02 The China family

While you were sleeping
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Wang Yibo called his co-worker after exiting the police station:
"Yes, Jiao Jie, I have just finished here, they asked me to write down everything that happened, and now I'm going to the hospital.
Yes, thank god, they caught the culprit!
And thank god she was just robbed, she could have been killed, oh my god!
Who would have thought that the delinquent could be so young, a kid practically! Why would a fifteen years old kid not be supervised by his family? But maybe, he doesn't even have a family...like me...
No, JieJie, don't worry, I'm not sad. He's not like me, actually, if it's true that he has no family. I was lucky enough to have a loving father when I was his age. I also had friends, we just are not in contact anymore, but only because they made their own lives, some in other cities, some in other countries even.
And of course, I have you, now, thank you my dearest JieJie for always taking care of me.
Anyways, thank god that she is alive!
A nice policeman told me which hospital she was transported to. He also told me that from what he heard from the ambulance doctor, she was unconscious, but she has high chances to be alright after a while.
Yes, JieJie I will call you as soon as I get new news. No, don't worry, I will take care, bye!"






Yibo's stomach churned at the well known hospital scent. He remembered that his clothes, and even his hair was smelling like "hospital", whenever he was able to go home for a short shower while staying with his Baba (A/n: Dad in Chinese) during his numerous hospitalizations. The nice nurses even allowed him to sleep overnight in his father's ward, even though it was against the regulations.

"I love you and miss you so much, Baba.", he murmured, wiping a rebel tear, before explaining to the registration lady that he was there to see the subway attack patient.

"Are you family?"

But I am the witness.", Yibo tried.

"That's not important, maybe to the police, but not here.", she shrugged.
What is the patient's name, anyway?"

"I don't know.", Yibo blurted helplessly.

Yibo's tears from before were threatening to burst out in frustration. He needed to know if the woman he saved was alright and in no major danger, it was all he wanted to know, dammit!

"I was gonna marry her...And I'm not even allowed to see if she's okay?
Well, that's it, goodbye Piao Liang (A/n: pretty in Chinese), it was nice while it lasted. I am sorry Baba.", Yibo fake-laughed bitterly, wiping the last drop of tears and starting to walk towards the exit.

"Wait. I can help you. Don't talk to anyone, just follow me.", someone unexpectedly grabbed his arm.
It was a middle aged nurse.
What could he say, JieJies always had a soft spot for him, for some reason.
He didn't ask what, why or how, but just silently followed her.


They took the elevator to the second floor, then she carefully sneaked him inside a ward and closed the door behind them.

"Pull the chair next to her bed and sit. You can hold her hand, but only the one not connected to the infusion, don't touch anything.
She is still unresponsive, due to the hard hitting of her head, but don't worry it's a low grade of coma. She could wake up any moment. The neck injury is alright, too, the cut was not deep enough to damage anything other than her beautiful skin, it was mostly a scratch that will heal in a week or so.
You should talk to her, it will make her good to hear your voice.
I leave you now, I have work to do.
And keep the faith, love conquers all!", the nice nurse patted his shoulder and encouraged him with a flexed arm, before heading to the door.

"Hi, you don't know me, but I promise that everything will be alright!
I'm sorry for not being fast enough to jump sooner on that hooligan, but at least he was arrested. Anyway...", Yibo started to talk, but without touching the unconscious girl's hand.



He jumped up from the chair, freaked out at the horde of people that flooded the ward, talking all at once and crowding around the patient.

"Oh, my god! What happened to you, my baby girl?! Look at all these scary machines you are attached to!
I didn't have ears to listen to the policeman's explanations when I opened the door to him. I only understood that you are in the hospital!
What happened? What happened? Why did you leave home? Why?", a woman, probably the pretty girl's mother, started to wail.

"Don't cry Nushi (A/n: Lady in Chinese), doctors say she will be alright and she will wake up anytime soon.", Yibo involuntarily butted in, taking pity on the hurting mother.

All the heads from the room turned in the speaker's direction, the speaker who was already trying to subtly tiptoe towards the door.



But he was almost hit in the face by the door opened in force by the same policeman who helped him in the police station.

After the policeman asked who were the victim's parents and who were all the other people from the room and after he introduced himself, he explained to them the whole story of the unfortunate event, reassuring them that the offender was arrested and will be punished according to the law.

"But who is this man?", another woman from the group asked,  a woman older than the mother.

"Yes, NaiNai is right, who are you?", a teenager propped himself before Yibo, measuring him from head to toes with suspicion and accusation in his eyes, like he was the one who pushed the girl down on the railing.

But Yibo didn't have time to defend himself, as someone barged inside and started yelling at him:
"What are you doing here? You admitted that you are not family! Why are you here and who are you?"
It was the registration lady who somehow found out that he sneaked inside, without her permission.

"Yes, who are you?", a chorus of voices asked.

"He is the crime's witness!", the policeman answered.
"He is family alright! He is her fiance!", a nurse, who was not noticed trailing the policeman, answered.
"And not only the witness, but the hero who saved her life, too! He is the man I was telling you about, that he jumped on the tracks to pull her aside, risking being killed by the train that was coming.", the policeman added.

"Oh, my god! This is more romantic than the drama I watched last night!", the nurse held herself from the policeman's shoulder to not faint at the extraordinary love story from under her very own eyes. Her nurses colleagues will not gonna believe what they have missed.

"Yibo kept trying to wave in "No, no, I am not!" hand gestures, but the policeman and the nurse didn't let him.

"No need to deny it. Don't be embarrassed for being a hero! We are not praising you for nothing.
He really is a savior who courageously saved your daughter's life.", the policeman turned to the mother who was supported by her husband, breathing heavily from too many emotions.

"Is everyone alright here? I would like to stay longer, but I'm called to go back to work. If anyone needs help from the medical staff, please press this button here. I leave you, and don't forget that love conquers all!", the nurse encouraged the beautiful family before leaving the ward along with the policeman.

"Oh, my god! Did you all know and you hid from me that my little MianMian is engaged? But why?", the older woman dropped her suddenly drained body on a chair nearby, holding her chest.

"No, no, everything is a misunderstanding! We were not! I am not!
M'am, are you alright, do you want a glass of water or something?", Yibo got scared, especially when the man that Yibo was assuming he was the pretty girl's father, told her to take her medicine.

"No, MaMa, nobody knew. But who cares that she didn't tell us? We should be happy that she made the right choice and chose such a fine man to marry! Look at him, such a handsome, carrying and loving man! He cares about your well being, Mama, even though he never met you!
A hero on top of that, who saved her life. Imagine that! He jumped on the tracks!
All of you, let's give him a hug and welcome him properly in our family!", the man of the family spoke while all of them surrounded the overwhelmed and disoriented new member of the family, almost suffocating him in the large group hug.

"You, too, GuangYao, what are you waiting for?", the teenager spoke to another man, whose existence Yibo didn't even notice before that.

"I don't know if I should.
I think I am not allowed.
Maybe I should better go.", the man looking around Yibo's age stuttered, plastering his back onto the door and blindly searching for the door knob.

"What the hell are you talking there, you weirdo?", the teenager rolled his eyes, then addressed to the hugged man:
"Please don't mind him. GuanYao is a weirdo, but he is my brother and I love him. I suppose he is such because he wants to become a monk, or maybe vice versa, he will become a monk because he is a weirdo."

"Ling Ling! Stop being disrespectful to your GeGe!", NaiNai slapped the teenager on the back of his head.
"GuangYao is not a weirdo, he probably has his reason to talk like this, reason that we don't understand, don't you dear?", the old woman walked to the distressed man and gave him a hug.

But suddenly the young man gave the whole audience, and especially to Yibo, a major shock, by falling onto his knees before Yibo and chanting like a mantra: "Please, forgive me! Could you ever forgive me? Forgive me!", keeping hitting his forehead onto the floor each time he was kowtowing.

"What's wrong, son , with you? Are you feeling unwell? Oh, my god, what is going on with all my children?", the mother crouched next to the kneeled man and tried to stop him from hitting his forehead.
Yibo crouched as well to try pulling the man up, not knowing what to do or say to calm him down:
"I think that you mistake me as someone else."



"No, no, it's no mistake! I know you! I would recognize you from a crowd of a thousand individuals!", the man started to sob to Yibo's horror.

"Son, let's not scare this man! Let's calm down! Sit here on this chair and tell us what's tormenting you, we are here to listen to you and to help with anything we can.", his father wrapped an arm around his shoulders and seated him on a chair.

"First of all, he is MianMian's fiance, but you know nothing about him! You didn't even ask his name, and you people say that I am a weirdo!", the man said after calming down and blowing his nose in a paper napkin handed to him by his DiDi, whose name Yibo learned as to be Ling Ling.
And now he knows his fake fiance's name too, MianMian.

"GuanYao is right! I have no idea why MianMian kept us hidden from you, and you from us, but she probably had a good reason. We will find out after she wakes up. Now we should introduce each other.", the granny said.
"Let me start with myself. I am Jin YanLi, but you can call me NaiNai, as everyone from our family. As you might have figured out, I am MianMian's grandmother. I am a retired nurse and I can proudly and happily add that I am a cancer survivor. I beat up that motherfu*ker twice!"

Yibo flinched at that information, but he listened further without saying anything.

"He is my son and MianMian's stepfather, Jin GuangShan. I'm sure that he would be happy to call him Ba, same as MianMian. He is a university professor.
She is Jin Sanren, my daughter in law, MianMian's natural mother, you can call her Ma, same as your fiance is calling her. She is a kindergarten teacher, she loves kids very much, so I hope you and MianMian will give her grandchildren as soon as possible."

Yibo's stomach started to hurt , eaten alive by his guilty conscience.
Should he stop this whole madness and simply tell the truth? The whole truth?
But what if the truth could hurt this sweet NaiNai? She is obviously under medication, maybe suffering from some heart disease, as she clutched her chest...and Yibo doesn't want to cause her what not even the cancer succeeded. 



"This lovely brat here is my beloved grandson, Jin Ling, and naturally, MianMian's little step brother. Don't understand who knows what from the word 'step'. Nobody feels like a step in our family, I just try to make you understand the scheme of our China family. China, because we have one more branch of our family, in Spain. But  we will leave  that for later to explain. You will meet them all, as they are coming to China for the winter holidays.
LingLing is still a highschooler, but his aspiration is to become a great leader. Just that he hasn't decided yet what or who to lead, but he is still young, he has enough time to find his life path.
Let me close the introductions with Jin GuangYao , who is also MianMian's step brother, as he is my son's son from his previous marriage. And he wants to be a monk.
Now, son, tell us your name and a bit about you, but only if you feel like it."

"No need for him to tell us his name, because I can do that.
About him, I can tell you a few things. But only from his childhood.". GuangYao stood up from the chair, worrying Yibo that he would kneel again before him.

Yibo got shocked when the man walked to him and pulled something out from the pocket of his coat, then placed that something into his hand, while starting to speak in a voice strangled by tears:
"This is your picture that I kept for all of these years, to remind me whenever I'd look at it, about who I was and I'd never want to be again."


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