Chapter 3

The Perfect Moment!
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A few days passed, Felix continued to feel unwell, although his limbs were stickier than usual and he loved that, but the pain in his area was making him uncomfortable at the slightest touch, so, determined to find out what was happening to him, he made an appointment without any of his companions knowing. 


 Doctor : So your symptoms are; nausea, pain in the area and a headache? (the patient nodded) How long ago was your heat?


 Felix : Maybe two months ago


 Doctor : And have your companions become possessive? 


 Felix : That's right


 Doctor : Have they said anything about your smell?


 Felix : Sometimes they don't want to leave my neck or even my belly because, according to them, I smell better and better. 


 Doctor : Have you had any tests?


 Felix : A test?


 Doctor : Pregnancy test, Mr. Lee


 Felix : Could I be pregnant?


 Doctor : All your symptoms say yes (smiling) But I'm going to order a test to confirm it. 


 Felix : Could a baby be growing inside me? (his eyes widened)


 Doctor : That's what we're going to find out. I'll ask the nurse to take some blood and if it confirms a pregnancy, we'll do an ultrasound.

The omega nodded and followed the nurse into the office. 


 If Felix really was expecting a baby, how would his pack react? 


 The positive thoughts that surrounded his mind created domestic scenarios. 


 Would Chan teach him to lead responsibly? 


 Would Minho feed the baby until it was chubby?


 Would Changbin become more protective? 


 Would Hyunjin enjoy a good role model?


 Jisung would run around with the baby?


 Would SeungMin teach smart things?


 And would Jeongin teach sweet words?




 But on the other hand, 


 Chan would work harder than usual because of his new addiction. 


 Minho would be more tired from feeding the new member. 


 Changbin would lose hours in his precious gym to look after a baby.


 Hyunjin would be so tired that he wouldn't have time to enjoy his art.


 Jisung would lose the freedom to run wherever he wanted just to keep an eye on the baby.


 SeungMin would lose patience more quickly because he couldn't teach a child who didn't understand anything.


 And Jeongin would lose his position as the baby of the pack to take on a responsibility. 



 More and more negative things were coming to Felix's mind. 


 Would his pack change because of his carelessness? Especially when four of them were still studying.


 And the first cub should come from the oldest omega in the pack, not the youngest. In other words, it should come from Minho and not Felix.

Why hadn't he been careful with his birth control?


 Fear and nervousness were taking over his body more and more, but he would have to swallow those feelings if he didn't want others to feel them. 


 XXX : Mr. Lee, shall we go? 



 The blond didn't even realize he had drawn blood for the result. 


 Was it ideal that he was expecting a baby? 



 After leaving the hospital, Felix found himself sitting on the bed in the room each member had, a private place f

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