Night's Children


Vampires, called Night's Children are normal in Mito. There are good and evil vampires. Good ones still have their conscience, while evil ones lost it. Vampire looses their conscience, when he kills an innocent man, who haven't murdered anyone.

Vampires see auras. Aura is a light surrounding human, conqueror or a vampire. Green is for conquerors, blue for vampires with conscience, red for vampires without it, white for good people and black for bad people.

There also conquerors, who fight with the plague of Night's Children. They kill only the evil vampires, who's footsteps they don't hear, as opposed to the good ones. They feel cold, when a vampire is approaching. This way they differentiate them from people.

Conquerors live in so called Shelter. Good vampires hang around in „Yoru” club. The more, the merries, right?


Originally this fanfiction is in Polish. It's my own fanfiction, but I want to public it in English too.

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