Chapter 7 - The end

The Perfect Moment!
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Felix's giant belly was already getting in the way of the omega's walking, making him often lean on his companions or even ask them for something, since he could no longer reach or do some basic things, like tying his own shoelaces.  


 Everyone was increasingly eager to meet their puppies, everything was ready to welcome the new additions to the pack. 


 The doctor had explained what it was like to be pregnant with twins, who could be born before they were nine months old, so there was always one with the blond so that he would never be alone.  


 Felix, sitting in the garden of his new home, was enjoying the sun beating down on his face, illuminating his freckles a little, when he noticed some painful cramps in his belly and immediately felt a little wet, and then his eyes widened as he realized what those pains really were. 


 Before he could call out to one of his companions, he looked around and noticed that Changbin was looking at him worriedly. 


 Felix : Binnie (he said breathlessly, but with a smile on his face) 


 Changbin : I'm here with you


 Felix : The babies...


 Changbin : I know and we're going to the hospital (he said nervously, making the other laugh)


 Felix : Relax 


 Changbin : Impossible (holding his breath)

Felix : Calm down, your smell is getting to be too much (he grimaced and scratched his nose)


 Changbin : I'll try 



 As soon as the pregnant man walked through the garden door into the house, everyone quickly realized the situation while Chan was already in contact with the doctor. 


 Minho : We're finally going to meet our Eunseok and Jaewon


 Felix : Yes (returned the smile)



 Of all those present, the only ones who managed to remain calm were Chan, Minho and SeungMin and, incredible as it may seem,

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