Shades Of Your Warmth


Little princess Sarocha Freen and her tiny little maid, Becca were inseparable until an unfortunate incident took place. The queen mother decided to force her head maid, Becky's mother out of her kingdom. The princess grew up to be a cold, unfeeling, short-tempered and unforgiving young adult, spoiled by her parents. She got whatever she wanted and everyone had to cater to all of her whims. The princess was 11 and her little maid was 7 when they parted. Now Becky shows up to the palace 13 years later. Will the princess and her maid rekindle their friendship? Read on to know. Is there any chance for the nature of their companionship to morph into something more than just princess and her maid? Read on to know.





I have died every day waiting for you





Darling, don't be afraid, 





I have loved you





For a thousand years





I'll love you for a thousand more
















"Wicked". Hang muttered, "Pure evil." He sighed as he ran a hand through his hair. 


It was his second time having to spend the night in the dungeon. He had been very obedient, hell he even thought the princess was sometimes exclusively friendly to him. But then again, the princess was not very trustworthy, to begin with. Finding himself in this dark, cold dungeon was reason enough.


"What did you do this time?" Came a low voice somewhere from the corner.


"Oh my God! " Heng shrieked, clutching his chest. "Are you trying to scare me to death?"


A chuckle came in response.


Heng sighed again. "I was just trying out my new pruning shears. I simply cut out an unhealthy-looking tulip by the stem. I swear the stem was turning yellow. The petals were falling off. I mean, we need to cut the old blooms to promote new blooms, right?" He stopped and nodded to himself. He knew deep down he did no offence by cutting that one withering tulip. "I didn't know I wasn't supposed to touch the tulips without permission." He continued in a low voice.


"Oh" the voice in the dark continued, "I didn't know you are allowed to enter the princess's garden."


"I mean, yeah. I am allowed. The princess trusts me enough to choose me as a replacement. I mean, the royal gardener, who tended to her garden died a week ago. It's only natural I am the next person to get picked for the task."


"Trusts you?," A dry laughter echoed through the dark dungeon. "That must be why you are down here."


"Sh-Shut up", Heng retorted.

























Becky sat patiently as she waited for the huge oak door to open. She was sat with four other girls, who were also freshly recruited maids like herself.



She was feeling all sorts of nervousness. She took in a long breath. The place hadn't changed much since the last time she was there. It had taken her 13 years to return. A promise she had made to herself all those years ago. She would finally be united with her royal highness, her princess, her childhood playmate. 


A hand waving right in front of her face brought her back to reality. "Pardon?" Becky asked. 


"I just asked how old you are", the girl sitting next to her said, tilting her head to the side with a finger on her chin. "You look kinda different. A very pretty kind of different." 


Becky smiled. "I just turned 20 not too long ago. And I have been told my dad was a European." Becky finished. Her smile dropping a little. 


"Oh," The girl decided not to ask further sensing the topic to be a little touchy. "I am older. I am 21, turning 22. I guess we can still be good friends." The girl offered. "I am Irin, by the way."


"And I am Rebecca." Becky smiled.





Just then, the door cracked open and in came a middle-aged woman, neatly dressed. 


"It's the head maid," Irin leaned in and whispered. 





"Before we go," started the woman, not caring to introduce herself or taking any interest in knowing anything about the new maid recruits.


"I will ask you to refrain from doing anything the princess doesn't like. Speak as little as possible. Don't talk unless spoken to." She said as she beckoned the recruits out the door. 





The walk to the royal dining hall was long, it was longer, more so for Becky as she was anxious as much as she was excited. 





The royal dining hall was absolutely huge and an awe to behold. The room was painted yellow and gold, beautiful chandeliers hung from the intricately carved ceiling; on the walls were huge paintings. And the long teak table was covered with a pristine white cloth. But Becky scarcely noticed any of these. For her eyes were fixated on the far end of the long dining table. There, Princess Sarocha sat, with all the grace of royalty, poking her food with her chopsticks, right behind her stood a male chef, stiff in stance and unmoving. 





Becky could feel happiness fill up her entire system. It almost took all of her being to stop herself from running up to her childhood companion.





The princess raised her hand and gave a dismissive gesture. Only then did the chef look as though some colours had returned to his face. He hurriedly bowed, stepped back and stood several feet away.





Meanwhile, the four maid recruits had to stand and wait until the princess was done with her food which didn't take very long as the princess pulled a linen napkin and patted her lips. The chef wasted no time and rushed to pull the chair out for the princess to get up. She seemed not to have much appetite. 





The princess slowly strode to where the new maids were standing. It'd be an understatement to say that the princess looked drop-dead gorgeous in her plain, perfectly tailored silk dress, with her long, dark tresses swaying as she walked. It was as if God had been in a very good mood when He crafted the princess, endowing her abundantly in all the right places of her physical features. Her face was that of a Goddess, devoid of any perceptible flaws. And her eyes, those eyes were the most hauntingly beautiful set of eyes Becky had ever looked into. Those same eyes were now set on Becky as she walked closer. A searching look on her face. 


She stopped, her face showing a little shock which was suddenly masked by a calmer-looking facade. Her eyes lingered a little longer on Becky's crestfallen face before the princess broke eye contact with her.  "Please show them around." The princess said, turning and leaving the hall.













End of Chapter 1. 


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FreenBeck always. We just couldn't get enough of them. They share a wonderful bond. It isn't to say they are in a relationship. They don't need to be. We just love whatever they have with each other. Let's support our girls.


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