a tangent.




Celestial beings clashing in the skies above.


Jaejoong closes his eyes tightly. “Was that a premonition?” He thinks while rubbing his head. “It felt so real, felt so overwhelming like getting hit by a truck or something. Maybe I’m too tired.” Jaejoong thinks.


Jaejoong then scratches at his left wrist which slightly burns and itch. His left wrist has a birthmark that looks like a feather. He rolls his eyes as his mother starts checking his bags making sure he has everything for ARCH academy.


Jaejoong nods his head. “Yes, Mom I have everything.” He states trying to bid his mother farewell.


Ms. Kim cries, her trembling hand caressing Jaejoong’s, cheek, he couldn’t help but feel a twinge of embarrassment at her emotional display. But he gets it his mom raised him all by herself and now he is being sent to ARCH academy. He hates changing schools but to also make things worse he’s transferring to this school in the middle of the year, late enrollment. “I’m really going to stand out.” He thinks. With a playful roll of his eyes, he masked his own emotions, the mystery absent of his father tugging at the corners of his mind.


He boards the train and waves his mother a last goodbye. He then finds a seat, of course by the window. The journey to the academy was anything but ordinary, the train soaring through the heavens with a grace that defied logic. Passing by so many birds, Jaejoong’s gaze lingered on the panoramic views outside, the vast expanse of the mortal world shrinking beneath him. Jaejoong wasn’t too surprised at where he was going to attend school. According to his mother, he is half-mortal and half Angel. Learning what his heritage is infused him with a complex blend of arrogance and confidence. A mask he wore often to shield the scars left by years of childhood bullying.


Upon arriving at the academy, Jaejoong found himself dwarfed by the sheer magnificence of the institution. Clutching the cryptic message in his hands, he approached the imposing gates, uncertainty gnawing at his resolve.


Jaejoong then looks down at the blank piece of paper. A paper that was mailed to him from the academy. When first receiving the letter, Jaejoong was pissed that they would mail him a blank sheet of paper but from his mother’s shocked face and telling him that he needs to keep that letter and save it.


He then looks back down at the paper and is shocked to see golden words on the paper. “Not just a part, but a symbol of flight, I am found when the presence is pure and light…” Jaejoong whispers.


Jaejoong thinks for a second and whispers again. “A feather?” he says under his breath.

The gates swing open, revealing a world of possibilities beyond. Stepping onto the hallowed grounds of the academy, Jaejoong felt a sense of awe wash over him, the weight of his identity pressing down upon his shoulders.


Lost in the labyrinthine corridors of the academy, Jaejoong stood like a lost soul amidst a sea of students, some looking at him with curiosity, others ignoring his presence entirely. It was in this moment of vulnerability that a friendly face approached him.


“Hey! You must be new?” Junsu says with a smile.


Jaejoong nods his head and then starts to scratch his left wrist. “That I am…new. Uhm, I’m Jaejoong.” He says introducing himself.


Junsu eyes Jaejoong scratching his wrist and his smile widens. “I’m Junsu. You are looking for the Dean’s office?” he asks.


Jaejoong nods his head again. “I believe that’s where I have to go.”


“Come on I’ll guide you,” Junsu says walking past Jaejoong and Jaejoong starts to follow him.


Junsu exuded a naïve charm, his overwhelming friendliness a stark contrast to Jaejoong’s guarded demeanor. As they walked together towards the Dean’s office, Jaejoong found himself drawn to Junsu’s innocence and lighthearted nature, a refreshing change from the solemnity that surrounded him. “Well maybe that’s because he is an Angel, he acts that way.” Jaejoong thinks eyeing Junsu’s back.


Arriving at the Dean’s office, Jaejoong was met with the arresting gaze of Lee Dong-Wook, a figure of authority whose knowing smile sent shivers down his spine. Jaejoong takes in Dong-Wook’s appearance which consists of white long robes with light grey trims, sharp hazel eyes, and dark brown hair. “Ah, thank you, Junsu for guiding the new student to me.”


“Wow, his eyes are so majestic.” Jaejoong thinks.


Junsu bows respectfully. “Of course.”


Dong-Wook then nods his head. “Then, Junsu can you wait outside my office? After I’m done talking, can you guide our new student, please?” he asks.


Junsu nods his head and then leaves the office.


Jaejoong takes a seat across from Dong-Wook’s desk. Dong-Wook with a hard stare at Jaejoong as he takes in the boy and he chuckles under his breath. “My, my, my… you have grown so much…you look just like your father. It’s Jaejoong is it not? I’ve been expecting your arrival.” Dong-Wook says.


Jaejoong nods his head shocked that the Dean already knows his name. “Yes, uhm, you knew my father?”  The mention of his absent father stirred a whirlwind of emotions within Jaejoong, the mystery of his heritage looming larger than ever before.


Dong-Wook grins leaning back in his chair. “Indeed, I do. We fought alongside one another in a great war, that you will learn about in one of your classes. We were pretty much close friends.” He says.


Jaejoong bites his lip debating whether to ask Dong-Wook the whereabouts of his father or if he is still alive. He then decides not to press any further but it seemed like the Dean wanted him to.


Dong-Wook then holds his hand out. “Then, shall we see what type of Angel you are?”


Jaejoong eyes widen in shock. “Different types of Angels?” he asks amazed.


Dong-Wook gives a rich chuckle and nods his head. “Indeed, there is. At ARCH Academy there is a Hierarchy of Angels. The first Hierarchy consists of Seraphim- the highest choir of Angel, Cherubim- the second highest of Angel, Throne or Ophanim- Angels of Knowledge. They are not a part of this school as their duties are much greater than here and we hardly get any new Angels of this type it is uncommon. You will never, I won’t say never but hardly will see a Seraphim, a Cherubim, and a Throne. So, in reality, we only have two Hierarchy here, the Second Hierarchy is Powers-Angels of Advisors and Plans, Principalities- Angels of Divine Ministry, Dominions- Angels of Lordships, Then lastly the Third Hierarchy, Virtues- Angels of Miracles, Archangels- Angelic Envoy/Officer, Angels messengers. Here at ARCH, you will be sorted into which Hierarchy you belong to. Sadly, demoted but I’m a Powers Angel.  Each Angel is blessed with some kind of power.” Dong-Wook says explaining.


Jaejoong nods taking all the information in. “But how can you know what I am? I feel I’m not much being half human.”


“Ah, but you are much more. Simple. Each Angel born or half has a birthmark of a feather. That birthmark tells you that you’re an Angel. Now hand me your left hand, please.” Dong-Wook instructs.


Jaejoong with no hesitation, was not shocking to Dong-Wook at all. “Funny. He acts like him too.” “ You were born in a field in a field of lilies flowers. Such innocence.” Dong-Wook thinks and holds Jaejoong's hand gently turning it to see the inside of his wrists.


The birthmark slightly glows as Dong-Wook stares at it. “Hm, interesting. What a feisty thing you are.” Dong-Wook says spewing words under his breath, Jaejoong does not quite understand what’s going on.


“Let’s just add you to the Third Hierarchy. You are indeed a messenger.” Dong-Wook says with a grin.


Jaejoong kind of pouts. “A messenger, how boring. I wanted to be something a little more exciting.” He thinks


Dong-Wook chuckles gently into his hand. “Maikeru, your son is a hoot just like you.” Now since you have sorted into a Hierarchy, I will let your teachers know and your dorm room shall be ready for you. I do hope you enjoy ARCH Academy. I hope you feel comfortable with your own. I know you had to deal with a lot being in the human world.” Dong-Wook says.


Jaejoong nods his head and stands up grabbing his bag. He exits the office and slightly jumps from Jusu’s bubbly voice.  “The Dean just loves to talk, doesn’t he? Let me guide you to your dorm.


Brought to his dorm room by Junsu, Jaejoong marveled at the simplicity and elegance of the space, a queen-sized bed, a bathroom, a closet, and a desk. Jaejoong drops his bag to the floor and turns to Junsu.


Junsu smiles. “ I’ll be your tour guide tomorrow for your classes and I’ll explain more in depth how things are run around here. Oh, and your uniform is in your closet. But I’ll see you tomorrow.” Junsu says and leaves.




Within the confines of his dimly lit dormitory, Jaejoong lay sprawled upon the bed, his breaths shallow and even as sleep enveloped him in its enigmatic embrace. As his consciousness drifted into the realm of dreams, a kaleidoscope of images flooded his mind, him to a realm both familiar and yet unknown.


In his dream, Jaejoong found himself standing amidst a field of majestic lilies, their petals glistening with an otherworldly luminescence. The air was heavy with the intoxicating scent of purity and reverence, wrapping around him like a comforting shroud. A hazy memory stirred within him, the sensation of soft grass beneath his tiny feet as he toddled through the blooming meadow.


Amidst the sea of white blooms, a figure approached, its form radiant and ethereal. The Seraphim stood before him, wings spanning wide like a celestial tapestry, each feather shimmering with an iridescent glow that seemed to defy comprehension. The Seraphim has 6 wings, with two covering its face, with two covering his feet, and with two he flew. The wings covering its face slowly opened to reveal eyes, pools of liquid gold, bore into Jaejoong’s soul with wisdom that surpassed time itself.


The Seraphim just stares at him and Jaejoong can’t bring himself to talk. He then tried to reach out to touch the Seraphim’s outstretched hand, the world around them trembled, the serene lily field morphing into a battlefield of cosmic proportions.


Above, Archangels clashed with Archdemons, their celestial forms locked in a dance of destruction that painted the sky with hues of crimson and obsidian. The air crackled with raw power, the clash of swords and wings echoing through the heavens like a thunderous symphony of defiance.


It was a battlefield and he is in the middle of it. It’s like painting.


Gasping for air Jaejoong awoke. His eyes snapped open and briefly showed liquids of gold before going back to his brown eye color.









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