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Karina is looking forward to the upcoming release of her new movie without knowing na invited pala ang magaling niyang ex-girlfriend sa premiere night nito.


"Congrats, Ang ganda ng movie" Minjeong greeted the Film Director and handed her a glass of wine, Karina accepted it with a small smile on her face. Hanggang ngayon she's still puzzled on how Minjeong, Her ex-girlfriend na isa na ngayong piloto ay invited sa premiere night ng movie niya.


"In case you're wondering, Jaemin invited me, Close friends kami" Hindi sumagot si Karina, Hindi din siya tumitingin sa mga mata ni Minjeong. She can't, Not when she knows how looking at Minjeong's eyes always makes her weak, nanlalambot ang tuhod niya kapag nagtatama ang mga mata nilang dalawa.


So she kept her eyes roaming around the people in the after party. Her eyes met Giselle's. The younger woman looked worried for Karina.


"Some details of the movie reminds me of something, It's similar to our story, Is it?" Napatingin na siya kay Minjeong, She was about to answer but nothing came out of .


Minjeong puts down her wine glass "I didn't know i hurt you that way, Karina"


"I'm sorry"


And again, Minjeong uttered the two words that still continues to haunt Karina until now





ikaw, ako, dahil hindi na tayo. (jmj version)

hello, this fanfiction is the revised and new version of the seulrene one i made (i'd still continue writing that one), it will be slightly the same but mostly marami akong dinagdag. Thank you, let me know your thoughts.

the story is a product of my imagination, the things mentioned doesn't reflect the characters in real life. this is only a fiction.


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Chapter 6: Tong 'The ones we loved' ng ben&ben bagay sa ilaha na kanta, labaw na kay minjeong.
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I was reading English and then something happened 🤣🤣 it’s okay I’m sure it’s a great story please consider translating
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Chapter 3: 😩
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Chapter 3: Luh, never beating the Gho-USTE-r allegations
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