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Orntara Poolsak, a 26-year-old Thai actress, called one of her best friends.

__ Freen baby, I've got a belated Christmas gift for you and your girlfriend.

__ Nam...What the hell! Will you ever stop?__ The 24-year-old star of the first Thai GL series laughed.

__ Maybe the day you confess. Anyway...Since you and Becky have been working like horses and barely have time to relax, I got you 2 VIP tickets for the Mamamoo concert.

__ Oh my God! Seriously? Didn't' get sold out in minutes?__ Sarocha Chankimha, whose nickname was Freen, asked with surprise.

Giggling, the older one replied:

__ Gap is the moment. I just had to tell some sponsor that Freenbecky would love watching Mamamoo live and they got me the tickets + a free pass with access backstage.

__ Now I am feeling bad. You went through all this trouble and you are not gonna have fun?

__ I'm always having fun. Except for the BP concert, the two of you haven't done anything but work. I know this is the moment to surf the fame and make money, but you and Becky got sick several times last year.

__ Awn! You are talking like a mom, Nam. You know I love you, right?

__ Yeah Yeah. Not as much as you love Rebecca Patricia Armstrong. But yeah, I know.__ Nam teased again.

__ Anywaaaay...I don't know if Becky will be free on the date of the concert.

__ Yes, she will. Already checked. But I didn't mention the concert. So you may surprise her.

__ Nam...You are so sneaky! Yet, so adorable...__ Freen softened her voice.

__ I know, right? Just drop by my place tomorrow evening to get the tickets. See you. Night night.__ The older actress ended the call.

Smiling cutely, the handsome pretty red-haired girl sent her best friend a message.

"Are you busy right now?"

Freen waited for 15 minutes before posting on Twitter:

"Nevermind. I don't want an answer anymore."

The 20-year-old cute actress and singer saw the tweet and immediately checked her messages.

The girl knew that her co-star and favorite person was sulking, which was always cute.

"Sorry, babe. I was doing a live on tik tok.".__ She wrote and was ignored by the older one.

Becky shook her head while giggling and called the charming one.

__ P Fee...Becky didn't ignore you. I was really talking to our fans.__ The pretty girl said as soon as the other one picked up the phone.

__ Okay...__ Freen sighed.

__ I miss you. Do you miss me too?

__ Hm.

__ Do You?__ Becky used her babies tone.

__ Yeah, I miss you.

Grinning, the British-Thai actress murmured:

__ I complain that I am tired. But when we don't have a schedule, I feel so lonely...Just because I don't have you.

__ Awn! Cute kitty. Wanna go out with me in 2 days?

__ Do you even need to ask? Of course!

__ So wear comfortable shoes and nothing too revealing. Remember how we couldn't pass unnoticed during the Black Pink concert?

__ So are we going to another concert?

__ Surprise.

__ P Fee....__ Becky whined adorably.

__ Okay...Yes, it's a concert. But I'm not saying anything else.

__ x __

Moonbyul discreetly caressed Solar's arm to have her attention and Mamamoo's leader immediately leaned closer.

They had finished the concert, quickly showered, and were receiving some VIP guests backstage.

The handsome one whispered in her best friend's ear:

__ Look who is over there!

The older one glanced in the opposite direction and smiled.

__ Oh! How lucky can you be? Your obsession is here too.

__ Don't pretend you didn't become addicted too, Yong. I witnessed what Monsam did to you.__ Moonbyul smirked.

__ You are certainly worse. And it was all your fault. You didn't stop until you persuaded me to watch the series.__ Solar lifted her eyebrow.

__ Did I force you to eat me out like a starving lion?

__ Shut up, little ! You know very well what you did to provoke me.__ Solar stared at the taller one with lust.

__ Girls, please join the maknaes. Several Thai celebrities are waiting to greet you.__ The manager unintentionally interrupted their talk.

A bit embarrassed, the duo walked to the left and stood in Mamamoo's classic position.

Hwasa had a migraine and was trying her best to be sweet and nice to the people who were approaching them.

Wheein was worried about her best friend. So she asked their manager to avoid bringing unexpected guests. After all, they already had a high number of VIPs to greet.

When the stars of Gap the series finally had their moment with Mamamoo, both girls got extremely surprised because Moonbyul smiled charismatically and declared:

__ Wow! Freen and Becky. I'm a huge fan.

__ What? Do you know us?__ Freen didn't even realize that she spoke Korean.

__ How can anyone not know you? You girls are everywhere. The series is amazing. I even turned Solar SSi into a fan too.

__ It's true. This one is so addicted that she persuades everyone around her to watch.__ The older one laughed.

__ It's an honor. We love K-pop. And Mamamoo is certainly on our Spotify.__ Becky grinned adorably.

__ Wheein-ah, these are Becky Armstrong and Freen Sarocha. Remember I played some of their songs and covers the other day?__ The songwriter asked.

The cute girl with the deepest dimple nodded affirmatively while slightly bowing:

__ Yes, Beautiful voices! Nice to meet you. Thank you for coming to our concert.

__ Oh God! Now I'm shy. The four of you sing SING. I can't believe you listened to me singing. I'm just ok.__ Freen covered her face.

__ What? I loved both of your voices. I keep listening to one of the Gap ost ballads on repeat.__ Wheein affirmed.

__ Whisper, isn't it? Wheein listened to it so many times that I had to add it to my playlist.__ Hwasa commented.

Becky rubbed Freen's back to calm her down while saying:

__ This is kinda surreal. Last year We had Make me happy on repeat too. And we also heard the solos of the four of you. Never imagined we would meet you.

__ We feel the same. Wheein and Hyejin haven't had the time to watch Gap yet. But they will. Byul-YI won't stop until they do it.__ Solar spoke playfully.

__ Of course we will. I've been curious for a while. Please, exchange numbers with our unnies and we'll contact you soon. Hyejin is not feeling well. So I'll take care of her. I hope you don't get offended.__ Wheein murmured near the duo.

__ No, not at all. Please don't mind us.__. Freen bowed.

__ Thank you for understanding, girls. But let's take our group picture first.__ Hwasa invited.

The Thai actresses stood in the middle of Mamamoo and Moonbyul handed her personal phone to the manager.

Once the maknaes said goodbye, the rapper said:

__ Listen, I could never imagine that you 2 would come to the show. And I have a few things I wanna tell you. Would you go out for a meal with Solar and I?

A bit surprised, Freen exchanged a look with Becky and they read each other's minds.

The red-haired one slowly nodded in agreement after smiling a bit timidly.


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Chapter 1: Omgg moonsun and freenBecky in a fic 😍
Chapter 1: i love this idea so much! two of my favorites combined together :')
Chapter 1: autor nim danos más historia FreenBecky
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