The Office

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Could you imagine Aespa, Twice, and a few other K-pop groups being set free from their idol lives only to be unfairly shackled to white-collar jobs? Well, fear not, because this is exactly what it might look like. Only, the author is a broke college student with no clue about what she is talking about and is using this as an opportunity to explore her deep-seated delusions and compile niche references and hyperfixations into a written work.


"You're getting long-winded. We don't have the time here," advised Yu Jimin, the dashing saleswoman who is not-so-secretly in a relationship with the cute receptionist.


[Looks at the camera] Oof. Well, it seems like Ms. Yu here is getting a little impatient. So, without further ado, I welcome you into the mockumentary crackfic about the everyday lives of the workers at Star Museum Paper Company.



I've always wanted to depict my faves as The Office clips. Of course, I've taken some creative liberties here and there. I do not own The Office and the characters depicted do not reflect their real-life counterparts.


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nebiie #1
Chapter 3: This highkey funny. Will be rereading it next year again.
Chapter 1: this is cute and funny! patiently waiting for the nxt chapter