03 Family dinner part 01

While you were sleeping
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Author note: I simply didn’t have time to get my plan done! And instead of publishing the three planned updates for Valentine’s Day, I only managed to finish writing one (the new story) and half from this current chapter. I had two choices, to wait until tomorrow when hopefully the missing half part will be added , or to publish it as it is, unfinished . I chose the later.
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“Oh my god, I feel dizzy, I need a coffee. GuangYao, would you like to accompany me?”, Yibo exhaled in relief when his cheeks were  finally liberated from the  smooching session of the two Jin ladies.

“But isn't it a bit too late for coffee? GuangYao son, you should rather invite your new friend to join us for dinner at our home. 
We should all leave, we can’t help our sweet MianMian with anything by staying longer here, maybe she needs to rest in silence and peace and we  bother her.
Besides, I’m sure that NaiNai would be extremely happy to brag to someone new with her famous eggs cake.
It’s  my ZhouZi’s (A/n: oldest son in Chinese) favorite. You know, the Spanish  branch of our family NaiNai was telling you about. My dear Yibo, he will be so happy to know you, his whole family from Spain, actually. But they will arrive only tomorrow, as the plane had some issues.You will meet them tomorrow at the Christmas dinner.”, Missis Jin Sanren smiled at Yibo while caressing her daughter’s pale cheek.

“Leave the boys to spend some palling time together, Lao Po (A/n: meaning wife or honey or babe in Chinese). 
Go, boys drink your coffee. Then, GuangYao, bring Yibo for dinner, or else I will be a dead meat, ha, ha! Look at  these two women’s eyes judging me!.”, Mister Jin GuanShan laughed, pretending to hide behind his son and Yibo.
“I hope you don’t mind us calling you Yibo, after all you’re our son, too, now.”


The Jin family members left the hospital  after kissing and saying goodbye to  the still unconscious patient.
GuanYao remained  outside, in  the hospital’s parking  area to wait for his new friend, as Yibo was asked by the policeman to sign some papers that he missed to give him at the police station.

Yibo was inside the elevator ready to press the button, when the nice nurse who helped him before desperately shouted his name while running towards him with a box in her hands.

“Wait, wait!
Oh, thank God, that I caught you!
The policeman gave me the patient’s belongings that were stolen from her to give them to her family along with the clothes she wore when hospitalized…and I forgot!
But, you’re family, too, so I can tell that handsome policeman that I kept my promise.
You’re Xiao MianMian’s  fiance, he, he.
Here is the box”, the nurse giggled, probably with the policeman’s handsomeness in her mind.

“Oh, so you’re Xiao MianMian’s fiance?”, a stranger who stepped inside the elevator, butted in, surprising the two, especially Yibo.

“Yes, he is. They have the most romantic and beautiful love story. I wish I had what they have, too. I must go back to work now. Goodbye Mister Wang Yibo, you can come see her whenever you want. Nobody will stop you, the whole hospital knows about your love story.”, the nurse smiled dreamily and exited the elevator.

“The ground floor?
I am so happy to meet Missis Xiao MianMian’s husband and get the opportunity to apologize to you. I am so sorry, it never happened to me before something like that. But  she is such a good person, she forgave me  in the end, understanding that it  was just an unfortunate accident.”, the stranger spoke while pressing the button.

“I am not her husband!:", Yibo hissed in annoyance.
"Accident?”, he curiously and also worriedly, asked.
Was this not the first time that the poor girl got into an accident?

“Yeah, sorry, not Miss Xiao MianMian's husband, but her fiance!
Accident, yes! It was an accident, I swear to god!
Let me explain  to you how it happened.”







They spotted the coffee shop from across the hospital, so they didn’t have to take a cab or walk to the subway station.

“Lao Wang Yibo, I don’t know how to thank you enough for…”, GuangYao started, while  taking a seat in the pretty empty coffee shop.

Yibo interrupted him:
”First of all, drop that ‘lao’ and call me simply Yibo. I think that we are the same age, if I’m not mistaken.
And secondly, you don’t have to thank me for anything. I did nothing extraordinary…on the contrary, you have no idea! 
Actually it’s me who is thankful to you. 
I don’t even remember when I drank a coffee with someone I could call a friend, thank you for accepting to be my friend.” 

“How can you say that you did nothing extraordinary? Actually, everything about you is extraordinary!
You saved my sister’s life like a movie superhero character!
You forgave me for the hurt I have caused to you, even though you had no reason to do so! Calling me your friend, on top of that!
You managed only in a few seconds, something that my whole family tried for months with no avail, meaning to make me  give up on becoming a monk! You made my family very happy with this too, not only with saving MianMian’s life!
Should I go on?
No wonder that she fell in  love with you!”, GuangYao excitedly spoke while dramatically waving his arms, almost knocking off the coffees from the bartender's plate.

This man’s enthusiasm filled to the brim the glass of Yibo’s guilty conscience, he could bear no more!

“GuangYao, please!
I need you to listen to me, I feel like I’d explode if  I don’t tell someone!
Everything is a lie, or let’s call it a misunderstanding, I am so sorry!
I didn’t do it on purpose, I swear! But no matter how all the madness reached this point, it must stop!”, Yibo has finally decided.

“What are you saying there, is it a joke or what? No, you can’t trick me!
Is it a lie or misunderstanding that you saved MianMian’s life? Nah, that policeman didn’t have any reason to lie about that, though!
Is it a lie that you forgave me? Nah,  I don’t believe that you weren’t honest when telling me so!
And it’s not a lie that you convinced me to give up on becoming a monk. I really gave up! I promise you!”, GuangYao smiled, patting  his new friend’s shoulder.

“It’s not about that, but about something very important!
I am not your sister’s fiance!
She didn’t fall in love with me!
She doesn’t even know me, for heaven’s sake!”, Yibo started with a whisper converted into a scream till the end, to the other man’s extreme shock and to the bartender’s alarm.

“I don’t understand what…”

“I know that it’s hard to understand, but allow me to explain myself! It was not my intention, I swear! When I promised to honor my dead father’s memory, I didn’t think about the implications. But now I understand completely how unfair that promise I made was. Unfair to the other persons, I thought only about myself, not taking into consideration all the people I’d have to lie and trick them.
Let me explain to you everything from the beginning!”...and Yibo started telling GuangYao the whole story, skipping the ‘gay’ topic.

“Please, GuangYao, help me to tell them the truth. I have no idea how to do that. Hurting this beautiful family would really kill me. 
I love all of you, so much, like you are my own family. Family that I never had and wished for.
Don’t get me wrong, I had my father who loved me dearly and I loved him so much. And your playful dad reminds me of him so much. But it’s the first time to experience the warmth of  a mother’s love or a grandmother’s care, or a brother’s closeness who could be my  friend as well.
I simply fell in love with your family. GuangYao, you don’t realize how lucky you are!
Will you help me to tell them, please?”, Yibo looked at the still shocked man with pleading eyes.



After GuangYao drank some water and cleared his voice, he comfortingly his friend’s shoulder and said:
“Don’t stress too much, It’s obvious  that you didn’t lie with any bad intention. I will help you, don’t worry, but not now. 
It’s really not the right moment, it would be too much. After the whole distress they went through with MianMian moving away from the house, followed by her unfortunate accident, after I kept tormenting them with my decision of becoming a monk, it would really be too much to bear to learn that the man they fell in love is actually a fraud, no offense. I’m worried especially about NaiNai, her heart is not in the perfect condition, as you might have figured out. 
Besides, I don’t think that you would like

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