Dreams & Goals

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Bona has a successful life and career in Seoul, but abandons it all and moves to Philippines, when she met her life changer.


And for some reason she joins the fencing team, which is way out of her league.


This is story is a pure fanfic, so any names, incidents, places or events are purely coincidence (dahil ito ay eme lang) and if by any chance there are parts of the story that has similiraties, feeling niyo lang iyon. Because this story was written by my head and heart (iyak) 


I know I should have posted this a long time ago, but things happens (as if I have a choice, iyak sa gedli) and one of that is my draft being deleted (iyak malala), so here I am, reposting the story with the same plot and ending that I have in my (deleted) drafts and mind (kala nito kung sinong nag-update nang napakarami para magsabi ng repost -_-)


And lastly if there are any grammatical errors and wrong spellings and wrong choice of words/verbs (or anything that has space and mass) pasensyahan niyo na dahil tao lang din naman po ako at nagkakamali (at slightly obobs).



SO! I hope you'll be enjoying my first ever story ujungs and non-ujung readers ^_^. Have fun :-D

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What happened with chap 1?

Are you gonna put it back, it was a nice read btw 🙂👍