warm blood

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Minjeong bats her eyelashes. “You’re charming me, Miss Yu.”

“Oh, Miss Kim, I wouldn’t dream of it.”

A landmine. A landmine over a landmine over a landmine. Minjeong steps on them, willingly, because she likes the teasing lilt of Jimin’s voice around her name, and suddenly the hours poured into scouring the embassy for morsels of information dwarf against the sudden magnetism that pulls her to Jimin.


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Chapter 1: Holy crap this story is impeccable. Everything about it really. you share just the right kind of details; you pace the story steadily but advance the plot boldly, maintaining the readers continuously at the edge of their seat. Not to mention the conversations driven with wit, enveloped by overflowing vulnerability, and upheld with a numbing tenderness… It’s all so beautifully written.
All my praise goes to this magnificent work of art, thank you author for the story! Best wishes~
The story was absolutely gripping! I has to finish this in one sitting. The tension and suspense are well done. Also loving the interactions of Winter and Karina when thry're alone.
Ohmygodlol #4
Chapter 1: Amazing writing, loved this so much!
mammt_ #5
Chapter 1: AAAAAAAAHHHH 😫😫😫😫😫😫😫
I loved it, all the suspense and all this warms interactions. damn...I loved it
Holy ! You're the anonymous writer in ao3! I've read warm blood there ! I love this fic 😭