Selfishness Isn't As Ambiguous *TAS Drabble Sequel*

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Now that Kim Minseok is a demon with phenomenal powers he doesn't yet know how to use, who knows what he'll encounter! 

The training will be brutal on his human mindset in more ways than one, but with his less-cantankerous demon cat guard Chen with him, maybe eternity as a demon won't be so bad.


Drabble sequel to The Ambiguity Of Selfishness




This isn't planned to be written as seriously as TAS but something more fun and whacky OR a deeper dive into the characters and their emotions! SO it will help if you had read the main events first xD

Chapter names indicate the relative time that that chapter took place and groups together any plot-related chapter arcs!


Any warnings will be marked at the top, but this will likely include: blood, violence, incitements of death and killing, strong language, possible , and tooth-rotting fluff.



Hello peops!
After building the world of The Ambiguity Of Selfishness, I had sooooo many more ideas now that Minseok is a (reaaaally powerful) demon, and thus this sequel drabble! 
It'll be whatever I happen to think of and write, and whenever I feel like it's good enough to post because this is a place to put all of TAS' after-chapters basically.
Plagarism is not a form of enjoying or getting something out of my story. Do not plagarize or reproduce elsewhere without my explicit permission. I currently do not accept translations.
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Laugh, Cry, Laugh, my peops.
January 14, 2023
Disclaimer: The names, events, and places in this story are used fictiously or made up by me. I do use several religious references that may allude to but not accurately represent the object/subject and its real life use, meaning, or context. I like to think that humans got more than a few things different while recording or interpreting these ideas of the supernatural, biblical, and religious. And, of course, I'd like to think that the world around us holds creatures invisible to our notice with their own ty society to deal with. If, however, this bothers you, then you are free to not read this or to put it away for later. Whatever helps your mental first <3
Also no, I don't actually believe that any of the people's images I've used here are accurate representations of the person in real life.
Note: So the main character works at an "alternative waste solutions" place. Most of the descriptions and layouts and functions are taken from my visits to a recycling plant, a wetland project (filters water naturally), and a plant that composts human poop. Add a really big helping of imagination and creativity, aight. So the mechanical and technical stuff might not be 100% accurate.
Same with the relationship counseling LOL

Questions I'll Prempt (QIP)

Q: How many chapters will this be? / how long will it run?

A: Until I stop having ideas for TAS' storyworld xD


Q: What's the update schedule like?

A: Irregular, but I will release a whole arc at once if there is one


Q: Can I request a scene?

A: Sure! But no please! I have to be in a specific mood to attempt that



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