Hi, Mommy

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Winter changes her promiscuous lifestyle when single mother Karina and her daughter, Luna, moves in with her. So instead of bringing home women, Winter brings home formula for Luna and something sweet to share with Karina. 


This was very much inspired by Joey and Rachel from 'Friends' lol 

I had posted the prompt on twitter and everyone wanted me to write it so in the end, I did haha This was very very fun to write! It's all wholesome :) 

Enjoy this fluffy and domesticated story! 



Thank you @/devoidof5HT on Twitter for creating this amazing artwork of Mommy Win, Luna, & Ginger ♥️

I was planning on dropping part 2 on mother's day but the new jmj with baby videos came up and I couldn't resist. Advance happy mother's day sa mommies ni Luna!

I hope you guys like this one :)
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