Etched Destiny

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In the land of Leaous, Prince Baekhyun lived with his mother, father, and older brother. They seemed like a normal royal family, all except for Baekhyun who suffered from Anthropophoba. Not being able to communicate with people well, his family saw him unfit as royalty and did what they thought would benefit the family. They were sending Baekhyun away to the land of Haepil to live on his own, away from all people. 

During his journey it does not take long before he ends up traveling with Chanyeol, a wizard. However, the reason behind traveling together is not as normal as one may think. Each of them have a silver ring stuck on one of their fingers that will not disappear until Baekhyun makes it to his new home.

Of course a journey is never safe, and unexpected occurrences happen that cause setbacks. During their travels, they meet a small fox, whom they take on as a pet, and brightens their travels with her antics. The only question at the end is...why did the rings not disappear? 


The adventure begins 04/16/2023

I am so excited to finally be posting this story here! This is the first ever story I created for NaNoWriMo back in 2017! It was a challange for me to create a new world and write something that, for a change, did not contain a mountain of . If you have read any of my other know what I mean *nervously laughs* I hope that you will enjoy this fic as you read it! It really was so much fun to create and now going back and editing the chapters written almost six years ago, it is like going on the adventure all over again!

As usual, once I start to post I will try to keep a regular update schedule of posting every other Sunday. This way I have time to thuroughly edit the chapters and try to catch all the mistakes. If I have to change a posting date, I will always inform you ^^

Excited and nervous all at the same time to post this ^^'' we go! Let the adventure begin!


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Beau1996 1419 streak #1
Chapter 21: Soo's secret is out and potential to get rid of the barrier - go Jali!!
Beau1996 1419 streak #2
Chapter 20: Nice chapter - revealing little bits of back story to deepen understanding of characters and Park moving forward to reunite and rescue Baek - good update 💫
Beau1996 1419 streak #3
Chapter 19: Good chapter - learning about Kyungsoo, the barrier, Jali - I can't wait for Chanbaek reunion!!
Beau1996 1419 streak #4
Chapter 18: The "death"plot was fun to read - and Chan has made a connection to Baek again!
Beau1996 1419 streak #5
Chapter 17: Enjoy your time away - rest and recharge!!
Beau1996 1419 streak #6
Chapter 16: Learning some wizard skills - I wonder if Sunny will confess??
Beau1996 1419 streak #7
Chapter 15: Ok - is the storm some kind of "help"??
Beau1996 1419 streak #8
Chapter 14: So some missing pieces filled in but so many more questions??
Beau1996 1419 streak #9
Chapter 13: Silver wolf - could it be Chan's avatar??