Book 1_ C1


Book 1
       Chapter 1 

Author: I am Author C I have many callnames like Rhyyc, Riana, harley, Yannie, Yayan, Csae like all of it but it not IMPORTANT! I just like to tell that I will have more motivation to continue this story because I really wish some of your read this. And the first paradise I wrote is I delete it on my wattpad because it was a TRASH so now I want to tell I AM GETTING SERIOUSLY WITH THIS STORYBOARD. I know some writers can feel what I felt when you haved so many in your brains and want to storylines but YOUR HANDS FREAKING SLOWING DOWN AND MY BRAIN IS NOT FUNCTIONING so I need MOTIVATION FOR ALL OF THIS. 
I will continue this story u know -Thank u Author Rhyyc 

Just saying that what I say of places or realms or names were just fictions.

At the place in FELIPE QUARTZIN SCHOOL Highschool to college 

‘OW !….*looks to the one she encountered with* oh sorry, It just—i am literal sorry’ She said and the man said ‘Its fine, the class is about to start soon. You should go now’ He said to her.
Both of them rushed to there own classrooms and expectedly they were seconds late. *What a boomer*…Emmanuel goes too his seat next to Alastair and he felt exhausted after waking to his dorm. And Emman whisper to Alastair and said ‘ You..Why didn’t you wake me up?’ Then he added ‘Were. Freaking. Roommtes but you never bothered to wake me up’ He said to him and looks at his professor who is teaching them about the business. Alastair ignored it for a moment because he ws listening to his professor didn’t even bother at all.
When there class finished they headed to the canteen.

He and Emmanuel as sitting at the bench and eating there bread with coke zero. Then Alastair spoke ‘I did wake up idiot, You just didn’t hear because you were in the deep sleep and I never forgive how the hell you punched my face when I am trying to wake up’  he said and drink his coke zero and Emmanuel said ‘Bro u know that you should slap me or give me a bucket of ice to wake up.’ He chuckled and Alastair chuckled too.  Then they had a conversation, that Emman bumped into someone who is a girl but it didn’t give a too much meaning, but then he saw the girl walking backwards and talking too her friend. 
Then Alastair said ‘ Em is that ?…Eris…Who she’s with?’ Alastair said and Emmanuel said ‘Maybe she was her friends and Al do you see the girl who has a red silk hair?’ He said to him and Alastair nodded and Emmanuel said ‘She was the one I bumped with this morning’ He said and Alaister look when he said and Emmanuel saw the grin in his face immediately looks up and not stare to the girl. Alastair smirk and said ‘Ooooh bro, What were you looking at? Huh’ He teases him, Emmanuel hates to admit but he is looking at the girl who has red silk hair. 

            After some minutes— They saw Eris in the boys BATHROOM

Emmanuel eyes was wide and he shouted ‘WHAT THE FREAKING HELL YOU WERE HERE ERIS!” He said and saw Eris crying and Alastair immedietly closed the door because if someone might breaak in, Emmanuel looks angry but he didn’t show it to Eris because she was crying but then Alastair said in brotherly voice tone ‘ Eris your brotherhood asked you what are you doing here in mens bathroom.?’ He said and Eris said ‘ I am sorry brother it just that I didn’t know that this was a boys bathroom not until I saw mans shoes and voices I didn’t have nerve to come out, And I haved period.’ Eris said and the boys were quickly alarmed they don’t know what to do but they now what is Eris said {Period means menstraul girls puberty} And Emmanuel said ‘Where were your bestfriends? Eris’ He said and added ‘Did they abandoned you?’ He said that and the Eris and Alastair looks at him and Eris said ‘NO, They didn’t…I don’t have a phone so thats why I can’t call them’ She said and Alastair looks at Emmanuel wrong terms of words that he used.

And when Emmanuel gave his phone to Eris she called Aesira then the phone answered ‘Who is this?’ She said and Eris said ‘Esi this is me, Eris its just ahmmm’ She said and Aesira said ‘Eris! What happend!? Where are you? Did something happend?’ She said and Eris calmed her down because she can feel that Esi was rumbling ‘ I am in the mens bathroom in Building A floor 2 in left..I did have period, A—and my brothers were too just the three of us.’ She said and Aesira knew and buy her napkins and tampon with her friend Rieka was also with her. Then she heard someone man said ‘Hey your Aesira and Rieka?Right?’ He said and the two of them nodded. Alastair shows them the bathroom and they saw each other again but Aesira was fixed on Eris who’s been her pants were been stain and said ‘Would boys get outside please. Thank u’She then said and the boys immedietly go outside and wait for the girls 

After some minutes..The girls go outside and Eris thanks them for saving her life.
Aesira said ‘Oh your the man who I was bumped into, I am really sorry for this morning’ she said and Emmanuel said ‘No problem its ok…We just run because we needed to get to class’ He said and Rieka said ‘Oh he is the one your talking about Esi he is the one who i han—‘ Before Rieka finished her akward words Eris flip her hands to Rieka side of her body and she shut and said ‘I am Rieka Wilight and this is Aesira Vismoff we are Eris bestfriend’ She said Rieka is to much is going she hates akwardness . 
The boys were seems ok but Eris felt Aesira uncomfortable and Alastair and she said ‘You know brothers we girls have a homework and to do’s so we catch up….*Grabs Rieka and Aesira arms* We should meet again with Vibin friends to brother!.’ She said.

THATS THE end of the day but more chapters to come! I am a little bit sleepy so I should upload this.
Written- Oct 1,2022
Author:Rhy_yc (You guys can call me that)

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