smoke point

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Jimin crouches down to be at her eye level. A lot of people tried to coerce her into joining different organizations, but Jimin didn’t even ask about her power. She’s waiting patiently, eyes as warm as the small glob of fire hovering over her shoulder.

“Which side are you on?” Minjeong asks. It feels like a defeat already.

“The one that keeps me alive.”


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Chapter 1: 😣😤😍💙❄
plutoooooo #2
Your writing is so fabulous 😍😍I love this story, it's amazing
perp24 #3
Chapter 1: Wow! This is really good and very well-written! I like the development of their relationship while the conflict is being fleshed out. Mutual feelings but opposing views.

Personal thought: With Minjeong’s character, I think she will still be in the same position if Yizhuo didn’t do what she did at the end.
Chapter 1: 🔥🔥🔥
Chapter 1: I like how you fleshed-out Winter and Karina's personality in this story. Like how Winter is kept in the dark because Karina wants her to be safe, but also she did that because Winter herseld wants to be kept in the dark since she wants to be neutral which caused a friction in their relationship. I mean it's war, it either kill or be killed so I empathized more with Karina than Winter on this one, because staying neutral would also mean you are siding with the opressor. I'm glad that she decided to fight alongside Karina.

I hope you could expand on this universe more. Like give Karina's POV or an epilogue about them achieving the future they've envisioned.

Anyways, this was a great read!
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Chapter 1: This is wow. Blame my lack of eloquent words to describe how beyond beautiful this story is and just how it made me feel. This is wonderful!

Thank you for writing this story. I hope you're always happy and healthy!
turrell #8
Chapter 1: Woah twas a good read! I wish it was longer tho, maybe I am hooked about their futures too 😆 Goodjob authornim 👍
piaexus #9
this is such a stunning fic, thank you for writing and sharing a masterpiece!