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Dara and her friends were trekking in the mountain when an accident befell her. 


Good day, Dearest reader. 


I know. I know. I haven't finished my other story yet and have been on hiatus for most of the time.

Unfortunately, because of the current state of economy, I had to work twice as hard and I had to become more unmotivated as time goes by. 

However, I know that we will pull through this current predicament. 

Thus,  while i am still alive and wiling to live, I shall share as much as my strength could muster in creating the stories from my dreams. 

I hope you would enjoy this somewhat short story. I hope. 

Much love!

Okay. I feel like it is impossible for me to end their story at chapter 10. Might extend to chapter 12 max. XD Maybe 11? give or take.


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tokki9 #1
Chapter 6: Is this the beginning of something special? I mean they are both blushing way too much kkk~They will surely miss each other.
Janaky011203 #2
Chapter 5: Thank you for this story. I like it. Please update. Thank you again.
bernie20 #3
Chapter 4: Oh Thank you...hope you well always 🙏❤️