Counterfeit Hearts

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In a world where love is just a game, what happens when two hearts dare to play pretend?

fake dating: doctor karina x lawyer winter


been wanting to try this trope so here it is! honestly, I've had this idea kicking around in my head for ages and I'm really excited to finally bring it to life. enjoy? haha

hey all, in case any of u still use cc, mine is Shoot me a question if u guys got one, I'm always looking for new ideas too so hmu with any suggestions u might have. Thanks!


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Chapter 7: skskskkss neeed mooooore
Chapter 7: Hahahahaahaha... can't wait for the next chapter
kariselleheart #3
Chapter 7: i love this story. im big on angst so i wonder how itll be once karina or winter breaks 😭 my guess is karina but ahhhhh!!! looking forward to the next update

for pobs i think i like makestar, soundwave or ktown4u. this tweet has a thread of the pobs!
jushshhh #4
Chapter 7: Dr.Yu what are you doing on the floor~ lol 😹
fanficethusiast #5
Chapter 6: this is so good 😭
882 streak #6
Chapter 6: hskshsjhdjdh
Chapter 6: 🥰🥰🥰
Chapter 4: wow this fic's actually soooo goooood. can't wait for more chapters
Elatedbliss #9
Chapter 4: Ohhh be careful now I guess both are catching feelings already. I can’t wait to see how their relationship progresses in the next chapters. Thanks for the update!
882 streak #10
Chapter 4: 😳