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,,He's here." Baekhyun raised his eyes from his laptop seeing the departament boss getting off the elevator, holding a cup of coffee. His walk is always confident, always greeding them all. 

Kim Jongin, is a nice boss. Taking them out for lunch every Friday. But Jongin can be harsh when he's not happy with their work.

,,Do you think he will even notice me?" Baekhyun laugh looking at Kyungsoo that was pouting.

,,I thought you are into Xiumin." 

,,But I won't mind some time with Kim, he's delicious." Baekhyun could only laugh. 


,,Too bad you're married with Mr.Perfect." Baekhyun's smile dropped.


He keps his marriage privat. He loves Kris, he's everything to him, but their marriage is not that great since he lost their first baby, 3 years ago. He still remembers how happy Kris was when he told him about the baby. And then at 12 weeks he lost the baby. Six months later he got pregnant again, but lost the baby again. It happened four times and he lost hope. 

The lost babies hit their marriage a little. Kris was a little distant until three months ago when he found out he's pregnant again. So far everything is going good but he didn't tell anyone. Why tell and make plans and lose the baby again. 

He really wants a baby, he was sure that it will bring Kris closer again. They try really hard to make things work, he can see how careful Kris is around him, how he always looks after his health. Maybe Kris was sick to hear him cry every night.

He's tired of crying as well.

His hand dropped on his baby bump thinking about the small baby that was growing inside him.

,,Please baby, grow up healthy." 


,,Baekhyun." The shorter jumped when he heard Jongin's voice calling him.


,,Please, come in my office." Baekhyun looked at Kyungsoo that was confused as well. 

Baekhyun walked to Jongin's office falling in love with Jongin's perfume. He never noticed his scent until now.

,,Close the door please." Baekhyun nodded sitting awkward looking around Jongin's office.

,,Come, sit down." 

,,I did something wrong?" Baekhyun asked looking scared. Jongin is a good boos but scary as well.

,,No, I need to put together a team for the next project and you are my first pick." 

,,Me?!" Baekhyun was surprised to hear that.

,,Yes, you Baekhyun. You have some good ideas and I would like to work closer. With Mr.Do and Mr.Lee. Will you like that?" 

,,Of course." Baekhyun was happy that Jongin things he's a serious person. 

,,Good, tomorrow I will hold a small meeting and I will tell you about the new project." 

,,Sure, thank you sir."  Baekhyun made a bow feeling really happy. Maybe things are finally getting into place for him.

,,Oh God, just call me Kai, if I'm right you are older than me by a year." 

,,Oh, yes. But you're my superior and I should call you sir." 

,,You're funny." Baekhyun likes Jongin's laugh and his amused face.



Baekhyun was excited to tell Kris. He was sure that his husband will be happy for him.

But his happiness dropped when he didn't find Kris home that night. He went to take a shower and cook dinner for them. Baekhyun called Kris but it went straight to his voice mail.

,,I'm cooking dinner now, I hope you will be here to eat together. I miss you." Baekhyun looked at the photo from his phone smiling. 

It was a photo from their wedding. He remembers how happy they were that day. What changed?


Baekhyun's heart jumped when Kris finally came home. 

,,Welcome back." Baekhyun small smiled.

,,Hey, sorry Baek, work." Kris came to Baekhyun placing a kiss over his forehead.

,,How are you feeling? How is the baby?" 

,,We are both good, did you eat?" 

,,I did, I'm sorry, but I will stay with you so you can eat, you need to eat. You look so skinny Baek." 

,,I do?" Baekhyun didn't notice. Did he lost weight? 

,,You did, I will take a shower, let's watch a movie or something." 

,,I would like that." Baekhyun hugged Kris having the feeling that he's smelling another scent on his shirt. He's just imagining things, no?

,,Go take a shower." Baekhyun watched Kris walk away. Something broke between them but he still loves his husband. He wants his husband to be happy again, to be them again. The two people that fall madly in love with each other years ago.

Kris stood next to him on the couch as both watched a movie but he felt distant. Baekhyun forgot to tell him about the new promotion falling asleep half into the movie.



Baekhyun woke up alone the next day, he is used with that. Kris always leaves before him.

,,Good morning little bub, let's get ready for our day." Baekhyun gently caressed his small baby bump.

Baekhyun took a fast shower before leaving. He stop drinking coffee since he found out he's pregnant again. He should eat but he's not hungry. Maybe he will buy something on the way to work.


,,You look tired." 

,,Good morning to you too Soo." Baekhyun sat down opening his laptop.

,,Are you and Kris okay?" 

,,We are, why?" Baekhyun tried to ignore Kyungsoo and his questions. 

,,You look off that is all." Baekhyun was wondering if he should tell Kyungsoo about all the babies he lost.

He feels like a failure. Why can't he hold a baby? It makes him feel weak and powerless. Why him?

,,Mr.Baekhyun." Baekhyun's head snapped up seeing Jongin standing before his small desk.

,,Meet me in the meeting room, please. Mr.Do and Mr.Lee as well." 

,,S-sure." Jongin left with a smile. 

,,He's fine." Baekhyun laugh hearing Kyungsoo.

,,Pabo, try not to drool over him in the meeting room."

,,I will try." Baekhyun laugh following Kyungsoo in the meeting room where Jongin was waiting.

Baekhyun was very serious when it comes to his work, he likes his job.

But that day it was hard to pay attention, he was sitting close to Jongin. His scent was driving him crazy. His eyes were running over his perfect face. Was Jongin always so beautiful? His dark skin is really y and different, he likes that. 

,,What do you say Mr.Baekhyun?" Baekhyun snapped from his daydream looking confused.

,,Huh?" Jongin chuckled telling Baekhyun again about their plan.

,,I think it's a good idea, we should try it." 

,,Great, we will start tomorrow. Thank you everyone." 


,,Are you okay?" 

,,Of course Soo, just tired that is all." 

,,Let's eat something, I'm starving." Baekhyun nodded following Kyungsoo to the small kitchen. 

Kyungsoo looked confused when he saw that Baekhyun took only an apple to eat.

,,That is all?"

,,I'm not that hungry." That was true, since he's pregnant he lost his appetite. Maybe because he's stressed that he will wake up in the morning and the baby he wants so badly will be gone.

,,Are you sure you are okay, Baek?" 

,,Yes, please don't worry about me Soo." 

,,Okay." But Kyungsoo was worried, Baekhyun is hiding something, but what?



Kris was still the same, there next to him but distant. Baekhyun noticed that his mind was somewhere else.

He's trying too much to act normal, and Baekhyun was scared to ask him. He played along.

He got busy anyway, the new project was keeping him busy. It was good to be busy or he will go crazy for sure.

,,Would you mind staying over the program tonight?" 


,,Thank you Baekhyun, we really need to finish this." Baekhyun smiled. He was sure that Kris won't mind.



,,Have fun." Kyungsoo wispered before leaving.

,,Stop!" Baekhyun madly blushed. Kyungsoo told him some days ago that Jongin may have a thing for him.

How can that be true? Jongin is his boss, he's the big Boss son. Why would someone like Jongin look at him? And he's married with a baby on the way.

,,Come to my office." Baekhyun nodded taking his laptop.

,,Let's look over the project one last time." Baekhyun sat next to Jongin feeling his addicting scent again. He needs to admit that Jongin smells amazing.

He admires Jongin, at 27 years old, he's a brilliant architect. He is in love with his work. It's a pleasure to work for Jongin.

,,We should do this here." Baekhyun traced new lines surprising Jongin.

,,That looks pretty good Baekhyun, let's do it like that." Baekhyun was dancing on the inside. 

,,Look how late it is, I should order us some Pizza, I should at last buy you dinner." 

,,I should leave, my husband will get worried." He lied, he's sure that Kris won't even bother calling him.

,,You're married?" Jongin asked surprised.

,,Yes." Baekhyun shyly showed his gold ring.

,,I'm sorry for keeping you so late, you should leave then. I don't want to be a reason to fight." Baekhyun chuckled, why is Jongin so adorable?

,,I would like some Pizza now that you said that." Jongin's face lith up hearing that.

,,Can I ask for how long you are married?" 

,,Five years." 

,,That's a long time, I would like that, to have my own family." 

,,No girlfriend?" 

,,Nope, I don't have the time to date someone serious and I kinda like someone now. But I don't know what to do." 

,,Ask her out? We all should love and be loved or we will feel lonely." Jongin noticed the way Baekhyun said that. Wasn't his marriage a good one?

,,I will make courage and maybe I will ask her on a date one day." Baekhyun smiled thanking Jongin for the Pizza.

,,I should leave now." 

,,Drive safely hyung." Baekhyun was surprised, his boss just called him hyung? 


The way Jongin acted around him made him feel strange inside. He wasn't bothered that Kris came home smelling like that perfume again.

He went to sleep wanting to go back to work the next day and see Jongin. 

But the next day wasn't the perfect day for him. He woke up throwing up. It must be the Pizza he eat last night. After a shower he was feeling better enough to get ready for work.



,,Now I am worried." Kyungsoo, looked worried.

,,Don't be." 

,,You look horrible, do you sleep enough?" 

,,I didn't, but I promise, I'm okay." Kyungsoo just nodded still looking worried. Baekhyun's face was white as milk.

Jongin noticed as well, when he got off the elevator he came face to face with Baekhyun that was looking like a ghost.

,,Come with me." Jongin pulled Baekhyun inside the elevator going to a different level. 

,,S-sir." Baekhyun blushed because Jongin was still holding his wrist.

,,I hate you for calling me like that, it's Kai for you." 

,,Kai." Jongin gazed at Baekhyun making the shorter to blush, why was he looking at him like that?


,,Can I have my hand back?" Jongin looked down at their hands releasing Baekhyun's hand.

,,I'm sorry." 

Baekhyun was surprised to see the large relaxing room. He had no idea the Company has a relaxing room.

,,Rest a little, you look like you will faint soon. I will bring you some water." Baekhyun stepped outside on the terrace enjoying the nice weather.

,,Here." Jongin sat next to him giving him a bottle of cold water.

,,Thank you." They sat in perfect silence for ten minutes. Jongin could take small glanses at Baekhyun, the wind was playing with his black hair. He was beautiful.

,,Are you feeling better?" 

,,Yes, thank you again. We should go back." 

,,Are you sure you are okay?" Baekhyun's face was still white and that worried Jongin.

,,I am." Baekhyun sat up first feeling a sharp pain.

He tried to ignore the pain but he knows what will happen next. It's always starts the same.

Tears filled his eyes as the pain got sharper. 

,,Hyung." Jongin grabbed Baekhyun by his middle putting him back down on the chair.

,,You don't look okay at all." Baekhyun bursted into tears hugging Jongin tight. 

He was angry on his own body, he was upset and disappointed because yet again, he lost a baby.

Jongin was confused, what it's wrong? Baekhyun was okay yesterday.

,,Did he hurt you?" 

,,N-no." Baekhyun pulled back looking between his legs seeing the blood, then Jongin noticed as well.

,,Oh my God, what happened?!" The next thing Baekhyun knows he's on the way to the Hospital with Jongin holding his hand.

Why was Jongin still there?



Baekhyun doesn't need to hear it to know, he lost the baby. His hand was slowly rubbing his flat stomach. He's missing that small baby that he didn't have the chance to meet.

He wants to die, he lost another part of himself, again.

He just wants to cry.

,,Baekhyun." Is that Jongin's voice? He thought that his boss left. 

Baekhyun opened his eyes seeing a worried Jongin before him.

,,Mr.Kim." Baekhyun knows that he looks like .

,,The doctor told me that you...." Jongin coudn't find his words. The right words.

,,That I lost a baby." Jongin opened his mouth the same time the door opened and Kris walked in.

,,Baekhyun!" The taller hurried to his husband.

,,I'm sorry, Kris." That is all that he could say not being able to look him in the eyes, he just noticed the way Jongin looked at him. With jealousy.

Jongin left the two alone, it's not his business to be there.

He texted Baekhyun later that day telling him to take two weeks off to get better.



Baekhyun was glad to have some free days, to get better because he was getting depressed. He was getting tired.

,,You need a shower Baekhyun, you can't stay in bed all day." Kris saw this Baekhyun wasy too many times and he hates it.

,,Not now, just let me sleep a little more." Baekhyun's voice was hollow. He really belived that he can hold the baby, that he will make Kris an appa. That they will be happy again.

He was wrong, why does he even hope? 

,,You can't do this again Baekhyun, you lost it, like the last babies, we will try again."

,,Why? I will lose it again and again and again." His voice was calm and that worried Kris, he never seen his petite husband so distant before. 

,,Then we will stop. I think we should get over the fact that you won't be able to give me a baby." Kris words hurt, it hurt deeply.

Baekhyun pulled the blanket over his head trying to hide his tears. 

He heard Kris leave and that broke him even more. Kris should be there next to him when he really needed help.



Three days later Baekhyun finally decided to take a shower, he was feeling disgusted with himself. Kris must think the same because his husband was sleeping in the livingroom since he came home.

The warm water made him feel a little better until his hands reached his stomach. Loud sobs filled the bathroom. Nobody knows how it feels, how lonely he fells inside. 


Baekhyun wiped his tears deciding to cook dinner. He was hungry and Kris was going to come home from work. He should act like an husband. 

,,You left the bed." Baekhyun faked a small smile when he saw Kris walk in the house.

,,Let's eat, I waited for you." 

,,I think we should talk Baekhyun." That doesn't sound right. Kris was cold around him, ignoring him, he was like that for some months now.

,,S-sure, about what?" Baekhyun tried to hold it together.

,,I'm sorry Baekhyun, but I don't think I can do it anymore." Baekhyun knew it deep down. Kris wasn't the same person he married. His husband changed and that makes him feel more horrible. Kris changed because of him.


,,Because I can't stand seeing you like this anymore."

,,I should be happy for losing another baby? Act like nothing happened?!" Baekhyun sobbed dropping down on his knees holding Kris's pants. He still loves his husband. Why is Kris so cruel with him? 

,,I'm tired Baekhyun and we both need a break." Baekhyun felt hurt, he was sure that Kris was doing this because he was seeing someone else behind his back.

,,Give us another chance." Baekhyun looked at Kris with his bloody red eyes hoping that his husband will change his mind.

,,I'm sorry, I did try Baek. I wanted this marriage to work but things changed and I don't want to pretend anymore."  Kris pulled away looking with pity at him. 

,,Stop, don't leave me." But it was too late, Kris left. 

Baekhyun curled into a ball on the cold floor loudly crying.

His husband that promise him to love him for good and bad, left him. Baekhyun knows that Kris won't come back to him.

Five days later he got an envelope that broke him even more. 

Kris sent him the divorce papers.

What should he do now? How can he live like this? Why should he live?

He can't even hold a husband next to him, let alone a baby. He's a failure. Baekhyun hates himself for how weak he is.

He should die! Nobody cares what will happen wuth him anyway.







,,Baekhyun!" Kyungsoo rushed to his best friend when he saw Baekhyun walk in the office, one week later. Jongin allowed him two weeks off but he took one month. 

He needed time to get better. 

,,Mr.Do.....Baekhyun.." Jongin was surprised to find Baekhyun there as well when he left his office looking for Kyungsoo.

,,Mr.Baekhyun." The shorter did a bow fast.

,,In my office." Baekhyun followed Jongin into his office closing the door after him.

,,How are you feeling?" 

,,I had better days but I don't want to talk about it, I just hope I still have a job." Baekhyun couldn't face Jongin, he was too ashamed. 

,,Of course, you came just in time. I don't know if you read the Email but our project was perfect. So we have a new one if you're up to it. You can still take some free days to rest." 

,,No, I need the work to forget." He said that part to himself but Jongin heard him.

,,Okay." The atmosphere around them got a little awkward until Jongin's phone broke the silence between them.

Baekhyun made a bow leaving fast when Jongin was on his phone.

,,Hey." Kyungsoo looked with so much worried at him and he hates it. He decided to never worry anyone else ever again. 

,,I'm good Soo and please, let's not talk about it. I'm not ready." 

,,Sure, but, you need to promise me that you will come over this weekend. I'm cooking something delicious and it would be nice to have company." 

,,I will think about it Soo, you know I love your food." 

,,My food can heal anything." Baekhyun showed his friend a fake smile that Kyungsoo belived. He's proud of him, he can smile and it would look genuine even if he's dead on the inside.


Baekhyun made sure to busy his day, he did his work, trying to stay away from Jongin. His boss did way too much for him.

Maybe he should buy Jongin a gift, as a thank you. Baekhyun smiled at that idea.

He felt work that day with that idea in mind, to buy a gift. But what?

What does Jongin like? 

It was calming to walk around the Mall, he would get sad seeing a mommy with her baby, he wanted so much to know that feeling. He was sure that he will be a good appa, he loves children, he has so much to give. But to who? Even his husband that promise that will love him forever, left. 

He wanted to end it all but he decided to give life a second chance. He wanted Kris to come back but deep down he knew, he knew that Kris fell out of love years ago. Maybe that's why he wanted a baby, to tie Kris next to him, he really thought that having a baby will make them more happy. Now he knows that he was wrong.

He probably did something wrong to push Kris away but he wants to give life another chance. He moved to a new apartament and started going to the gym.

He's tired of crying and feeling pity for himself. He wants to work because work makes him happy and he still has Kyungsoo. The only person that was always next to him.

He feels horrible for that. He should buy Kyungsoo something as well to apologize.

Baekhyun smiled when he actually found the perfect gift for Jongin. He just hopes his Boss won't think that he's stepping the line.



Baekhyun woke up the next morning feeling good. He knows it will be a good day. He started his day humming, eating a real breakfast in months. He can see that he lost weight and he doesn't like it. 

Humming he walked in the office, even Kyungsoo noticed that he was feeling better.

,,You glow. Don't get me wrong, but you look different and I like it." 

,,I feel better today and I'm ready to work." Baekhyun wants to keep himself busy, to do what makes him happy.

The day went so fast that he forgot about Jongin's gift. 

He stretched his arms seeing that he was the only one left in the office. He better leave as well. 

Baekhyun took his backpack noticing the small light from Jongin's office, was he still there? Taking a deep breath he walked that way finding Jongin at the drawing table. He gently knocked to get Jongin's attention.

His heart made a strange flip when Jongin turned to him, that day his boss was wearing a gray turle neck that was looking perfect with the glasses that rested on top of his nose. He noticed how tired Jongin was but that didn't make him look less beautiful.

,,Mr.Baekhyun, what are you still doing here? Your husband must be worried." 

,,Not anymore." Baekhyun showed Jongin his finger where only the mark from his weeding ring was, but no ring. 

,,I'm sorry to hear that." Baekhyun only small smiled.

,,I hope this won't cross any line but I wanted to gift you something." Jongin looked confused at the shorter.

,,As a thank you. I'm really gradeful for letting me rest and not firing me. Thank you." Baekhyun made a bow giving Jongin the small paper bag.

,,Thank you, but you don't need to thank me. It was my pleasure. And why fire you? You are smart and hard working, we need people like you." Baekhyun blushed, Jongin called him smart?

Jongin opened the box finding a beautiful tie inside.

,,Thank you, it's really beautiful." 

,,I'm glad you like it. Have a good night Mr.Kim." Baekhyun left fast because Jongin's smile was making him feel strange inside. Why? 

Good thing it was weekend and he doesn't need to see Jongin tomorrow. 




Kyungsoo was busy in the kitchen when he heard the door. He was confused because he didn't invite anyone over.

,,Baek?" He opened the door finding his friend.

,,Care for a drink?" Baekhyun grinned holding a bottle of white wine.

,,Yes!" Kyungsoo moved aside letting Baekhyun in.

,,Just in time for dinner." 

,,Awesome." Baekhyun loves Kyungsoo's food. He wanted to stay the weekend inside but he was sure that he will end up crying again and he really doesn't want that. So he decided to visit Kyungsoo.



,,Are you going to tell me what really happened?" Baekhyun looked at his half empty glass. His vision was getting blurred, but he stopped his tears.

,,Kris left me after I lost another baby." 

,,What?" Kyungsoo was shocked, his friend was pregnant?

,,I first found out three years ago that I can get pregnant. But I lost it, since then we tried four more times but I lost every single baby and I guess Kris just got bored with my depressed and left me." 

,,Baek, why didn't you tell me?! You hold this inside? Idiot! I'm your friend." 

,,I know Soo, and I'm sorry. I was just ashamed." 

,,Pabo." Kyungsoo pulled Baekhyun into a hug that he didn't know he needed.

Baekhyun melted in Kyungsoo's arms crying all his pain.

,,I ...j-just m-miss Kris....he left me like I was nothing! I just wanted to be happy next to him and a baby.." Kyungsoo could only hug his friend. He can't even imagine how hard it must be for Baekhyun.

,,I'm here for you Baekhyun. I will always be here for you." Baekhyun said a small thank you feeling so tired. 

He has no idea when he fall asleep but he woke up the next morning smelling coffee. 

,,Coffee." Kyungsoo chuckled when a half sleeping Baekhyun walked inside his small kitchen. His friend was looking like a Zombie.

,,You need a shower first and then let's eat breakfast and coffee." Baekhyun likes that idea. He needs a shower and coffee.


Kyungsoo's food was all that he needed. He feels better talking with someone, it's like a stone was lifted from his chest.

,,I should leave home."

,,Are you sure? You can stay a little more. I won't mind, I'm all alone anyway." 

,,Why? You're a good person, why aren't you with someone?" 

,,I just didn't find the right person that is all. I would like to date. I do feel lonely somethimes."  

,,I'm sure that you will find the right person." 

,,Let's make a deal Baek, let's both find a good person."

,,I don't think I want to date again." Kyungsoo flinched Baekhyun's forehead making him to pout.

,,Don't say that, you deserve to be happy again. God has a plan for all of us." Kyungsoo may be right, but he can't belive that. 

He lost his motivation and hope. Why hope?



Monday, the weekend went too fast for his liking. That day he put a little more effort in his clothes and hair. He should look like he's okay. It was a cold rainy day. Baekhyun chose a black turle neck and black jeans. He put a dark blue suit jacket on top. He even used a little BB cream to hide his dark circles. 

,,You look good, beautiful even." Baekhyun blushed hearing Kyungsoo. 

,,Shut up." 

,,I like it, you deserve to be happy again. So, that's why we're going out on Saturday, Karaoke." 

,,I don't know...."

,,Not even a word, we are going." Baekhyun chuckled finally giving in. Karaoke sounds fun.

,,Hello y legs." Baekhyun looked confused at what Kyungsoo was looking.

He saw Jongin talking with another person, he knows him, he works in another departament. He saw Jongin with him before.


,,You know him?" 

,,He works here, three floors up." 

,,Really? Why haven't I seen him before?" Baekhyun geanuily laugh, since when is Kyungsoo so fired up about a guy.

,,He knows our boss, pretty good." 

,,Do you think they are together?" That question made him think. 

He gazed back at the two that looked a little closer, Chanyeol made Jongin laugh.

Why did his mood drop at that thought?

,,Mr.Byun." Baekhyun jumped when Jongin called his name.

,,Yes!" Jongin smiled seeing Baekhyun act so adorable.

,,Take Mr.Do with you and joing me and Chanyeol to the meeting room." 

,,Sure." Baekhyun blushed seeing how Jongin laugh. He never seen that side of Jongin until now. The happy virus.


Baekhyun lost himself in Jongin's dark brown eyes, he wanted to focus on the words that were coming out of his mouth but he could only focus on his red and plumb lips. Were they always so full and delicious?

,,Mr.Baekhyun." The shorter jumped because he just realize that he was thinking if Jongin was a good kisser. He shouldn't think like that! 

,,I need a break." Baekhyun rushed to the bathroom having a small panic attack. 

,,Stop you idiot!" Why was he thinking like that? He doesn't like Jongin or want to like his boss. He just got out a marriage and he's having dirty thoughts about another man? What is wrong with him?! 

,,Are you okay hyung? Your face is all white and you look like you just saw a ghost." Jongin wanted to touch Baekhyun but he pulled back like Jongin was about to burn him if he will touch him. Was he scared to be touched? 

It took Jongin by surprise, what just happened.

,,Baekhyun?" Jongin's worried voice made Baekhyun to focus.

,,Jongin-shi? W-what are you doing here?" 

,,I was worried, are you sure you're okay? You don't look okay at all." Baekhyun gazed up at Jongin looking really dumb and confused. 

Then his eyes landed on something else, he got closer to Jongin gently placing his hand on the taller's tie.

,,You're wearing it. The tie I picked for you." Baekhyun smiled feeling really happy inside. 

,,Look at me Baekhyun." Baekhyun moved his eyes up meeting Jongin's worried eyes.

,,What is going on with you?" Jongin gentle touched his cheek making Baekhyun to melt into his touch. It felt so right to have Jongin there to touch him.

,,I think I'm losing my mind and I'm scared. I'm scared that you will fire me and I won't see you." Baekhyun's face turned white again. What did he just said?! 

He is losing his mind! He is ing losing his ! He doesn't even like Jongin like that! He just got divorced after he lost a baby! That should mean something to him! Why is he telling lies to his boss! 

,,I'm so sorry." Baekhyun covered his mouth fast, tears ready to roll down his cheeks.

,,I think you should take a break. The meeting is over anyway and you need food. Something sweet to calm yourself down. I need you to be sharp for the project." 

,,That is a good idea, excuse me sir." Baekhyun made a bow fast running as fast as his little legs could take him.

Jongin could only laugh after Baekhyun left.

,,What an adorable and idiot hyung I have." 



,,Morning Baek, how are you feeling today?" Kyungsoo was worried again. His eyes were telling him that. 


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