April 20, 2012

A Girl's Diary (SeoKyu) | Very long hiatus

Afternoon 5:00 pm

Dear Diary,

I was bored, as in VERY VERY bored. There was no schedule of hang-outs and I'm tired of surfing the net since Kyuhyun oppa doesn't even go online anymore. DAMN! I miss him..
Nothing good has ever happened to me, only my friends has the lucky charm.


TAEYEON OPPA AND LEETEUK OPPA BROKE UP. ALREADY! I was like Huh? You two didn't last a month >_<
Taeyeon said that she was the one who broke up with him. She didn't tell me the reason she was too depressed. Hmmp~ I wanted to talk to Leeteuk oppa to know the reason but he wasn't online in any social sites and he won't answer his phone.

Hyuna and Hyunseung also has a problem. Hyuna thinks Hyunseung has another girl that he likes. She was rarely hanging out with us, Taeyeon, Hyoyeon and I were a bit worried. It's been almost a week without talking to her. We plan to check on her tomorrow if Hyoyeon and Taeyeon has time.

Hyoyeon was busy with getting ready to go to a concert on the next 2 days. She also said that she misses Eunhyuk oppa so much. I can't really much tell her that Eunhyuk oppa likes her back because I would ruin the surprise. Anyway, I hope Eunhyuk oppa succeeds in asking her out.

I also hope Taeyeon would be okay. I mean, she really loves Leeteuk oppa, she said like.... a billion times already that Leeteuk oppa was her inspiration. And it's really sweet of her to say that but why would she break up with Leeteuk oppa?
I should be,  DETECTIVE SEOHYUN haha ^^ xD

PS: Hyoyeon said that Kyuhyun oppa has a cellphone. WHAT? he never told me that and he never brought his cellphone to school or in other hang out placed. Gosh, I want to know. But it would be awkward and wrong for me to ask him his number.



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PrincessSnsd2002 #1
Chapter 46: Poor Seobaby so many problems
Chapter 46: Pity seo... Too much problems for her...
Chapter 45: awwwee seobaby ~
your dealing w/ so much problems
CrazyLovingKpopper #4
Chapter 45: Oh pity Seo...update soon..so I will be happy
Chapter 45: pity Seobaby... she got too much problems with kyu and her family...>.<
Chapter 44: Eihhhh cho kyuhyun!!! Gain your memories please...
Chapter 44: KyuPabo!! Hope you get you're Memory Back And Know that Seobaby was You're Crush^.^ Update soon!!
and yeaaaaa seokyu love is back
Chapter 43: Yah kyu-pabo get your head staright and YES you know and youloved her now you know?
Chapter 42: aishhh jinchaa.... kyu please regain your memories please... >.<