V’s Snow day and…many more. (1) Life days. Ahead.

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V’s Snow day and…many more.  (1) Life days.  Ahead.


Taehyung  gasped and frolicked in the snow, giggling. And moved around outside in the snow fort he made. He was so happy and content. He could die. His light brown hair brushed up against the light snow and he sniffed in happiness.  He found a bunny he loved. And kept him under his blankets. He threw a snowball at the bush. And another. And…another.


He found a girl he might like. But, wasn’t sure. Actually. It was very short, he thought.


It was all swayed, he thought.

Welcome to the night club, EXO plays. Before Sehun dj’d with Chanyeol in the club.

He was in a night club, dancing his heart out. He was a socialette that evening. He met up with Jimin and swayed with the music playing. Retro, he thought. And lightly danced away. Except, he hurt Jimin that time. He wondered why.


This time he sighed in the couch, holding his mug of chocolate and marshmallows. He was short he realized, and stiffened up before running his hands over his warm mug. He brewed the mug up that early afternoon and sat with the TV lightly glowing in the living room. Jungkook with his winter fluffed up jacket on sat on the left side with him and looked at the news. He slightly shifted around and found a nice spot to sit, before looking at him.

It was a nice, comfortable silence with him and Jungkook with the TV on. Before, something tickled him. The rabbit, he thought. I brought him in.

“Kook, look. I bought in a wild  baby bunny!” He showed him the soft, little creature tickling with his paws around his soft tummy. “It’s mommy got lost I think.”

He laughed. And touched the bunny. “How cute. I wonder how it…got there.”

“I love him!” He snuggled the bunny warmly. “I gave him his name, Fluff Ball.” He giggled and snuggled with the bunny some more before putting it back underneath the warm blankets of the sofa.

He glanced at the girl again. This time she was smoking some pot or drugs, or something. He lightly inhaled the toxic fume out from his nostrils in the corners of the inside of the club. She was getting closer to some other older guy, he thinks. Then, he slowly started to get up and sit next to another Bangtan member and spoke to them in Korean.

“Hey, do you think that’s kinda illegal rn?” he lightly gestured bc well…he’s only 123 lbs.

s laughed at the girl before Rm shooked his head

“I don’t care.” As he pours himself another drink. He gave one to Jimin and V. “Let’s drink.”


He slept on the couch and Jungkook turned off the TV. His bunny was sleeping too. He body inhaled and softly exhaled with grace before he shuffled around again in the warm blanket. And then, he giggled again and softly woke up.

He was shy, but didn’t know why.

He fidgeted his hands and grabbed his cell phone from the table and looked at the time. 3:59 pm.

He looked at Jungkook as he looked at his own cell phone at his Internet app and snuggled the bunny some more. The bunny woke up and nibbled his nose.

He gasped and it’s bunny fur.

He slept on the dance floor. It was funny, he thought. With the colored lights all moving in a whim on the ceiling. But, he was whited out.

Gee, I drank too much, He gulped. But swallowed down. His view was a little blurred but fastened onto RM’s figure as he crouched next to his body and…he inhaled and let out a laugh.

“You sure you wanna sleep here?”

Something mumbled from him, before letting out a simple, “Yeah.”


He sighed and flopped down to his stomach, snuggling the floor beneath his slim body. Before the warm, retro music filled his ears.

Thanks Sehun and EXO.

Something hooted in the branches of his first floor house. It hooted again. He peered outside and saw a medium sized brown owl hanging around onto his perched small plant tree. He started to smile at it as it wiggled it’s warm wings around on the branch and left the curtain.

But…but it was so cute.

He went back to the curtain and whisked it around.

He went up to the window and softly called out.

“O-owl. You are so cute! May I come take you?”

The owl gleamed at him and hoo-hooted back at him.

It jumped down from the highest branch to the lowest branch and hooted before pecking on the window below.

And slept there. In the snowy realm that is outside.

He felt a little empty as Jimin shoo-ed him after 3 hours on the dance floor before he walked away. He was less alcoholic, thankfully and started to slowly walk around the retro tiled dance floor, looking at the light colored lights changing there and fro.

He stepped on them on accord to the lights changing and so to the dance music and shook his waist and body a bit. Before going back to the chairs on the table they were lightly drinking at.

Only four of s were there, there rest went home for the evening. It was 1:54 am. Maybe, it was time to go.

And they left the nightclub, waving goodbye to the rest of the Exo members and their nightclub to go back home.

The end. (1)



Just life events of BTS members in a story. Ongoing. Fluff. Funniness. Humor. Soft. Warm. Fluffy.


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