The world as I see it


Have you ever lived your life as if you were chained down by something? Feeling as if every bit of time you have is borrowed and that you have no other choice but to keep on living every moment quickly. That it only takes one moment for everything to change.


Everything was okay at first but then, something happened: That something will never be forgotten, it was the day when I lost everything I have. Our world has long been in complete harmony with magic, even though we have had technological advances, magic is still widely used and is often combined together with tech. I was born with nothing more than a special pair of eyes, one that can see things no one else can, however no one knew what it was.



This is a work of fiction, any characters, events or any other that may have any resemblance towards real stuff are purely coincidental.

P.S My writing style is subjected to change as chapters go by and this is my first time writing this so bear with me.

Copyright©2022 All rights reserved.
Written by: WiltedLeaf

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