Amelie and V and a Mix Whirl Wind of Winnie the Pooh

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Amelie and V and a Mix Whirl Wind of Winnie the Pooh by V

Taehyung sat down with Amelie, a girl he met at school.

He giggled a bit and tickled Amelie, and Amelie laughed out loud before rubbing his hair.

Amelie was a young, light brown-black haired mongul.

And, then he yelled at him.

The form shifted face and turned into a shadow mongul.

He hated himself.

Yes, he hated the gloats and the free bees.

Yesss…Definitely the freebees, he hissed under his breath.

He hated that Bingo game as he kicked his right foot on the floor outside. Before going back inside.

He cackled at the amount of votes for lead singer at the made up boy band in America for Asian boys and put his phone down. He digged his spoon in his made up porcelain colored yogurt and muttered under his breath.

You’re mine.

What a day, a microphone bleared out in the location of the cafeteria room.

“Well, irony’s on you, brother.” He hackled into his yogurt and started to play in his silenced phone.

“WELL, this GIRL’S been LOOKING @ me for the whole day and you start to make me go to all these activities alone.” Taehyung hollered back to the mic.

Why’d I do that, he wondered.

Then, he picked up his shoe and whirled it around like a maniac in the  cafeteria. WELL-

“NO, I would like to have some S. P A. C E.” He roared angrily back at the microphone.

His former partner, J-hope finished his last three letters and, also, mispronounced his name, in the microphone and people started laughing.

Paul LOL-ed at the amount of votes he got for best man in a video cartel game melodrama and proceeded to tip his fruit cup into his yogurt and flipped his yogurt down onto the table.

Paul was..well, utterly muffled by his appearance as Taehyung came back from the BR.

“That was mine.”

“Yea, ik but Winnie’s my best girl friend” Paul said back to him.

“But she’s mine.”

“Okay, but I still like her.”

“Okay, deal?”


They shook hands.

And, wonderfully, nice music started playing from the cafeteria again.

The end.


Taehyung meets a nice, girl not mutual friend and it turns into a shadowy mogul. But then reverts back to the cafeteria scenes where he shouts at his label mates. In crack fic form.


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