For You I Will

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Karina Yu, at the height of her acting career, despises the idea of being married to someone she barely knows. Winter Kim, recent graduate and acting director of KimTech Industries, does not mind being married at all. As a matter of fact, Winter fulfills the role of a doting wife of a beloved celebrity pretty convincingly.


My take on the arranged marraige trope.

I hope you will all like it. 

We got a star! Thank you so much for reading this story. I really appreciate all the comments you guys leave here 🥹 Until next time ♥️♥️♥️


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128 streak #1
Saw how FYIW is getting more attention and all I can say is well deserved 😌🙌 i miss them a lot everytime they end up on my feed pls
Chapter 3: what the..? this chapter is so frustrating... the lack of communication is insane tsk tsk
Chapter 5: This is so amazing! From start to finish, this is superb! I love everything! Thank you for sharing your story with us, and I hope you're always healthy and happy! ❤️
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Chapter 5: grabe 🥹 mugto mata ko!!! it's so so so well written 'tor grabe it's so good! feel na feel q ang emotions nila grabe 😓 thank u for this wonderful story 'tor <3 okay lang mamugto mata sa kakaiyak basta sila in the end 🙏 really love them so much!
BlueJi #5
Chapter 5: Done reading, it's heart wrenching but comforting.
Thank you for this beautifully crafted piece of art, author.
Chapter 5: A splendid story, thank you
stray_zone21 #7
good job!
stray_zone21 #8
By far one of the best
Chapter 5: ❤️‍🔥
Chapter 5: When i say i crave angst, this is what i re-read. love LOVE THIS SO MUCHFHFHHFHF