Nights at The Eternity


To be perfectly, transparently, and unmistakably honest, Byul never saw herself working in the hospitality industry. So how she ended up exactly there was still a mystery to her to this day.

|| or, a brand new MMM vampire AU that is TOTALLY UNRELATED to All Seoul's Street.


No, this is NOT related to All Seoul's Street. Yes everyone is a vampire EXCEPT for Byul, and YES everyone knows Byul and Yong have crushes on each other even though they don't know themselves. There's a betting pool going on. Wheein is in prime position to win.

Also if you're wondering why the other RBW kids still call Byul "unnie" or "noona" despite being centuries older than her, THAT'S ALL JUST PART OF THEIR CHARADE TO KEEP HER IN THE DARK YA'LLS.

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