Hi, Mommy: The Motherhood Chronicles

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Bonus: Tita Ning and Tita Giselle's babysitting services. 


A collection of short stories surrounding the Hi, Mommy universe. 

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winminjeong1 #1
Chapter 12: otoooor update pweasee
Trumfeet #2
Trumfeet #3
Chapter 6: amen?AMEN.
Trumfeet #4
Chapter 4: ifeel you terwinTT
Trumfeet #5
Chapter 2: TT
Chapter 12: wooh yung kulo ng dugo ko kay jared and sa mom niya ohmygosh. dasurv ang filed cases, wag niyo iurong please lang.

actually yung pag-show up ng walang kwentang donor ni luna in-expect ko siya kanina sa 2nd chap ng Hi, Mommy buti nalang happy happy yon kasi ang intense talaga ng inis ko dito ksjdgdhs
Elatedbliss #7
Chapter 12: Redflag mga mama’s boy. Talaga! 🥴
jushshhh #8
Chapter 4: kawawa naman si ginger 😭😭😭
Chapter 12: wishing all the best in life for this little fam >_<
Chapter 12: i really love how realistic you write, especially for this series kasi this happens in real life. we get a glimpse of the possible problems, struggles, and solutions. i'm glad winter found the strength to get back up on her feet and help karina with their family's problems. super annoying talaga yung mga taong lalapit lang kapag may kailangan at buti na lang w and k has such a strong support. thankful they have family and friends that are always there for them. thank you for the update and for continuing writing for these two :]