Lonely Languid Liars

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An ode to romance. A ballad on one’s own shortcomings. Inspired by Baby (Clean Bandit ft. Marina and Luis Fonsi), this tale depicts the regrets of Choi Seunghyun over his first passionate relationship with another man, Kwon Jiyong.


Set loosely in the 1780s in Paris - but what are two men with Korean-sounding names doing there, I don’t know. My imagination is frankly, overactive. I took some creative liberties when it came to describing the era under the rule of a French King.


Music playlist

Baby - Clean Bandit ft Marina & Luis Fonsi (Piano Cover)


Nothing Breaks Like a Heart - Mark Ronson ft. Miley Cirus (Piano Cover)



Note: Credit to original artist for the wonderful fanart above!


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