While you were sleeping

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Summary: Wang Yibo is a humble cashier, working in a subway ticket booth, because he was forced to give up on his studies to earn money, needed for his sick dad's treatment. 
He  was raised only by his father, as his mother died when he was only 3 yrs old. During the commemoration of two years after his father's passing away,  he found his father's journal where he was expressing his deep sadness that his gay son will never marry a beautiful woman.
That's why Wang Yibo decided to honor his father's memory by getting married to the first beautiful woman his eyes would land on, Xiao Min Mian on her name.
Little he knew that he would fall in love for real...But not with Xiao Mian Mian!
He fell in love with her whole Xiao family....And especially with her  handsome brother Xiao Zhan.

This story is inspired by the romantic love story (1995) movie "While you were sleeping" with Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman, but it will have my personal touch, of course.


I marked it as the zsww dynamic for now, but I could change my mind before starting to write

Note: The update is scheduled for the Christmas time







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