Shattered Glass

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Mark made a promise many years before, but when he breaks it one day suddenly in the midst of chaos and the world falling apart. Haechan didn't understand then, but some things are left unsaid. 


I would like to thank 「 DEAD SILENCE GRAPHICS for the beautiful poster.


This is my first entry for the Better Things | A Writing Contest! [Open, accepting entries]

The prompts I'm using are: 

#31: "Even if I tell you goodbye, whenever you open your eyes, you'll think of me."

#17: "It's up to you ro realize I'm waiting for you, right behind."

I'm also including a special personal prompts:

Your protagonist has to break a promise they made years ago. Why do they have to break it, and how does it affect their relationships and future? 


Start your story with "Things sure aren't what they used to be".






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