Moon light, moon love

Night's Children

Raindrops are falling one after one on a Yoru's rooftop, bouncing on it's surface. I'm standing and looking at you, holding an umbrella with your hand and looking somewhere. You're thinking. I wonder what you're thinking about. Moonlight makes raindrops translucent, silver and glimmering. I look down and close my eyes. Why am I sitting here? Why won't I go inside? Because I love to look at you? Because I love your habits, gestures and character? Because I love the way you smile, the way you look at me with your black eyes, when you call my name? Because I love the way you care about everyone, your sensitivity to pain? Because I simply love you? No, what am I talking about. Those are some improper, silly thoughts. That's wather's fault.

Suddenly I can't feel the raindrops falling on me. Sound of them, bouncing on the umbrella got sharper, closer, louder. I open my eyes. I shudder, when I see your face so close to me.

"What are you afraid of, Amano?" you ask, looking at me with care. "It couldn't be me, right?"

"There's no way to be afraid of you." I reply.

You stare at me.

"Are you implying something, Moony?" you ask.

I know, you're angry. You wouldnt call me that otherwise. You don't like when you get called that and in your mouth that word was the worst offense. At least according to you.

"No, nothing. I'm sorry." I whisper, scared.

Like some kid caught red-handed.

"Why are you sitting here? You'll get cold." you say with a tone, like something could really happen to me.

"But I'm a vampire, so I can..." I stop, seing your look.

That sad look, when I remind you, that we're both dead.

"Let me forget sometimes." you say quietly, more to yourself than to me.

"But we..."

"Quiet." your tone is so firm, I shiver. "So you are scared. Why?"

"I'm not afraid of you." I deny.

"Yeah, you're not." you smile lightly, touching my cheek with your hand. "You're afraid of intimacy with me."

You saw right through me. I'm sitting, looking into your eyes, unable to say anything. I'm showing all the charisma, manlines and courage of former Black Cloud, right?

"Amano, say something." you say, while looking at me worried.

But you're not taking your hand away.

"Akiya, listen..." you don't let me finish.

Your lips touch mine in sudden and passionate kiss. You drop your umbrella, embrace me and stick to me with your whole body. I wonder if I could survive it if I were human. No need to breathe is usefull. You know, why.

Rain stopped. Moon shined on our silhouettes, looking into the sky. It's light reflects in our eyes.

"Let me ask you." I start. "Why did you do that?"

"Firstly, it let me forget for a while, who I am, who you are, who we are." you explain. "Secondly, you also wanted it, so don't ask stupid questions."

"You're right, as always." I say, pulling you towards me. You snuggle with me and close your eyes.

"I like to be right." you smile. "I think if our hearts were alive, they would beat happily."

You get sad again, realising, what you just said. This time, I kiss you. Tenderly and delicately, so you could smile again. Which is what you do next, then you look into the stars.

We're sitting like that through the whole night, hearing voices of our friends, arguing about where are we and what are we doing. We don't care. There's us and the Moon shining on our silhouettes, connected in an embrace. I guess you were right. Even though our hearts are dead, they beat with happiness.

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