Chapter 6

The Perfect Moment!
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As the months went by, Felix's belly grew bigger and bigger, leaving his companions more and more in love with him and the puppy. Although they knew that the puppy would biologically belong to one of them, they were a mated pack, so the baby belonged to all of them. The 8 were the parents, not just two. 


 Yes, it was true that Omega had become more clingy with Changbin and Hyujin, but when he was with Chan or Minho it was almost a torment to push them away. Jeongin, Jisung and SeungMin weren't far behind, in fact it was any of their partners and everyone was happy to oblige.


 The baby's development was news to everyone and every time there was an appointment to check on the health of the maternal parent and the offspring, they all made a point of coming, making the clinic's office too crowded. 


 But no one would mind, after all, it was their puppies that were growing healthier and healthier inside their omega. 


 Yes, puppies! Because Felix's belly was too big to hold just one baby and the doctor confirmed that in fact there were not just one, but two babies. 




 In the early evening, after everyone had come home from college and work and had had dinner, they sat down on the sofa to enjoy a movie.


Changbin and Seungmin were lying on the sofa, with one of the beta's hands resting on the top of Felix's belly, while he was almost lying against Hyunjin's chest, with Jisung resting on his shoulder on the other side. 


 The pack leader took the opportunity to use one of the pregnant omega's thighs as a pillow, with their maknae against his chest, which in turn had Minho lying comfortably on his belly. 


 At one point, both betas, Chan and Hyunjin stopped paying attention to the movie and shifted so that they could look at the younger omega, when they felt a movement in her belly.


 Felix : They moved for the first time (he spoke with emotion, placing his hand on its belly)



 Then the other four joined in the confusion of hands caressing the area where the little ones were wriggling. 




 It was from that day on that the blond's belly was always full of hands caressing even more than usual and feeling each baby kick against the palm of some member of the pack. 


 As the family grew, Chan, with the help of the older members, started looking for a new apartment or house where they could continue with the privacy of the individual rooms, but with the added need for each puppy to have its own privacy. 


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