Chapter 4

The Perfect Moment!
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A few days passed, Felix still hadn't told anyone about the new member of the pack and hid his nausea as much as possible. 


 Lying in the nest surrounded by the scents of his companions, the doctor had recommended spending the pregnancy around everyone's perfumes so that the baby would bond with everyone and feel safe. 


 XXX : Hey Yongbokkei (a slurred voice spoke as he entered) Can I lie down next to you?


 Felix : It's everyone's nest hyung (smiled weakly towards his sub-genre partner)


 Minho : But I don't want my ray of sunshine to drive me away 




 The youngest stared at him, at a loss for words. Yes, he knew that he had strayed a little from s, but he couldn't help it when he remembered SeungMin's words. 


 He didn't want to be starved for attention as Changbin agreed. 


 Felix : No, hyung, you can come (stretched out his hand)


 The two omegas were lying opposite each other and unconsciously Minho's hand slipped to the side of the blond's hip, where the small oval curve was beginning to appear. 


 Minho : Thin waist is starting to disappear (ran his thumb over that area)


 Felix : Is that bad? 



 The smaller man's nervous, accelerated heartbeat could almost be heard in the room. 


 Minho : Lix, what's been happening these days?


 Felix : Hyung (he moved closer, smelling the floral scent of the ripe tulips) There's something I need...

XXX : Hot (moaned an excited deep voice) 



 Both omegas stared at a tousled-haired Hyunjin with Jisung behind him. 


 If looks could kill, Minho would have killed them both by now, because Felix was finally going to open up and tell them what he had been tormenting himself with these past few days. 


 Jisung : It looks so cozy (he spoke excitedly and was ready to throw himself at the others, but the alpha's arm stopped him in place) Hyunjin!


 Hyunjin : Can we come in?


 Felix : No need to ask Jinnie


 Hyunjin : Yes, but since it's just the two of you, I thought it might be time for omegas.


 Minho : If it was omegas time, I would have growled at you.


 Jisung : That's what you're looking at, hyung (flushed cheeks)



 That was Jisung's charm, the beta who flushed his cheeks when he wanted something or when he was trying to be cute, making him look like a squirrel. 


 Felix : Come on (he stretched out his arms, after putting his back on the ground)


 Minho : Are you sure? (everyone stared at him) You were going to tell me something 


 Felix : Nothing important (he let out a gentle smile)

Minho : Then tell me (he asked seriously)



 Both the beta and the alpha were about to go to bed when they stopped in their tracks, noticing the serious voice of the oldest man among the foursome.


 Felix : Hyung (sat down on the seat, eyeing the other cautiously) 


 Minho : Felix, you've been distancing yourself from everyone and it's...


 Felix : Harming the order of the pack?! (raised an eyebrow in confusion) 


 Minho : Yes!


 Hyunjin : Hyung (scolded softly)


 Minho : No Hyunjin! (warned the alpha not to stay) We're all worried and when we try to start a dialog to figure out what's going on, Felix always runs away! I'm really tired of this! 


 Felix : Tired of what, precisely?


 Minho : Don't make me tell you (took a deep breath)

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