Alongside Yu

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Winter isang engineering student na basher ng mga cliche and romantic things meets karina; the most romantic-anything lover. Paano kaya ang takbo ng college journey ni winter? Mababaliw ba siya sa kan'yang course or kay miss matangakd-na-maputi-na-mahaba-ang-buhok.

"You are the reason of my being" 

"I have missed you" narinig ko 'yun mula sakaniya bago niya ako niyakap nang mahigpit. 


"I'm sorry, I'll be better" 

"You caused me pain. Again." I said as tears kept falling from my eyes. 


Will their differences be the reason of their attraction to one another.

As they say "opposites attract". 





This is my first ever story so I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Medyo slow updates because of college or i don't know, depends siguro!

Parang slice-of-life type of story. Not angst, promise! Fluff lang 'to smile-smile lang tayo rito.

EngineeringxMedTech student story, but sorry in advance kasi i don't really know anything medical related pero I'll ask my friends who are MedTech students para mas feel na feel ang story. And yes, engineering student po ako kaya feel ko ako ang embodiedment ni win-character here.


This is purely fictional, gawa-gawa ko lang 'to.


-silver :)

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